View Full Version : Non- GS winners in top ten - Running out of time?

Oct 14th, 2002, 04:18 AM
As the non-GS winners in the top ten age, we naturally wonder if they'll ever win the big one. And it's easy to wonder if its too late for them. Most players today SEEM to win their first while in their teens. If you haven't made your mark by 18 or 19, you quite likely an also-ran. Well, it seemed that way to me anyway. Then I did some checking.

What's really going on is Serena Williams and Martina Hingis have clouded our reason. Below is a list of all the active GS winners, and the age at which they won their first. Sure there's a solid core of teenaged first time GS winners. But there's an equally large group who ddn't win their first GS title til they were in their 20's.

xx - The age they won their first GS title.

16 12-02-73 Seles
16 09-30-80 Hingis
17 12-18-71 Sanchez-Vicario
17 09-26-81 Serena
19 08-12-77 Majoli
-- 06-08-83 Clijsters
-- 04-12-83 Dokic
-- 04-23-83 Hantuchova
20 01-15-75 Pierce
20 06-17-80 Venus
-- 06-01-82 Henin
22 04-16-72 Martinez
22 06-08-76 Davenport
-- 07-05-79 Mauresmo
24 06-29-76 Capriati

So Amelie and Justine and Kim and Jelena and Daniela have time.
They also have no less than EIGHT active multiple GS winners to contend with. Of course Mary Pierce and Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario are not the threats they were. But Serena, Venus, Jenn, Lindsay, Monica and Martina Hingis are all still very much in play. And Serena, Venus and Martina will likely be on tour until the last couple years of Justine or Kim's career. Playing well too.

So maybe those GS titles come, maybe they don't.
But age is no factor.