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Caipirinha Guy
Sep 1st, 2010, 12:16 PM
Some nice interview with Urszula Radwańska, the WTA 328, by polish sport portal sport.pl, enjoy reading. ;)


Isn't it a comeback of your dreams after this injury break?

I felt a big relief after the win. The last days were very difficult for me, all this waiting, I barely put up with it. After my comeback I won only one match in singles - against Molik in Montreal quallies. But the real breakthrough came now because this is a Grand Slam afterall. I trained hard a lot to make up for those six months. I'm very happy to win.

Apparently you had a back pain on Friday?

Yes, but I had an X-ray and everything was ok. Doctor told that sometimes I would be in pain as I underwent quite a serious surgery. There are scares inside and they hurt me - not a spine. I wanted to get back to form so much that maybe I trained too hard, I overdid. But just before match everything was all right.

Chakvetadze is former world number five but you must admit she helped you to win.

Yeah, she made some errors. I just tried to play precisely, regularely and she hit an error at the end. I didn't know in what kind of form she was, I didn't know what to expect. She had a serious foot injury a year ago, she's not playing still her best tennis.

During the match you fell badly, nothing serious happened?

That was a solid fall but my spine survived, nothing serious happened <laugh>.

In the next round you will face either Shvedova or Dominguez-Lino.

I haven't played any of them. I think it will be Shvedova, she plays hard, agressive tennis, Agnieszka lost to her in Paris. But right now I don't think about my next match. I'm just happy to win my first. I'm just delighted.

During your injury break, did you think that you might never come back on court? Spine is a serious stuff.

No, never. Always - even after the surgery I believed it would be ok and that I would play tennis again. One of the newspapers wrote an article that it's the end of my career. They offered their condolences but I didn't collapse. I just couldn't give up.

In the rankings you fell to 328 rank but you use your protected ranking of 75. When will you come back to your pre-injury ranking? And do you already know for which tournaments you will use your special ranking?

I'd like to come back as soon as possible but I have no idea how long it will last, I didn't think about it. For sure I will want to leave my SR for two tournaments next season so this year I have two left. But right now I'm just happy that I can play, that there's no pain in my back. I don't think now about such things.


What was the most difficult for you after such an injury?

The beginnings were really tough. Complete rust. Hard for me both physically and mentally. The worst was the fact I had the injury in my head. I was afraid of sudden moves. When I felt something in my back I feared that the injury might come back. I was really irritated.

Did you miss tennis during that break?

During the first month - not. I felt as if I was on holiday. But then I suddenly started to terribly miss tennis. My life became so boring, empty. I had time for everything but I was lacking something. I'm happy to be back.

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Awwww! Good luck in the next round and for the rest of the season Ula :hug: What a sweetheart.

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Ula :D

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The best of luck to Urszula!

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Nice words from the nice girl

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I love the last answer :yeah:

Good luck in the future Ula :cheer:

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Very nice answers :awww:

Didnt know she fell during the match :hug: