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Feb 26th, 2010, 08:03 AM
I think we should have a thread about Alisa's diaries.She normally writes one after every tournament she plays.

I copy the ones she's posted so far this year:


Hello everyone!
Finally my new website is up and I hope that you will like it as much as I do :)
After the end of the season on a high note, playing the semis in my hometown Moscow Kremlin Cup, I had more than a month off. I was so tired traveling all the year, that I decided to stay home with my family and friends all this time, instead of going for holidays somewhere. I was meeting with my friends that missed me during the year, because I was always busy, catching up with my sports university and many many other things out from tennis. By the way, we have now a new little member in our family: after my last tournament I have presented a kitten Busya to my granny, so she is not feeling lonely when I’m traveling. They are so happy together!
Everything comes to an end, so did my holidays... I was a bit sad, but I have a year coming up with many big and important tournaments, so it was time to start the preparation for the new season. Previous years I always stayed training at home, but this time I decided to come to Italy. My tennis coach is Italian and my fitness trainer too, so they prepared everything for me there... I was training in the small city called Arezzo for more than 3 weeks. It was very cold there, but the nature is great: mountains, snow, a lot of green forests around. It was a very tough time for me, but I enjoyed it a lot. I had also a good chance to practice my Italian, I like the language so much, but it’s so tough to learn when you are never in Italy. Because of low temperature we couIdn’t play tennis so much, so I focused on off-court training. I’m not expecting too much from my first tournaments, but I’m feeling very fresh and full of energy to start the new season. I’m really hungry to have some good tournaments ! During Christmas I came home for 3 days and then I have my flight to Australia, so I get to celebrate New Years Eve during Brisbane tournament.
I wish everybody Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!
Talk to you next year ;)


Hello guys !
The season has started and I’m writing from a Brisbane tournament... I came here last week, a few days before the tournament started, so I got to celebrate New Year’s Eve at the tournament party with all our friends from tennis world. It was a lot of fun, champaign and DJ music:) Was nice to see everybody again after the off-season, so all of us were sharing our holiday memories:) I didn’t have to play the next day, so I stayed with my coach Iulian and his friends till midnight at the players party to watch amazing fireworks and then we went to walk around a bit in the city... The streets were so crowded, everybody was so happy and enjoying the night. Some guys got drunk and did some crazy things, we were laughing so hard, when I came back to my room I couldn’t even smile any more, I was so tired. It was one of my best New Year’s Eves :)))

There is not much to say about the tournament... I love to play in Australia, all the tournaments are very nice here. So I was happy to come back to Brisbane. There are so many Russian girls on the tour now about my age, so we know each other since kids. During the year on tour we are practicing together quite often, so we did here the first days and it happened to me to play Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova in the first round. We had a long match, either of us didn’t play very well, but it’s always hard to start off after a long break without matches. I’m not very sad about a loss, it’s just the beginning of a long year and I’m not feeling at my tournament shape yet, so I’m staying positive. It’s a pity that I’m not playing doubles here. I was supposed to play with my friend Jelena Dokic. She didnt play doubles much, so she doesn’t have a good doubles ranking. We needed a wild card to play here. But the tournament decided to give wild cards to other girls. I keep training hard, my next stop is Sydney and I’m very excited as it gets closer to the Aussie Open ;)


Hi everyone !
Just finished my week in Sydney... Finally we got a few hot Australian days and some tan here:)
The week was full of tennis and off court trainings. The tournament is very strong, I was the last one to get in the main draw and got to play the Russian player again, Svetlana Kuznetsova. It was a good match, with ups and downs for both of us. I always enjoy to play against Svetlana, she is a great athlete and a very nice person off the court. I’m feeling better and better on the court every day, I got some confidence, even that I lost the match, but I played some good tennis out there. We didn’t go too far in doubles with Francesca, but we are playing again together in Melbourne and we will try to put things together there:) Last night we went to the house of our friends, we had a nice and quite dinner. They are from Sydney and love to watch tennis, they even plan to come to the Australian Open for the first time this year to watch the quaterfinals. I have some pressure, because they expect to see me there:)))
Tomorrow I fly to Melbourne...there are still a few more days to go and I will try to arrive strong and confident.
Hope you will enjoy following the first Grand Slam of the year, it’s my favourite tournament and I’m so excited !
Talk to you soon!


Hello guys!

The Grand Slams are the busiest tournaments of the year. A big crowd every day even on the practice courts, friends that you haven’t seen for a few months and just a lot of people everywhere. For example, getting from the players’ lounge to the courts for your practice can take quite a long time, because you have to stop every 10 meters to have a chat with someone. I always try to spend less time on site to keep my energy and emotions for the matches. That’s why during the few days before the tournament started I wasn’t just training. Almost all the players get there new apparel and stuff for each Grand Slam. So did I, I tried to do all these things during the first days, so afterwards I could just focus on tennis and relaxation.

First round against Jelena Dokic night session on Rod Laver Arena. As soon as I saw it written on the schedule I had all the best memories from last year playing here running through my head, it’s a special tournament for me. So, honestly, I’m very happy that I had another chance to go on the center court and take a revenge. I didn’t repeat the mistakes I made against Jelena last year and I’m happy with the way I finished the match this time. I can’t even express my feelings to be again here, on the center court, it’s just amazing. Another great match was in the third round against Justine Henin. Day by day I was playing better and better, so here was another challenge for me. I was playing well, but didn’t close the match in 2 sets, disappointing... It’s a pity I didn’t go far in the tournament this year, but I played some good tennis and got a confident start of the year.

There is not much to say about doubles and mixed. I’m happy that I have such great partners here like Francesca and Max. I enjoyed a lot to play with them and we had fun. It was very tough 2 weeks, I had to play every day 1 or 2 matches, so far more than 3 weeks I didn’t have even one
day off ! When you play well this is the tough side, but I’m very happy about it and this one of the things that I love about tennis :) I love to play in Australia and I’m a bit sad that this is over...
My next stop will be Belgrade (Serbia) to play the Fed Cup.


Hi there!
After Melbourne I came home for just 3 days. I had so many things to do and I had to train too, so next morning after arrival I was already on the court. We came to Belgrade on Tuesday and had 3 more days to practise. I'm very happy that Svetlana Kuznetsova could make it to come there, she was the one to bring more confidence to our team.
It's a pity that I didn't visit anything in Belgrade, because we were training hard, doing press and many other things that kept all of us busy through the days. It was my second time on the team, but first time to play all the matches. I was a bit nervous, but the whole team was supporting me so much, that as soon as I walked on the court for my first match I was feeling so high! It was sad and dissapointing that I lost to Jankovic, it was a great match though. I think that the loss made me even stronger for the next day, I played well and I was so motivated to go and win the next match against Ivanovic. I was excited to play the deciding doubles. Sveta is a very experienced player and she helped me a lot. It was the first time that we played together, but we made a great team. We had such a friendly and supportive team this time and I think this was the main key for our victory. I have so many great memories from Belgrade :)


Next morning after my last match in Belgrade I had a flight to Paris. I was feeling very tired. Fed Cup is so different from all the other tournaments, it's very emotional. I didn't want to play doubles here, because I have too many tournaments coming up and need to save my energy. I played my first round on the second day very late, as the last match. I didn't play my best tennis, but I'm happy I pulled the match in 2 sets. It's not easy when you don't have time to get used to new courts, balls and go straight to play a match. I got Flavia Pennetta in the second round. Good fight, but she was better this time. No time to relax, tomorrow I fly to Dubai.


Hi everyone !
I like to come to Dubai, its very nice here. Jet lag again, so for the first few days I couldn't sleep well...traveling so many weeks in a row is killing. The tournament is quite strong and my first round was a qualifier A-L.Groenefeld which was a tough one. It wasn't my day, very strange match and I will try to forget about it. It happens. Doubles with Francesca ;) We both keep playing matches every day, but doing well so far.
Was a big fight in the quarters against Petrova/Stosur, but we lost in the nail-biting match. Overall the week was not bad, I'm feeling healthy, which is the most important and I had some nice time with my friends who came there from Russia. We went out for a dinner for couple of times to really nice places and it was a bit relaxing. I decided to play some more matches, so next week I play in Malaysia. Another tough trip.
See you!

Feb 26th, 2010, 10:09 AM
Thanks for this! :D

Feb 26th, 2010, 12:36 PM
I look for these at Alisa-Kleybanova.com and I never can find them

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You can find them all here:


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Thats good. She has a follow me on twitter link, but it only goes to twitter .com now.
So start your account, Alisa, so we can follow your tweets

Mar 14th, 2010, 10:09 PM

Hi !
The trip to Malaysia didn't start off very good, but in the end turned the best way possible :) I went there alone, my coach wasn't able to come, the weather was so humid and hot that during my first practice, a couple of my racquets slipped off my hand and broke. So I went on my first round match against Alicia Molik with just one (!) racquet in my bag. It was quite stressful, but I managed without troubles. Every day was really hot and most of my matches I had to play around 1pm, towards the end of each day we had some rains, so many matches were deleted, and we had to stay till very late. It was difficult for all of us, but the most important is that I stayed there and kept fighting point by point, even that I didn't play my best every day. We didn't go too far in the doubles with Yan Zi, it was the first time that we played together, but it was nice to try together. I didn't get disappointed about it also because I could just focus on my singles, and in those conditions you really need to save as much energy as possible. I was excited to be in my first final, especially against Elena Dementieva, because she was one of the players that I always looked up to when I was a junior. But I didn't have too many emotions about it, probably because by the time I reached the finals I had spent so many hours on court that I didn't realize any more which round I was playing. So it was just another day and another match for me. I played well and I enjoyed the match a lot. After the last point I had tears in my eyes... I didn't have any emotions, I left everything on the court. I just felt like all the years that I had been working hard trying to reach my goals paid off right there, at that moment...
I'm at home in Moscow now, my family and friends are very happy for me, and I'm proud of myself that I did another step forward in my career. I hope this gives me confidence for many other great wins. I have Indian Wells starting next week, so I don't have much time to celebrate; I'm getting ready for a long trip to the US.
See you there!

Alisa's latest blog entry!

Apr 24th, 2010, 11:51 AM
Alisa also writes this blog in russian:


May 14th, 2010, 08:56 AM

Hello everyone!
It's been a long time since I wrote my last blog. I'm sorry for such a delay. But there were too many things going on during this time. After my win in Malaysia I was on fire in Indian Wells, had some really tough matches and that's when my body broke down a bit. As probably everyone knows I got injured during this tournament, so I gave it another try in Miami, but it didn't work well, so I went back home afterwards. I had to pull out from a few tournaments including Fed Cup and felt really bad about that. Every injury is serious when you are not able to compete. That was the time to take a month off and do lots of recovery therapy. I can't say that I really enjoyed the time home, because when you are in the middle of the season and everyone is playing, it's pretty difficult to stay home without even training. But I tried to take some positive things out of it. I had a really busy schedule this year, so it's also for good to take some rest from tennis and then come back fresh and hungry to play. My first tournament to start meant to be Rome, so I went there a couple of days before to start hitting some balls. My first match didn't go so well, but I'm happy that I'm getting better and it's just a matter of some time to get back on track. I'm not 100% yet though, so I still need to be careful and I don't play much tennis at all now, because my main goal for now is to be healthy in Roland Garros.

I just came to Madrid today. I have nice memories from last year here, it's a nice tournament and I will try to enjoy it again :)

Talk to you soon !


May 16th, 2010, 09:47 PM
I think it sounds like Alisa will be scaling down her doubles schedule a little bit.

I don't really have too many expectations for Roland Garros. If she lives up to her seeding and makes the third round, I'll be more than happy :D

Jul 24th, 2010, 04:18 PM
A relaxing time in Budapest


The clay court season went pretty well, I'm happy with the way I played in Paris this year, I had some good wins and the most important that my body is doing very well, so I can keep working hard and playing all the tournaments I have planned on my schedule. I was a bit worried about how I would do on grass this year, because it's a very difficult surface to play on, but I had a very nice preparation in Italy and was playing well all through...

Wimbledon was great as always. I love this tournament and my friends came to cheer for me this year too, so I could relax and enjoy my time also off the court. The second year in a row I decided to go to Budapest straight after Wimbledon. It's a nice tournament, very quiet and relaxing compared to a Grand Slam.

