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Crazy Canuck
Oct 14th, 2002, 08:04 PM
I couldn't be arsed to read through this forum and see if this is already posted.

If it is ignore it, and let this die.


Davenport calls for drug testing

Associated Press


STUTTGART, Germany (AP) - Lindsay Davenport on Friday demanded stricter doping controls in women's tennis including unannounced out-of-competition tests for the players.

The former No. 1 and three-time grand slam winner told the German daily, Stuttgarter Zeitung, she didn't believe performance-enhancing drugs were widespread on the women's tour yet.

``But every sport has to find those that use illegal substances. There has to be more testing. The system we now have has to be improved,'' Davenport said. ``We should contain doping before it becomes a big problem.''

Davenport said in the past 14 months she has been tested just once _ six weeks ago at the U.S. Open. For eight months of that period, she was undergoing rehab for a surgically repaired right knee and was ignored.

``What would have stopped me from taking something during that time? No one controlled me. I could have taken everything, nobody would know,'' Davenport said.

The ATP men's tour began unannounced tests in 1999, while the women's WTA tour plans to start them in 2003.

Davenport described herself as a ``fiery proponent of testing during training and competition.'' She is in Germany playing the Porsche Grand Prix in Filderstadt

Oct 14th, 2002, 08:39 PM
I am with Lindsay, the last few times I purchased drugs it was not that great. So here's to testing. ;) :p