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Jun 24th, 2011, 06:18 AM

1. My Vow of Eternal Fanship

2. Passion and Reason

3. The Members of my Eternal Fanship

4. My Website

5. My Match-Reports

1. My Vow of Eternal Fanship

I hereby induct Sabine Lisicki into my Eternal Fanship.

From now on, and until the end of her career (or my life), I will follow her with the same level of dedication as the players of whom I’m already an Eternal Fan, to the maximum extent that my personal circumstances and available resources will allow.

This vow is permanent and irrevocable, and I seal it with my Word of Honour.

[Word of Honour: a promise that cannot be broken without disgrace]

2. Passion and Reason

Firstly, I want to make it clear that I am NOT jumping on the Sabine Lisicki bandwagon just because of her recent success. I have been a demi-fan of Sabine since Wimbledon 2009, and suspected that I might one day become an Eternal Fan when I first saw her play at Birmingham 2008.

I contemplated inducting Sabine into my Eternal Fanship at Wimbledon 2009, and again at Birmingham 2011, but I wanted to wait until I was 100% sure, which happened midway through her second-round Wimbledon 2011 match against Lǐ,Nà.

I require both Passion and Reason to induct a player into my Eternal Fanship, and for the last two years, Sabine has had the best combination of Passion + Reason of anyone outside my Eternal Fanship. She fulfilled the Reason during her title-winning run at Birmingham 2011, and the Passion that I felt for her during the Lǐ match was off the scale.

I love Sabine’s powerful yet vividly tactical game, her demeanour, her personality, and her amazing smile. The Lǐ match excited me in a way that can only happen when a member of my Eternal Fanship is involved, so it is now abundantly clear to me that Sabine belongs there.

During the Lǐ match, I told myself that if Sabine won, I would definitely induct her into my Eternal Fanship. After that, I found myself desperately wanting her to win, so much so that I would almost certainly still have inducted her had she lost.

Sabine is a delight to watch, as she dismantles her opponents with an array of huge serves, deep, powerful groundstrokes and frequent dropshots, and does it with a smile on her face.

When Sabine won Charleston 2009 (beating Venus Williams and Caroline Woźniacki) and reached the quarter-finals of Wimbledon 2009 (beating Svetlana Kuznetsova and Woźniacki again), I thought that her potential was sky-high: to be world #1, a Major champion, possibly even the next member of my Eternal Fanship.

Her terrible ankle-injury at Indian Wells 2010 set her back so far that I honestly thought she had lost the potential to be any of those things, but on the evidence of Birmingham and now Wimbledon 2011, she’s not only back; she’s better than before.

3. The Members of my Eternal Fanship

Sabine is the 13th player I have ever inducted into my Eternal Fanship, and the first for just over two years. The full list is as follows:

1. Monica Seles (retired)
2. Maria Sharapova
3. Daniela Hantuchová
4. Jelena Dokić
5. Iva Majoli (retired)
6. Karina Habšudová (retired)
7. Vera Zvonarëva
8. Nicole Vaidišová (presumed retired)
9. Anna Chakvetadze
10. Lucie Šafářová
11. Iroda Tulyaganova
12. Magdaléna Rybáriková
13. Sabine Lisicki

4. My Website

Sadly, my website is no longer online, as Sqweebs closed its free hosting service in January 2011, and I am currently too busy to rehost it for the foreseeable future.

If I ever do rehost my website, I will add a section for Sabine, including my Sabine Lisicki Biography, which would include a detailed appreciation of her game, and a tournament-by-tournament review of each year.

Unfortunately, I have a massive backlog of work on these biographies for all members of my Eternal Fanship, and am currently too busy to work on them, therefore I cannot promise my Sabine Lisicki Biography at this time.

5. My Match-Reports
5.1 BBC-televised tournaments

1. The BBC currently televises women’s tennis at the following tournaments:
• Australian Open;
• French Open;
• Wimbledon;
• Olympics.

2. I vow to watch and report on every Sabine-match that is televised by the BBC. This vow does not include any time-constraints; it’s not unusual for me to post my reports several months after the matches were played, as I am extremely busy. These reports shall be known as “TV-reports”.

3. The only exceptions to my vows for BBC-televised tournaments shall be for technical reasons (such as a broken TV, or loss of access to Freeview or Freesat) or medical emergencies.

5.2 Tournaments that I attend

1. I do not vow to attend any WTA tournaments, nor to base my decisions to attend on whether Sabine is expected to play, but I vow that if I do attend a tournament, then I will report on any of Sabine’s matches that I have the opportunity to watch while I am there (subject to clashes with other members of my Eternal Fanship). These reports shall be known as “eyewitness reports”.

2. I do not vow to be in possession of a working camera when I attend such matches, but I do vow to take photos of Sabine if I am in possession of a working camera (and permitted to use it by whatever rules may be in force at the time).

3. For any Sabine-matches that I do attend, I vow to release the eyewitness reports and any photos within a year of the tournament, although I’ll do my best to release them within three months of the tournament if my busy schedule allows.

5.3 All other tournaments

Since I currently sacrifice over 44 hours a week to my full-time job (when not following the BBC-televised tournaments or attending a tournament), I will follow other tournaments privately, without posting reports.

This even includes the US Open, which is not televised on any channels to which I have access, and is therefore not worth demanding two weeks’ extra leave for.

Since April 2010, I have been posting archives of point-by-point scores for WTA tournaments, and for all women’s matches at the Majors, in the appropriate tournament-fora at TennisForum.com. I will do my best to keep this up, although I am not bound by my vows of Eternal Fanship to do so.

Dr. Andrew Broad

Jun 24th, 2011, 07:14 AM
Wow! great post.

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