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Oct 15th, 2002, 11:18 PM
"No day without Pain" is how Martina Hingis explained her withdrawal from the professional tennis until the end of this year in the press conference.

Q: Martina Hingis, did it hurt you to withdraw from your home tournament?

A: I had been pleased to play again once before the domestic public and am naturally very much disappointed. But the last two tournaments in Moscow and Stuttgart showed me simply that I cannot play momentarily in such a way, as I expect from me and as also the spectators of me expects. In North America still to some extent it was okay. But on the fast courts it simply didn't work anymore. Also at my victory against Sanchez I did not play well.

Q: Isn't the time for your Break somewhat unfavorably selected?

A: There is no favorable time for such a decision. But you see, it makes no sense, that I travel to a tournament, and hope for a lucky draw, only to proceed two rounds.

Q: How did the marketing agency Octagon react, with which you stand under contract and which also organizes the Swisscom Challenge?

A: I have a very good relationship to Octagon and to Beat (Ritschard, the director of tournament). They were much very obliging. Cooperation with them is important to me.

Q: Was it an error to return after your second operation again so early to the tour?

A: Yes, it was probably an error. When I returned, I trained four, five hours daily, and the therapy came thereby too briefly. But afterwards one is always smarter. I felt at that time good and wanted to play again as fast as possible. Finally, I had already in the past a longer break. And the woman tennis develops so rapidly, from month to month that one cannot stay away for a too long time.

Q: What's the Reason for your current bad results? The physical or the psychological condition?

A: The physical condition. And if one plays badly, the psyche is stuck on automatic.

Q: Do you have pain?

A: In the high-performance sport there is no day without pain. But it was recently already intensified. Already when just doing calisthenics, it had a pain. If one must warm up 20 minutes, until it feels better, that's hard.

Q: Did you frighten, when you noticed that your second comeback is no longer as simple as your first?

A: The second operation was already more complicated than first. But I naturally hoped that I could return again directly as strongly as after first. But the tennis has also developed since then. Everything is connected.

Q: Do you have already a timetable for your comeback?

A: No. So far we did not think ahead yet.

Q: But you intend to return again on the tour?

A: I have now felt the decision to not play until the end of this year. We will then see later.

Q: A participation in the Australian open is thus possible?

A: I can't say anything about that yet.

Q: Will you work on your way to comeback together with your mother?

A: My mother was always my coach. And that won't change.

Q: Will you lay hands on a tennis racquet in the next days?

A: I don't think so.

Oct 16th, 2002, 12:19 AM
I'm glad that Martina has realized the tour has passed her up and that she's going to take the time to let her body heal. Now that she's admitted that she know's where she stands and what has to be done to improve maybe we'll see a new Martina when she returns. She's far too young and has too much to offer the sport to retire now.

Oct 16th, 2002, 12:33 AM
Gosh, even not being a huge Marti fan, I find this interview slightly depressing! I will miss Martina and hope that she can recover and play again. Best wishes to her!
Hopefully, she is just being cautious at this point and will realize how much she loves to play with a little time off!!!