View Full Version : Top 10 players make it look as tennis is not fun, etc...

Oct 17th, 2002, 03:25 PM
They all run around the court, hitting backhands, forehands, serves, that are accurate most of the times. Why does it seem though that they all seem like average people, becasue they are not, they have millions and millions dollars at a young age, fans, they have everything a 'perfect' career is supposed to bring.
I think we all would switch our daily life with theirs in a blink.
How come the top 10 in both mens and womens are so babyish(if it makes sense at all), it's like they are SUPPOSED to win. If they get to the Querters, Semis or Finals of a big tournament, it is a dissapointment, eventhough they have collected $$$$$$$$$
and have travelled the country. If they get tired then they should take a long break and think about it for a while, because it is soooo easy stopping, but it is hard becoming a pro. This makes me sooo upset in sports mainly, because u become fit and healthy, PLUS u get paid for it, while most of us go to the gym AND PAY to get fit. I played this one tournament and it was a long three setter in VERY VERY hot conditions, but I was happy to have been granted the chance to run and do what we consider 'normal' things, my opponent however had broken FOUR rackets over the span of three sets, and u could see the depressed person from the first point! Needless to say I won the match ;) , but even if I had lost I would have been happy.
Do you agree, without if possible mentioning players' names because it will only start agruments.

I just wish the top players would take a moment and be thankful for what they got, not only materialistic stuff, but most importantly their health.

Oct 17th, 2002, 03:35 PM
I can agree with you to an extend ... I agree that players shouldnt get so down on themselves however this is how they are making a living and unless they do well they dont get paided. Also, these are top athletes and they dont like lossing at all ever lol so sometimes their depressed looks arent directed at anyone and sometimes they arent that upset just they feel like perhaps they could have done better than they played... look at serena she won the us open and after almost every match she wasnt happy with how she played.... just a small example of their drive to be the best

Helen Lawson
Oct 17th, 2002, 04:17 PM
I think most are happy with what they have in terms of wealth and health. After a time, I do not think money is the main factor.

You don't get the millions of dollars at a young age and loads of fans by being a "normal" person who is happy with what they have. Being near the top of a professional and competitive sport like this, these are not normal women mentally. You have to have the drive to always want more, in terms of results, or you will never get them. Being happy getting to the quarters does not win you the tournament. These woman want to win, and that is pretty much all they want. If they did not have that mentality, they would never make it to the top. Nobody in the Top 10 or 20 or whatever is so incredibly talented that they can play with a mentality to be thankful for whatever results come their way. As far as physical ability and talent go, the Top 10-20 are not really any better than a lot of the Top 50-100 woman, but they want it more and they want it so bad they are miserable if they do not get it which makes many of them get it. Yes, making a slam semifinal is huge money and nice points, but they all believe they have the ability to win, and they do, making the semis sucks. I bet Amelie Mauresmo wasn't thinking on the plane back to France how great it was she got to the semis and the money she won. She was thinking about how she had Venus on the ropes, could have gotten to the final and she blew it and was pissed off about it. How many more slams opportunities will pass her by? Also, not everyone likes travel. It is not necessarily a benefit to many players.

But I do see your point about not really feeling sorry for them if they lose, though. They may put themselves through mental torture, but let's face it, when Jenn lost yesterday, she probably went back to a $3000 a night suite at a 5-star Zurich hotel.

This is just my view. They are of a different mentality, a mentality that is required imo. It may make them appear ungrateful, but you do not get ahead by being grateful.

Oct 17th, 2002, 04:23 PM
Great posts, both of them made me realize what u are saying.
I guess I was way to offensive in my first post

Helen Lawson
Oct 17th, 2002, 04:26 PM
I do not think it is offensive at all, it is just a different viewpoint. Maybe a lot more are money driven than I think, there is certainly evidence for this, who knows. Many of them do lead pampered, charmed lives, and always will, but they earned it, imo. Some have loads of family on the payroll and most will not have much earning potentially post-30, at least not at this level, so you do have to try to amass a lifetime of millionaire-living money in 10-15 years of work.