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Apr 12th, 2010, 03:24 AM
Hi, I'm going to be in Paris the first week of the French Open and was wondering if I could get some help on buying tickets and what not. From my understanding, there are two types of tickets: Annex and Court seats. The annex seats are just grounds seats and provide no access to the main courts. So on the outer courts, it is basically 1st come first serve. With the court tickets, we have designated seats along with access to outer courts for the entire day.

Is it too late to buy tickets reasonably priced? Are there ticket scalpers or places that sell discount tickets? Could somebody provide an experience of how the Annex tickets worked (i.e. was it crowded, a lot of walking, etc.?) I checked the French Open website and all of the court seats were sold out and they only had annex tickets left for like a few days. Other websites were selling tickets, but they were way more expensive. Would you recommend buying tickets now, wait (if there are discounted places), or purchase them from outside venders. Thanks!!

Apr 12th, 2010, 06:47 AM
I've never liked the big courts tickets, as if you don't want to pay very much, you'll be sitting very very high - especially on the Center Court - and it's not worth it because you can watch only the stars, and you can't plan which star is playing where and when.
Taking the annex courts ticket is very much better as you have access to all the courts from the N2 to the N17 + the training courts, it's much cheaper and the show is much better.
The best solution is to go into the queue early in the morning of the day you wanna go to the tournament. It's a smart move, especially since rain often changes the tournament's schedule.

Apr 12th, 2010, 10:02 AM
I love annex courts :) especially in the first round, you get some really good and exciting tennis (on Center Court you often get in the first rounds the top seeds winning their matches easily)
Normally you can get in on most matches you want to see, only matches with French players, or top players playing at court 2 or 3 might be difficult, but if you really want to see a match and get there in time, you can see any match you want

if you want to go and don't want to pay too much, I'd say buy those annex tickets ASAP! you won't regret it :)

Apr 12th, 2010, 12:41 PM
The tickets for the main courts are all sold out - they went on public sale in February. If you go on the official site you can still get annex tickets.

If you go in the first week annex tickets are better because as someone else said here you oculd find oyurself on the main courts watching a poor match and leaving to go and see a better match on the annexes.

I absolutely love going to RG - my favourite place to see tennis. I hope you have a lovely time.

Apr 12th, 2010, 12:46 PM
If you're going for the early rounds, you do not need to buy tickets beforehand. You can arrive on the day itself, but make sure to get there well before the ticket booths open. I think I got there around 8 or 9 and still managed to get show court tickets.

Apr 16th, 2010, 11:20 PM
So around how much do the Annex tickets cost? On the official French Open website they were around 21 Euro, but other websites had them at like 100 Euro. And let me make sure....I do not need to buy Annex tickets in advance? They dont sell out? Thanks