View Full Version : Where to watch Henin/Petrova on the BBC?

Jun 24th, 2010, 11:27 PM
Quick question UK-ers. I am at work tomorrow, but really want to see the Henin/Petrova match. Don't hav Sky+ so can't record BBC1 and BBC2, just one channel but am not sure if there is ANY sort of pattern to the BBC coverage. Henin/Petrova is first up on centre at 1pm, with Clijsters on court 2 at 12noon. BBC2 coverage starts then and runs through til 8pm, BBC1 starts up at 1.45pm. I have to decide whether to record BBC2 or whether they are likely to switch the match over to BBC1 when it starts up. I know the Beeb certainly USED to say "you can now follow this match on.." and change channels, but anyone been watching know if they still will?

Isner is playing at 12noon and I bet they show him rather than Clijsters. Djokovic is on court 1 and the same time as Henin (is he sleeping with someone on the scheduling committee??)

It's guess work, but any advice for how to set my video recorder would be appreciated - to see Henin/Petrova on centre, BBC1 or BBC2? (or just toss a coin?!)

Jun 24th, 2010, 11:59 PM
If you aren't planning on watching it live, you may as well just wait until it is available on here in the Media section. It should be up within hours, maybe the next day.

However, to answer your question, I would record BBC2. If BBC1 only starts at 1.45, then you'll miss 35 minutes of it (10 mins warmup), and it's a tougher matchup than any other match on at that time. Whatever match they show from 12-1 should move to the red button so they can follow henin/petrova from the start :P If this isn't the case, some people at the BBC need to be fired