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Sep 12th, 2011, 01:11 AM
I was there today and let's say it was not a big day of Tennis.

First I go there and I watched Dabrowski vs LLW. LLW was just steady and attacking when she could, but Gab was just rubbish, not running any balls and hardly putting any power behind her shots. She seemed defeated already. Seriously she's still oyoung but if she's not doing something soon she's not gonna continu.

Then I went to see a bit of the ALaby match (I left when Dabrowski was down in the 2nd) Alaby would be a good club player, and I think that's where she plays most often and she's probaby the best there but seriously she was just outclassed in every department by Broadski today who didn't have to do much. Alaby's movement is really poor and/or she just didn't expect Broadski to do so much with her shots.

Then I went to watch Coin vs Capra (umpired by JEsse!! 416Man lol) It was a decent match, Capra is SO MUCH tinier than I thought she was!! That shocked me! Capra was really steady in the first set giving few point to Coin, but you could still see even tho Julie was making UEs that she was the one hitting the better shots. It was a matter of time for her to get her game together and win this. Capra has alot of work to do on putting some power behind her shots, she can place them well but there's just nothing behind most of her shots. Coin's serve helped her out alot today! Crucial holds!

Then I was the first few games of Albanese vs Fafaliou! Alright, Fafaliiou seems really nice and cute but Albanese was just too much for her. She was steady and wasn't giving much while fafaliou was missing alot and not seemed to like the fast court at all. Didn't watch more I know this match was gonna be really quick and I heard it was 6-0 6-1 lolé

I went back to watch Bovina vs Stevenson! I LOVE lena! she was playing really well, serve was on and the bh was spot on! She was hitting alot on Lexy's BH and everything Lexy needed to slice it, Bovina would win the point. Stevenson never seemsin the match and didn,t seem to care much, she complained about few line calls but it was for nothign really, the linepersons were stable, questionable calls, maybe but they were for both players so it was even in the end, but I think they were the right ones anyway. Bovina was the most impressive today from what I saw!

I was curious and watched a bit of Nunez loll she's even smaller than Zhao! she looks like a 9 years old little girl, she was pretty bad tho, nothing in her shots, she could hardly rally much, missing alot, she reminded me of a wannabe pusher but that couldn't keep the balls in. Kops Jones didn't have to do much and she wasn't impressive, missing alot of easy volley. SHe never seemed to be out of the warm up tbh lol.

I went to dinner/lunch and came back just before Zhao vs Paz begun! (Jesse was umpiring that match too, I wanted to shout something but I'm sure he wouldn't have recognised me lol..also his fellow umpires were sitting right behind me and they were amazed how he was pronouncing Zhao perfectly lol) It was a really good first set!! I think it was the most even one with Capra/Coin. Zhao seemed to have got bigger! Which is good, she has more power behind her shots and her serve is better too, she's still really steady but she can contruct the points, she came back from behind in the first set and even got sp at 5-4* but she lost the TB after coming back from 3-5* as well. She seemed off after that tho, well she did just came back fro NYC so that wasn't easy for her. She played well I think Paz was alright, nothing amazing really, her serve is always going at the same place, not very powerful, her shots are very shorts and when they do go deep, they are moonballs. She was steady enough to win today but unless she's becoming more aggressive she's not gonna past next round.

I saw Genie which was surprisingly much morestrongly build than I thought, comparing to Capra who is comparable to Genie in term of tennis, Genie is ahead of her in term of physic. Also saw Marino and Lepchenko (I think) and another girl (which I doubt was a tennis player but we never know) Those 4 seemed to have finished a practice on the CC. Wozniak was practicing with Bovina and Dabrowski with Sadikovic. Aleks is realyskinnier, it's shocking when you see her live, she was hitting pretty well too That's it for today. Also saw Pelletier, seems like the Canucks came early to practice while the other MD girls are lazying somewhere

Sep 12th, 2011, 01:13 AM
So I arrived there today and Dekmeijere vs Rampre. Rampre had already won the first set 6-1, clearly she was much more consistent then Liga. When you look at Liga you would be sure to look at a top 50 players, she has the body, the attitude and the outfit (that was matching the tennis balls btw lol) she got nice shots too, good serve and groundies. The problem is that she can't construct the points, everytime she's being pushed a bit she'll miss. Rampre moved really well today! Great serving as well, she really looked in control! I taped the last game of the match. I'll try to post it later. Rampre won 6-1 6-3

Then I went to watch the Lee-Waters vs Brodski. We could see it was a tight match! Both girls were hitting their shots and they clearly knew eachothers game pretty well and they were used to the pace. It was sure to be a tough fights with loads of up and down. LLW was the less steady of the two, she also lost her temper sometimes. I couldn't take pics so I record part of the few points I watched for CrosscourtRally You can tell that it was going to be tight! It was those kinda of points all the time lol. Brodski won 7-6(7) 6-7(6) 6-4

I went back on the CC to watch Larcher de Brito vs Sadikovic that was umpired by Jesse! lol. The first game was really tight and I thought we'd be having another good match but turned out Michelle was WAY better. SHe was hitting very well! I was surprised cuz the last time I saw her was here against Kapros and she was horrible! I'm still surprised that she's so small, even smaller now cuz she seems less chubby, more fit! Her serve is very bad tho, I didn't see her hitting faster than 143kph. Even with that poor serve she had no problem to hold serve lol, she was just hitting deep and not making many errors, she seemed quite powerful too! In the first set Sadikovic was just not there at all, she was just tryin to push the ball back in play and I have a feeling she's more used to hit the ball instead of placing it on the other side to be sure to not make UE. That first set was quite fast. The 2nd started really well for Sadikovic, Michelle started to lose her focus and make more mistakes, whil Amra started to hit through her shots more, when Michelle started to get pissed (she threw her raquet at her chair), Amra started to just guide the ball again and it was very quick, it was 4-1 Amra in the second and Michelle easily won the next 5 games for the match to make it 6-0 6-4. I also recorded a bit of that match. I couldn't record after that cuz i just found out we couldn't take pictures lolll. LLW vs Brodski ended at that point I believe lol.

Then I stayed to watch Pavlovic vs Bovina. FIrst time I watched Pavlovic I believe, I was surprised to see she was hitting double handed on both sides!! The girls kept their serves during all the first set I believe, they both were pretty even, making good serves and following with good groundies, they were missing equally as well. Most of the points were ending with winners or with UEs close to the lines. Pavlovic seemed to not like her strings as she asked to restrung two of her raquets lol. In the TB it was also pretty even but Bovina started to really get pumped up, saying c'mons, Davai and Krishna???? something like that lol. Anyway, she played really well and she was really going after her shots and that's what made her win that TB, she was really aggressive in the important points, she was finishing points at the net often. The 2nd set started the same way as the TB, Bovina playing really well and she was fired up, she kept on attacking on crucial points, while Pavlovic was just trying to be safe on those points. Pavlovic was still hitting pretty well but Bovina was just too good with her serves, not necessarly really fast but very well placed. Midway through the 2nd set, Coin had already crushed Brengle loll. Funny thing tho, Lena was randomly starting to "shooing" during some points lol and she surely had one of the shortest skirt I've seen lol! Her legs look even longer! lol Very good match nonetheless! Probably the one with the highest quality Bovina won 7-6(4) 6-3!

Then I watched the end of Kops-Jones vs Scholl. OMG Chichi was already up a set but she was playing really poorly and she was down 0-3 at some points, let's begin with Raquel, she was playing alright, but clearly she misses some single practice, she can't sustain long points in the back of the court anymore, she can hit pretty well, some nice winners but she has to finish the points really quickly to win it. Let's say she had a chance to win the 2nd set but she blew it with silly mistake such as an easy lob that went in the stand where I was sitting to get broken at 4-5. NOW! Chichi! Omg that girl is CRAZY! She was down in the 2nd by one break and she went crazy, she started to almost cry and yelling to herself in some weird language, I thought she was american, but I swear she was speaking german or something like that to herself? Everytime she was missing couple o points she was very pissed at her coach, if her eyes could kill the whole left side of the stand would be dead! lol Chichi played ok, but the girl didn't impressed me at all, I was expecting much more from her. Scholl won 7-6 6-4

Then i stayed to watch Spears vs Albanese, I have to admit I stayed for the whole match cuz Jesse was umpiring again loll. I dn't know if it was because it was the last match or because the match was just so dull, but I was so bored and almost fell asleep lol. Anyway, Alabanese has a decent game but she just never hit her shots for more than 1 or 2 points per game so she had alot of trouble! She was also playing much better when she was down break points or game points, which was useless tbh. Spears was playing really well, you can tell the girl loves the court, she really knows how to play on it, she also knew where Albanese was goin to hit her shots, so maybe Lauren was also a bit too predictable. Abigail first serves was really impressive too, down the T was really working for her today. She was also returning both first and second serve really early, she was inside the court for both serves and WAY in for the second serves. Something really digusting happened tho, 2 old men next to me started to talk about Albanese, I'l ltry to remember what they said : "Man1: You know, Albanese is my favorite and you know why!
Man2: Oh yes I know, and look you have something to read as well (Albanese has a tattoo on her back, something written). I wonder what's written tho?
Man1: Probably, harder, harder, harder! FASSTER, oh yes!"

I was SHOCKED and totally disgusted! even more since Lauren's mum was sitting just next to them lol. Anyway Abigail looked in control and won easily 6-3 6-4.

That was it, I'll try to upload the few videos I have.

Sep 12th, 2011, 01:14 AM
Today I saw Steph Dubois, Moulton-Levy and Heather Watson around the ground watching some matches. Also saw Falconi and Ardvisson practicing AND Hlavackova and Hantuchova :hearts: Dani is much smaller than I thought she was lol Also saw that cute umpire who looks asians but I think she's from Sweden or another scandinavian country?

Sep 12th, 2011, 01:35 AM
Sorry really bad quality but well :p

Rampre vs Dekmeijere

Brodsky vs Lee-Waters

Larcher de Brito vs Sadikovic
haha you can hear Jesse 416Man! :p

Sep 12th, 2011, 03:13 AM
Do you know why Gaby Paz retired? I know she's been injured but she was down a set and 0-5 when she quit. Also, nice reports! Thanks!

Sep 12th, 2011, 03:43 AM
Do you know why Gaby Paz retired? I know she's been injured but she was down a set and 0-5 when she quit. Also, nice reports! Thanks!

nah I wasn't watching sorry :(

Sep 12th, 2011, 06:37 AM
Thanks, and Alaby has turned pro, forgoing college. I believe I read that on someone's facebook a while back.

Sep 12th, 2011, 01:50 PM
Thanks, and Alaby has turned pro, forgoing college. I believe I read that on someone's facebook a while back.

well that'd be the best thing for her tbh, even in the college she'd have some trouble I think.

Sep 12th, 2011, 07:34 PM
Thanks Vince! :hearts: