View Full Version : TV Scheduals for Swisscom Challenge

Oct 14th, 2002, 11:42 AM
Hi Everyone,

Here's the Eurosport Schedual for the Swisscom Challenge, I hope it is of use to you. If people would like, I could do this for every tournie Eurosport show so that it is convienient for you. Maybe other people could do it for some US net works and other international Sport networks.

Monday (1st Round) - 5.30pm (LIVE)
Tuesday (1st Round) - 2pm, 5.30pm (both LIVE)
Wednesday (2nd Round) - 9am (RELIVE), 2pm and 5.30pm (both LIVE)
Thursday (2nd Round) - 2pm and 7pm (both LIVE)
Friday (Quarters) - 2pm and 7pm (both LIVE)
Saturday (Semis) - 1pm and 2.30pm (both LIVE), 9.45pm (RELIVE)
Sunday (Final) - [can't seem to get this one up yet :)]

I will update you on the Sunday schedual when it is available.

-Rachel :)