View Full Version : Janet Lee on 200 *Shock*

Nov 4th, 2002, 01:14 PM
Lee on 200 :sad: :eek: :eek:

Nov 5th, 2002, 09:20 AM
Poor Lee :sad:

Will she retire next year??? Playing double only maybe??

Nov 5th, 2002, 09:25 AM
I don't know but she will be making at least USD 17,500 this week for qualifying at the Sanex doubles Championships.

So I don't pity her ;) .

And you can check her website. She said she would post her 2003 schedule in the weeks to come.

Nov 5th, 2002, 09:38 AM
Oh yeah, I forgot about her website :)
USD$17,500 for qualifying only is so great :)

Nov 5th, 2002, 09:47 AM
Originally posted by kfh_9118
USD$17,500 for qualifying only is so great :) Yes, it is more than twice as much as what the winner of the Volvo Open at Pattaya will make :) .

King Aaron
Nov 5th, 2002, 01:48 PM
:o twice as much!

:sad: but Janet really had a bad singles year

Nov 5th, 2002, 02:16 PM
Janet has made $135,000 so far this year (excluding the end of the year "bonus" from the doubles Championships). This puts her in #77 position in terms of prize money :) .

Out of which $54,000 in singles and the rest between doubles and mixed doubles.

Janet is specialised in doubles. There is no doubt about it, and she knows it :).

Her singles earnings are however not that bad, are they :) . These singles earnings are equivalent to those of the #150 standing in terms of overall earnings.

So her singles year may not have been as good as expected, but not that bad either. The main problem for her now will be the difficulties that her difference in terms of rankings (singles vs. doubles) will create for her next year :sad: .

Nov 5th, 2002, 09:14 PM
not too bad after all then :)

Curtis F
Nov 5th, 2002, 11:29 PM
Poor Janet has had a tough year. I'm glad that she's had some doubles success. :)

Nov 6th, 2002, 09:11 AM
Originally posted by Steveg
The main problem for her now will be the difficulties that her difference in terms of rankings (singles vs. doubles) will create for her next year :sad: .

That's what makes a lot of players to become a double specialist and play double only, and not single.... Janet just need to really decide what she wants the most... If she wants to improve her single ranking, she needs to play lower tier tournaments, and of course, she needs to sacrifice her double points. Otherwise, if she really wants to improve her double ranking, she will play higher tier tournaments and not playing single....

I heard that Wynne once said that she'll play a lot of lower tier tournaments next year (Tier III, IV, etc). If Janet is still playing double with Wynne, then I guess Janet and Wynne will try to improve their single ranking, and maybe win some more double titles (which is easier in lower tier tournaments).

I guess this is the best solution for both of them :)

Nov 7th, 2002, 01:48 PM
From the local news I've read before I think Janet should be a very nice girl:kiss:
My biggest hope is that I could see her play in Taipei someday. It might be her last few years in WTA tour but there's still no tennis tournament in Taipei:confused:
Go Janet & Wynne in Home Depot Championships !!!

Nov 8th, 2002, 09:55 PM
Janet/Wynne lost 3-6 1-6 :sad: at least they gained some money ;)

Nov 8th, 2002, 10:40 PM
And some points too ;) : 121 points.

Nov 9th, 2002, 02:01 AM
Huh..... I don't know they're already playing.... :sad: :sad: