View Full Version : new courts at Wimbledon?

Jun 8th, 2010, 01:36 PM
Just read this about the courts an Wimbledon

* Court Re-numbering and Show Courts Owing to new Court 2, the southern courts have been re-numbered in sequence, ie: old Court 2 becomes Court 3, Court 3 becomes Court 4 etc. up to Court 12. No Court 13.
* Show Courts’ will be Centre Court, No.1 Court, Court 2 and Courts 5, 12 and 18.

* Millennium Building Players’ Reception improved to provide more space.

* Ground Capacity Owing to the fewer number of courts in play in 2010, the daily ground capacity has had to be reduced by 2,500 from 40,000 to a maximum of 37,500.
* Leading to a reduction in ground tickets available for sale each day and therefore a lower overall attendance.

does that mean that the old No 2 court (last year No 3) does not exist anymore and furthermore what is court No 5? The old one was the smallest I can remember?

And why do the reduce the capacity, logically u would assume, if you play on fewer courts they are bigger and nothing chances?

Thanks for answers, although it a little bit early to be relevant:devil: