View Full Version : Interning for WTA/ITF/Junior Circuit?

Mar 4th, 2011, 08:13 AM
I'm not sure if this is GM appropriate or not, but I have recently been thinking about this a lot and was wondering what other people have to say about it as well. Has anyone ever tried getting an internship/working for a low level ITF or junior circuit tournament? I am a sophomore in college at the University of Michigan and wanting to eventually study marketing or something along those lines. My dream would be to eventually market/advertise or even plan/coordinate tennis tournaments here in the States. I have a job for the summer but have recently been thinking about trying to get an internship working for a lower level ITF tournament or perhaps a junior tournament with whatever work they may have me do. I feel it would be a great opportunity and heck, we have to start somewhere, right? Have you guys heard of anyone else just calling the tournament directly, introducing yourself and asking them if they needed extra help for that week? I'm really curious what there is out there so I hope this thread doesn't get shut down... :bounce: