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Apr 30th, 2010, 12:06 PM
These are the 2 diary entries she has posted so far:

15-Mar-2010 Monterrey :)

Hi everyone!
This is my first post in my diary and Iím very excited to share it with all of you!
In this one, I want to write about Monterrey (Mexico) where I have won my 1st WTA title! Well probably all of you can guess that now I have lots of good, exciting memories and spent a really good time there!
So... It was my 1st time in Mexico and I have heard a lot about the country, as I have a really good Mexican friend who plays tennis also, so I could imagine how Mexican people are, but I really didn't know what to expect from the country! I went there with my brother; it was a bit of an extreme though, because we came from very cold Moscow at that time to hot Mexico.

The flight was pretty tough, we had to fly with 2 stops and plus we had 9 hours behind of jet lag, so by the time we got at the hotel, we were dead. I wasn't sure what time and date it was already, but even being so tired one thing I was sure about was that there was a huge shopping mall and a cinema inside the hotel, that made me wake up! That was a great thing for me, because I don't really like visiting the cities, especially when you get tired from practice or matches and don't want to go far and like this I could just wake up and do it, isnít it nice? :) Well I also liked that tournament, because of its organization and a very warm welcome from the director of the tournament and so the stuff as well! People were friendly as I expected and the crowd was so good they were giving us a lot of emotions; because I think Iím emotional and so are they, which is great! Most of the time they cheer me up, and sometimes not which I liked even more, it gave me even more motivation to hit the ball harder!

Oh and I forgot to tell you it was in altitude, so it took me some time to get used to it, the balls were flying everywhere at the beginning, but looked like I have handled it well! And one thing I can't forget is the Mexican food! I have never tasted it before, so my brother's friend who lives in Monterrey brought us to a special Mexican restaurant to celebrate the victory, so now Iím in love with fajitas! :)

26-Apr-2010 Change of plans

Hi guys!

I have just got home from a really long trip that I have spent in Mexico and US playing 4 tournaments almost in a row. So you all can imagine how tired I was and missed my country, my family, friends and my home itself and, of course, how could I forget about my amazing dog 'Yoda', my dad gave him this name, probably because before he was obsessed with the movie 'Star Wars', so he thinks my dog looks like one magistr 'Yoda' from the movie. Oh well I think it's pretty funny though!

Coming back to where I have started, by the end of my third tournament in Miami, I started to feel pain in my right foot without any reason, but I could handle that pain quit easily and tried not paying a lot of attention to it, continued playing and went to Ponte Vedra Beach, thinking that it was nothing serious and that the pain will get off quickly, but it didn't, so the tournament doctor brought me to the Clinic where I have made MRI. What turned out was that I had an early stage of stress fracture. It was a bit of shock for me, so without any doubts, my brother and I have decided to withdraw from Charleston and Fed Cup, so as soon as I lost in Ponte, we took the 1st flight back to Moscow. Unfortunately, I couldn't compete in Fed Cup and play for my team, I really felt bad about it because I really like and enjoy it so much, especially our team spirit, but at that time I cared more about my foot.

I had to repeat MRI in Moscow and, hopefully, I didn't have any stress fracture, but still my foot bothered me a lot. So due to my injury I was off for 2 weeks from tennis and other physical activities, just wanted to give my foot as much rest as I could to recover faster. Apart from the treatment in Moscow, I was spending some really good time with my family and friends and have done a lot of good and important things as well!

So obviously I wasn't ready to play in Stuttgart. So instead, I have finally decided to come to Barcelona this time to finish some treatment on my foot and try to get ready for my next tournament in Rome and also visit our friend. So lot's of positive things together!

Ok, I hope you didn't get too bored, I will keep you updated from Barcelona!:)


Apr 30th, 2010, 07:44 PM
Good diary entries. I wish more players would do them

Jul 24th, 2010, 07:36 PM
This is the last diary entry Nastia was talking about:

Amazing time in Russia!

I think itís the time to tell you about my kind of active holidays I spent in Russia after Wimbledon. It was great 2 weeks there and I didnít mention that I havenít been at home since April, quite a long time so I was very happy to be back! But before travelling to Moscow, I stopped by in Paris for 1 day and spent a lovely day there with my mum doing shopping on the Champs and I had some things to do as well, really enjoyed that! So after that finally I got back home! By the time I got there, it was only 3 days left until my 19th birthday, I was extremely excitedÖ preparing, choosing the place to go with the dresses and clothes. I didnít have problems, haha, that is always prepared for every case and, of course, I thought of it in advance!☺ By the way, I had 1 of the best birthdays ever, great company, nice place, lots of fun. We were also singing karaoke so there I expressed myself 100 %. I love signing and this is why I got a huge karaoke machine for my last yearís birthday. Oh, and I do have 2 songs of Abba on the cd, duet with Dominica Cibulkova from Bastad 2009, was a great experience, I was the only one who was serious about singing those songs there, I think... but, just to let you know, I'm not very good at it... mm I just donít really care how it sounds to the people around, so I sing!☺ It was my 1st time I celebrated my birthday in Moscow, so I was really happy that I had an opportunity to do it there this year, as last year I had it in Paris,which is not bad also, but home is home!

A few days after, I had to travel to St. Petersbourg to play Russian Team Summer Championships for a week, so I couldnít go to Bastad this year because of it! And I played there for Moscow region and my team and I won it, also positive that I had some matches in addition to it! And I could see that 'white night' in St. Petersbourg when it's light 24h, so cool! I came back home for the World Cup final and I donít understand how Spain won! So the octopus 'Paul' was right, thatís crazy!!! Hopefully, we donít ask him in tennis, I would kill him after in case I lose! :)

I had a delay with my American visa in Moscow, so I had to wait another week there and I couldnít leave anywhere. We started to panic in the end because we didnít have my passport on Friday and the tournament in Portoroz started on Monday, so if I didnít get my visa on Friday evening, I was thinking to miss that tournament, something crazy was happening in the embassy, but hopefully with a miracle, my parents went there and got it for me! So now I'm in Portoroz with my fitness coach this time and my bro, excited about the upcoming tournaments to play!

Sep 20th, 2010, 12:02 PM
20-Aug-2010 From Portoroz to NY

Hi guys!

It's been a long time since I wrote my last diary blog! Sorry about that! It's just because I've been pretty busy since I left Russia in July, wow can't believe it we are in August already and the US Open is coming almost in a week, the time goes very fast!

So I've been playing quite a lot in a row till now. 1st one was in Portoroz and then the following week in Istanbul - those 2 tournaments were to be good preparation before the US Open series tournaments, so I had quite a big team and a fitness coach with me as well to work even harder. Both in Portoroz and Istanbul it was very hot and humid, where I had to sacrifice a lot which probably made me stronger;)! I had an amazing time there. Portoroz is a lovely place and I haven't been neither to Portoroz nor Istanbul. It was even more humid and hotter in Istanbul though, but I think I did great as you all may know. I won my 2nd title there in Istanbul and I'm happy with my performance and fight spirit too (I pulled that semifinal and final match in 3 sets and in both matches I was down in the 3rd with a break. In the final 5-7, 0-4 and Elena was serving, unfortunately it was her birthday that day, very sad for her! And of'course we had an amazing time off court with my team and they were all supporting me a lot during that week:)!

After that I had to fly to Barcelona alone to continue with some light trainings and recover a little bit after the tournaments. So I also spent there a few days with my friends and left to Cincinnati alone too. I didn't know what to expect from the tournament because I wasn't really in 100% body shape, but I knew it would be almost as difficult as a Grand Slam so I just prepared myself to show a great game and enjoy out there. Plus it's always a little bit weird to be at the tournament alone! But as you saw it, went great for me, a lot of tough matches I fought through and extremely hot weather this year. Most of my matches were under the heat and in the afternoon, plus I was playing 2 doubles matches in 3 sets, so in semi-finals against Sharapova and against Kuznetsova in Montreal I didn't have any power and energy anymore. I hate finding excuses and I don't want to say it was the main reason for losing, but it was one of them too. Anyways I'm taking 2 days off, only treatment and trying to recover for New Haven and I hope I will be in a good shape to show good tennis out there and, of'course, I hope for your support as well, it means a lot to me, guys!;)


12-Sep-2010 NY is a perfect shopping place...

Hi everyone!
I just came back from the US. It was a very long trip, a lot of tournaments in a row, so I got very tired! I enjoyed the trip though, had quite good results, played well, had some fun with my team, who were my mum, brother and a friend, sometimes it's more people. I prefer as many as possible though and unfortunately my dad couldn't make it to New York this year as he had a lot of work to do in Moscow. I really hope he will join me some other time very soon! Because he used to coach me and travel almost everywhere with me until I stopped playing juniors, it was a lot of fun travelling with the whole family everywhere around the world and also they were helping me with my tennis! My very good friends who live and work in the US now couldn't make it to the US Open Series either to watch me playing and just hang out with me a bit, so it was a real shame, but at least I had a chance to see some other people and, of course, when I came back to Moscow I met with some others!:) I had just a few days as usual and this time I just wanted to rest and chill out at my real home! By the way, I'll tell you a secret. When we arrived home we had 1 car for us and 1 for the luggage! What can I say? New York is a good shopping place!;)
See you soon!

Dec 28th, 2010, 11:18 AM
20-Nov-2010 Great Time in Bali

Hello again!:)

My holidays are over! I spent a great time in Bali. My results weren't as good as I had expected, but I know I wasn't at my best shape (both physical and mental). It was a tough and long season for me but let's not make a big deal of it. I have to accept losing. I'm working on it and so far it's going in the right direction and I'm pretty sure that the last tournament in Bali made me stronger! In fact, I have to admit Ana played great during the whole tournament, so well done for her! Apart from tennis, I had an amazing time with my family there. It was my first visit to Bali and of'course first appearance at that kind of tournament. I really liked the atmosphere and organization. We had so many nice activities! I had a go at surfing (one lesson on Day 2), then a driving lesson (going fast around cones in a BMW), went to spa (amazing!). I also must mention the local designer who made two special dresses for us, 1st one in the Balinese style for the draw ceremony and the 2nd gorgeous one for the official players' party. Both were amazing, so we could keep them also! Bali makes me think of one of the last books I read entitled 'Eat, Pray, Love.' There is a part where someone says that there is some mystery about this island and I really could feel it, great harmony!:) I think I will come back there again!

In Moscow I spent a few days, very busy days, but enjoyed them a lot! I went to the 2010 Russian Cup Awards gala and this time I wasn't there to receive the award, but present it to young girls in the 'Best Under 12 Team' category. So it felt kinda akward to me to show up on stage and present this award to them. Maybe because I'm used to be 1 of the youngest on the Tour, but still it felt special and I was honoured! And it was great to see Vera Zvonareva and some other players there too!
As some of you may know, I have also been nominated for the '2010 Woman of the Year' award in the 'Newcomer of the Year' category by Russia's Glamour magazine. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the gala concert that took place in Moscow this week because I had to leave Moscow. My plans changed and now it's time to go to Barcelona to work hard and get ready for the next season!
You can check some of the interviews and photos from Bali, Russian Cup and find out more about the Glamour nomination on my site!:)

I will try to keep you updated as much as I can!

26-Dec-2010 Ready For The New Season

Hi my friends!:)

I missed posting you!

My pre-season is officially over. Woow I can't believe it, I worked very hard and with a lot of enthusiasm and had really good time there in Barcelona. So I didn't really realize how those weeks had passed! I tried to work on everything to improve in this pre-season, but of course, I couldn't say 'no' to the shopping, especially on such a nice street as Passeig de Gracia. I love doing it with my mum, so I have prepared for New Year's Eve, which will be in Brisbane for me again. It's 5 times in a row I celebrate New Year's Eve in Australia and I hope it will change at least once because I really would love to spend it in Moscow with the snow, my family and friends, but well, tennis is 1st for now :)! Also, I had a chance to play the football match in the team of the players of the BTT academy where I train against coaches. Well, to be honest, I was sitting half of the match on the bench, but still the guys let me play and some other girls around 10 minutes. I almost scored, aah! It was cool. I had a T-shirt with my name written on it (look at the photo :) and number 3 on the back and pink boots with 'Nastia' sign on it, so it was all about looking good too!;)

I came back home just for a few days, always very busy here in Moscow, but I basically came to pick up some summer clothes and spend some time with friends and my family. It was short, but really enjoyed it! There's so much snow, everything is so unreal right now!

So now I'm on my way to Brisbane, can't imagine how the time goes soo fast, it's unbelievable that I'm leaving to Brisbane again this year. It feels as if I'd been there yesterday!:)

See you soon!