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Aug 23rd, 2010, 10:37 PM
Who I think will qualify:

Who knows? Maybe Perry.
Rus, I fear.
Marino (the Canuck one)
Riske (Bychkova as backup pick)
Stephens as Tatishvili seems to be slumping after some good results earlier on.

Whenever I make these predictions for the Slams, I end up picking the top seed in each section about 75% of the time. With these I'm often going out on a limb, since the USO qualies can be a bit random (even more than the English Open qualies), since there really isn't a proper schedule of upper tier challengers for players of this ranking range to enter from the English Open to the USO, and thus many of the players on the USO QD play only intermittently in July-August, making it very difficult to accurately gauge their current form. But there's a number of piss poor sections (those of Niculescu and Hlavackova, arguably those of De Los Rios and Duque Marino, Mayr's to a lesser extent) that can be either fairly easy or virtually impossible to predict.

I may revise these tomorrow (up until the first ball is struck etc.).

Who I wish would qualify:

The Hair, but I'll be fine with Dokic or Robson making it.
Domachowska, but fine with Paszek or El Tabakh, since she's HOT HOT HOT.
Don't really care. Maybe Hlavackova.
Pivovarova, but fine with Barthel.
GOATMila Georgi
Don't really care. Maybe Savinykh or Savchuk.
Don't really care. Maybe Tadde.
Don't really care. Maybe Pliskova.

Now post yer own.

Aug 24th, 2010, 02:54 AM
Posting who will qualify

Amanmuradova will qualify, unless Beltrame has a good run from Q like a couple of years ago.
Dokic should qualify, unless SlamGOAT Nuria shows up and puts up a fight.
Niculescu - Disgusting quarter. :happy:
Karatantcheva/Lucic - Karatantcheva should qualify unless she brainfarts gets too tired after a possible 6hr45 marathon vs Julia Cohen.
Lepchenko - Without any kind of problems.
Rodina - Unless Tamira or Michaella find good form and outhit/outserve her.
Osterloh - Another horrible quarter. Going for Lilia here.
Watson - Jr. Champ last year, will love this place and draw, with no strong opposition.
Ungur - Has shown great form, albeit on clay, but then again the others have shown no form at all, so I'm going for her.
Dubois - She should outpush Pivovarova.
Camerin - (If it gets to it) Camerin - Mayr will be a match which could be long remembered, and not because of the tennis.
Kucova - Gamewise Bychkova should, but I don't think she's much into tennis nowadays.
Tatishvili :crying2: - Oh, I'm so biased. :bigcry: I think ALG will not have found form yet and Stephens should be pissed for not having a MD WC. :happy: Ondraskova is no thread on HC I think.
De Los Rios - Katie could, but then again, it's Katie so I'll go for Rossana. :sobbing:
Bovina - Long overdue a slam MD, draw is kind.
Yakimova - She should outsmart all of them.

Aug 24th, 2010, 04:24 AM
Who will qualify,
Akgul Amanmuradova [1] - Shes in good form lately. Serving amazingly. I could se a hiccup against Pous-Tio though.
Nuria Llagostera Vives [17] - I wouldn't be shocked if Dokic has a GOAT win against Robson then flops versus Kucova, and Nuria reaps the benefits.
Monica Niculescu [3] - Very convincing atm. Easy-ish draw.
Ioana Raluca Olaru - Stacked top half. Lucic and Zhang wll give it away witb UEs and Iona has a nifty game.

Varvara Lepchenko [5] - Wont drop a set
Heidi El Tabakh - I dont like her, but no one else has won a real match in a while.
Shenay Perry [7] - Also wont drop a set
Andrea Hlavackova [8] - If she keeps the UEs down versus Watson she'll be fine.

Rebecca Marino - The North American girls will take advantage of crummy draws.
Mona Barthel - Love her game. WIll have tough matches in Falconi and Dubois. She has the game, this could be big for her.
Winner of: Ajla Tomljanovic vs. Eva Birnerova - BORING Section
Winner of: Zuzana Kucova [12] vs. Alison Riske - Cant pick, too superstitious.

Sloane Stephens - Should have gotten a MDWC.
Misaki Doi - Always preforms well in GS Qualies.
Elena Bovina - The 25K win will do big things for her confidence.
Anastasia Yakimova [16] - The two young girls in her sction are completley overrated

Randy H
Aug 24th, 2010, 12:49 PM

Valerie Tetreault
Jelena Dokic
Monica Niculescu
Mirjana Lucic

Varvara Lepchenko
Heidi El Tabakh
Mandy Minella
Lourdes Dominguez Lino

Sharon Fichman
Stephanie Dubois
Eva Birnerova
Petra Cetkovska

Sloane Stephens
Rossana De Los Rios
Elena Bovina
Sarah Gronert


Akgul Amanmuradova
Jelena Dokic
Monica Niculescu
Raluca Olaru

Varvara Lepchenko
Michaella Krajicek
Shenay Perry
Andrea Hlavackova

Rebecca Marino
Stephanie Dubois
Ajla Tomljanovic
Ekaterina Bychkova

Anna-Lena Greoenefeld
Misaki Doi
Olivia Sanchez
Anastasiya Yakimova

Aug 24th, 2010, 02:54 PM
Who I think....
Amanmuradova - pretty easy group and she is playing well

Dokic - but tough group and there a several players who could come through here

Niculescu - easy 1st and 3rd rounds but I'm little nervous about the 2nd round although she should be fine
Lucic - but this section is loaded

Lepchenko - pretty straightforward section

Krajicek - a lot of former top 100s here, I think Michaella looks the most likely to come through an unpredictable section
Perry - Looks pretty easy to me

Watson - Last years Junior champ and I'd say more suited to hardcourts than anyone else in this section

Marino - Easily the best form of anyone in this group

Dubois - Best form in this section

Camerin or Tomljanovic - very hard call, one of these two

Riske - I can't see her getting beat in this section

Stephens - Ditto, but more so

Doi - Did well at RG and Wimbledon qualifying and this surface suits her more

Han - She qualified at the AO and I think she can do the same here

Yakimova - I think her hardcourt experience will get her through

Who I want....
Severine - Classy vet would be nice to see her back in a main draw

NLV - 1 half of one my favourite doubles teams but I would be ok with Robson or Fedak too

Monica - I like Vita and Eleni but if Monica doesn't qualify I will be seriously bummed

Kathrin or Sesil - Two of the most friendly and approachable girls in tennis. I have a big spot in my heart for both I hope one makes it. I hugely admire Mirjana too. I like Raluca a lot as well. Damn shame only one player can qualify from this section.

Corinna - Only player I care for in this section would love her to qualify

Either Marta or Heidi would be nice

Perry all the way, I think she will too.

Andrea - I would love to see Andrea qualifying a get into the top 100 that would be one of the best things that could happen in this Slam

Liana - I generally support all the Romanians so...

Pivovarova - Total babe...

Camila or Yurika but not too bothered here

Petra or Katya

No one stands out probably Zuzana

Rossana - one of my favourite veterans

Sania but Elena would be ok too

Either Karolina or Alexandra

Aug 24th, 2010, 09:46 PM
Some late picks. Hopefully not judged too harshly for usual tardiness. ;)




Larcher de Brito

Aug 25th, 2010, 09:53 AM
Some late picks. Hopefully not judged too harshly for usual tardiness. ;)

No prob, the more the merrier etc.

Larcher de Brito

Wow, someone still cares about her one way or another.

I'm still devastated that Bukkake lost. :bigcry:

In str8ts to Cetkovska, which is like an official stamp of suckitude.

Aug 29th, 2010, 03:29 AM
6 for 16 :p