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Jan 15th, 2011, 09:58 AM
Anne Kremer def Waste of talent Eleni- watched the whole match and spoke to anne afterwards- she is class, such a lovely lady, a real sweetheart who at 35, still loves the games and tried so hard. A Top 25 player herself in her day with wins over players like Pierce, she has shown great courage to come back from many major injury set backs.
As for the Greek- she only needs to show 1/2 the heart Anne does to get back into the top well lets say 80.
Kremer was great, great hustle, great determination and strategy. I initially thought she didn’t move the Greek around enough but she played v clever points.
eleni still does not look fit. I used to be a massive fan of hers but got such of her massive ego. She thinks she is too good to try and train hard and you know in her early 20's she could get away with it but now the tour is too tough. She plays unintelligent tennis, and i initially thought she was injured as she does not put her back into her serve, if that makes sense. Like it looks like she pulls off. Anyway, Pous Tio walked passed and looked equally bemused by the effort and score.
Saw Mladeonovic and who must be her dad (gap) walking around.
Watched the 1st part of lisicki match. Really high standard- Sabine -now in wilson clothes-looked great early but lost concentration. Obviously for a while.
Saw Dentoni and Carla B. Both can hit the ball v hard. Dentoni made a few too many errors in the 1st set. Missed the last set which was a shame
Saw a bit of Zuzi Kucova (now in babolot). The Ukrainian seems to moon ball every backhand early on. bad luck moll.
Watched a bit of Dubois (like Denotoni and Lisicki, also in Wilson) she looked good. The young aussie had a good hit but isn’t fit or smart enough. Rogowska came to watch and Rajicic's dad said hi and Rogowska said how did she go (like moll, she payed yesterday, dad said played a good first set but lost, got upset with a call) Rogowska like "oh wel with experince she will learn" Um, you patronising piece of cr.p. You are ranked 250 in the world and are not much older or more experienced. Seriously, the way she said it I was like you think you were speaking to as top 10 player giving tips to a 5 year old. Anyways,Letcher-Rajicic are in doubles together, ROgowska plays with Patterson.
Walked past Albanese- she is a v pretty girl and also Groenfleds match-she lost but AL looks a lot fitter.
Saw Glusko- who hits mean shot but lost to a dogged and v crafty Llagostera- watched by Pous Tio and Dominigues

During the well I also saw Woehr walking around town- she is a bit of a sad sack. So matching hers and hers hair with Eleni.
Also saw Krajicek in Melbs- used to a be a smiley happy sort of gal, like Jasmin- not so much now.
Day at qualies not bad......just v sad Minella lost and was really hoping to see Malek, Olivia Sanchez and Hiedi El T but tvm for nothing girls, had to lose yesterday! :(

Jan 15th, 2011, 02:51 PM
Thanks for the report Hos :bounce:. Those were some very nice comments about Anne :D . I really hope she can qualify for the MD at age 35 :worship:

Jan 15th, 2011, 03:04 PM
Thanks for the Steph report! Hopefully u'll get to see her against Mirza, should be a good one!