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Dec 26th, 2001, 06:59 PM
<ul type="square"> Before Qualifying begins ----- by Next-In Main Draw Alternates based on the Sanex WTA Tour Ranking currently used for alternate status. After the Qualifying sign-in deadline has been passed and Player Commitment has been met, openings in the Main Draw will be filled by Lucky Losers except in the case of an Alternate Wild Card replacement or a late entry by a Gold Exempt 1-13 Player. A Player who is not entered or has not been accepted into qualifying cannot be considered for Lucky Loser status. Lucky Loser positions in the Main Draw will not be released until the completion of the Qualifying event, unless Qualifying has not been completed by the time the Schedule of Play is released. In that event, the Sanex WTA Tour Supervisor may release positions and schedule players who have been accepted into the Main Draw.

If there are withdrawals from the Main Draw after Qualifying has begun and before Qualifiers have been drawn to the Main Draw, Qualifiers and Lucky Losers will be drawn together by lot to determine their positions in the Draw. *

<br />NOTE: At events where the last round of qualifying and the first round of main draw are played on the same day and there is a withdrawal in the Main Draw matches scheduled for the cross over day, all Qualifiers shall be drawn by lot to the Qualifier spots and all other openings in the draw shall be drawn by lot and filled by Lucky Losers.

Alternate Wild Card replacements: after the qualifying sign-in deadline and before<br />The main draw as started, if a wild card withdraws, an alternate wild card may be named by the Tournament Director. In this case, the Alternate Wild Card does not need to be named prior to the Wild Card nominations deadline. If spots become available prior to the start of the last match of the day (singles or doubles), the Lucky Loser will be determined by the sign-in for that day. If the spots become available after the start of the last match of the day/night (singles or doubles), the spot will be filled by the highest ranked player or team who signs in the following day. If a player is forced to retire or defaults her final round of Qualifying, she loses her right to Lucky Loser status for the duration of the Tournament. If a Lucky Loser is currently involved in another event/match pertaining to the Tournament or another Sanex WTA Tour or ITF circuit’s event, then the match may be rescheduled. Where Qualifying has not been completed or a Lucky Loser is unable to be determined, the match may be rescheduled. With the exception of the Alternate Wild Card Replacement Rule and a Late Entry Gold Exempt 1-13 Players, once the Qualifying sign-in deadline has Passed, all vacancies in the Main Draw will be filled by Lucky Losers, not Main Draw only players.[/list]

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