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Aug 20th, 2011, 07:15 PM
Galkimir to Vladimirovna,

Hater, thou hast the phenomenon expected after these 2 years of insistence - her downfall and expergefacting from a nightmare to another one is unbearable for me [...] in the infinitesimal faith we had for her to answer the call, she hast fail but we faithful fans to the game, hers, need to move on in these dissembling times [...] we are often icterical, idealist, lost in our distortional judgements and 'tis now time to refocus on the plain reality.

Just that I did do [...] she didst pay closer attention to records on the WTA tour these last few years, more than ever, hungry to differentiate lies from reality - 'tis undeniable... 'twas there and she didst refuse and her people to see'em in front her eyes, living in denial, denying relentlessly that someone was indeed the greatest of her generation ; perhaps of any generation [...] and through a Serena the sorrow I cried, O legend, thou, she, the one, the one and only, the only one that has shown to be - is and will forever be. Why did I neglect thou in the most profound places of my spirit !? Incipiently we abnegated her because of our blindness wherefore we resurge to light from these last few weeks.

We shan't resist anymore to the admiration for these many majors she didst win on the tour against all oppositions certainly all odds for these many years. Even in the deepest letdowns she didst fight and vanquish. Her wall, unbreakable, her perfect offenses, defenses, touch, control, mental game, speed, variety and most and foremost intelligence, wisdom, smile, kindness, lissomeness, kangaroo jokes, interview pranks... Yes, resistance becometh vain, vains as through them flows the essence of admiration for her - a mesmerizing touch of brilliance on a tour that deflateth since 2008 [...] ostrobogulous thought after all the negative feelings we have had unto her game since she sprung from that US Open 2009 final.

We believe as one now that 'tis her very moment to furtherance her downfall - blively ! She hast the abilities into her bosom, just lack of luck in the draws, exhort her all, deploy thy domination, further, even more and make thine talent a mellifluous music into our ears, yes, the great wall of Scandinavia, salvage us from those who discerp the tour with their glaikery attitudes by not giving it their all destroying it perfunctorily [...] those with their very little technique and ithyphallic unique serve, deturpating the essence self of tennis - [...] I know ye have some kind of hiccius doccius hidden somewhere, somehow... use it, percibrate through thine draws and show to the world how overrated you are ! Our last hopes [...] against Ms. 13 majors.

Reader, your princess, your baby, begotten by Piotr himself, insangelous ye are then, leggiadrous, gracious, why did she inflict this to ye !? Ye, her people, with such letdowns, forcing you to digitigrade through the smaller doors trying to escape the erinaceous posters !? The nudiustertan day you were brilliant, their eyes ran off came back, they watched they re-watched, they bequeathed their thoughtfulness for a moment because of that - Should they ask for pardon ? No ! They want ! They shouldn't ! O, take their hand... I shall not - Are ye over with them, perfumed crescent of their mornings ? Redeem yourselves ! They tried... Princess of defense - I wished, they are sadly the same, haters ! No ! Yes! No ! Yes ! Yes ! No ! - in tears and from the most profound it maketh no sense to produce useless hippopotomonstrosesquipedalians or even a thesis on your recent performances but we shall find the delitescent part in your game that will have thou between the abysses of mediocrity. Deservedly, one day. Pushers are orgulous and keep their heads high - scevity, that is ! Next time will be worst.

From Cincinnati, the 16th of the moon of Rébiab I, 2011. Letter XI.

Aug 20th, 2011, 07:16 PM
What the hell is this mess :hysteric:

Aug 20th, 2011, 07:17 PM
What the hell is this mess :hysteric:

THIS. :hysteric:

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That's crack for you.

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I just gave up reading after the first sentence.

Your awfully small font isn't helping either.

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OMFG I DIED :hysteric:

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That is so disturbing :o

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Now you're trying to hard.

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That is so disturbing :o

I deleted it, you just have to delete your post as well :p

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WTH is this? :sobbing:

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:spit: You are a genius.

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PS : you need to know Montesquieu to get Vikapower's hilarious thread.

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The Witch-king
Aug 20th, 2011, 07:46 PM
Vikapower lives off the attention you all give him and each and every day you fall for it. SMH.

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Close the thesaurus. :hysteric:

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PS : you need to know Montesquieu to get Vikapower's hilarious thread.

Hilarious? :speakles: You're kidding, right? I've read Montesquieu and get what he's doing...but its not funny at all. Trying way too hard.

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