My coach took a week off, so like last year I'm here by myself, but this time I had one of my best firends from Vienna come to watch the tournament. It felt good to go back on clay courts, the weather is very hot and I like it! I didn't go too far in singles this year, but we did semis in doubles with Alexandra Dulgheru, which is a pretty good result for us, because we played for the first time together. So, today is my last day in Budapest, tonight I'm flying to Italy and I have big plans to enjoy 2 weeks before I start my USA trip. I'm looking forward to meeting all of my friends there, next Thursday is my 21st birthday and also every year during this time there is a festival which is called Umbria Jazz.

As you see there will be a great entertainment program and I can't wait to be there :)))

Kleybs ;)

Sep 20th, 2010, 12:31 PM

Hello everyone!

I had a great time in Italy before going to the US... My birthday party went great and I had some more days off afterwards too! It's always difficult for me to prepare for this trip, because it's very long and tough, so in fact I'm never looking forward to it:) It was my third time to play all the tournaments in the series. In Stanford everything was pretty much the same as last year. I like to start with this tournament. They have many courts, a nice stadium and always good weather. For me it was a week to get used to the hard courts and to get back into the tournament conditions. I lost in the first round, but I really wasn't into the game yet.

In San Diego was my first time, because before for a couple of years we had a tournament in Los Angeles that week. But over all in San Diego was my favorite week. I played my best there and also the place was very nice. We stayed in a beautiful resort and the courts were inside, so was very comfortable.

Cincinnati was the hottest week as always. Everybody was struggling. I like to play in the heat, but the humidity always gives you discomfort. It also made me feel a bit tired.

Montreal. We play there every second year, so the other year we play in Toronto. I can't say which tournament I like more, they are very similar. I like to play in Canada, it's very well-organized and there are lots of people watching matches, so it's nice to play. Even that I lost second round here, I always feel to play good in Canada:)

New Haven is a complicated week. It's the only tournament besides US Open, that we play together with men. The weather was terrible, we had a lot of problems with the transportation and it's just a lot of tension there, probably because it's like a preparation week for the US Open. So I was looking forward to getting sooner to New York. It's not easy to stay in the tournament without playing, because of the rain and without having any chance to relax and to go somewhere.

New York is the most exciting part of the trip. We always stay in Manhattan, so you can go in the city any time you want and the shopping is great too! It's also the last tournament in the series, so you are always a bit pumped up for it. I did't play good there, but I'm happy that I got through the first round anyways. Of course, I was expecting a lot more from it, but for the last few weeks I was a bit struggling on the court, so I didn't really win that many matches. The second round loss in singles and in doubles wasn't the happy end of my journey, but I'm staying positive.

I just came back to Italy for about 10 days. My next tounaments will be Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing. Even though I didn't play many matches in the US, but the whole thing made me really tired, so the first thing I'm doing now is taking a couple of days off. I'm really looking forward to being fresh and full of energy to start training again and playing some good tennis in Asia:)

Take care:)


Dec 3rd, 2010, 07:22 PM

Hi !
It's been a while since my last post, there is lots to tell and I will try to do it now step by step. After a pretty dissapointing trip to USA I had a relaxing week in Italy before I went to Asia. It was a tough time for me, I didn't win many matches, was tired mentally and really needed to get my confidence back. But I believe that the hard work always pays off, it's just a matter of time and passion. I went to Seoul by myself, my coach couldn't come there, he was going to meet me the next week in Tokyo. I like to travel alone sometimes, you get to think more, relax and do whatever you feel like doing. It was my second time in Korea, I like this tournament, we play in Olympic stadium, the hotel is new and has a big shopping center. There were 2 rainy days in the beggining of the tournament, but then the weather was great. After the week off I felt hungry to play and to win. The tournament was very strong, but I didn't think about anything, match by match I was just enjoying tennis. I was so happy to win this tournament, in just 1 week I got back on my track. Tokyo and Beijing didn't go so well, but I was playing good during all 3 weeks.

After Beijing I came back home and had a week of training before the tournament in Moscow. Kremlin Cup is a special tournament for many Russians, it's the last tournament of the year and it's at home!!! I love to play it ! My family and friends always come to watch me and it's just once a year, it's great! Just before the tournament me and a few other Russian players had a very nice photo shoot in the OK Magazine, it came out during the tournament and we looked so different from the court that many people couldn't even recognize us :))) I had a few tough matches, played well and lost in the quarters. I had a fun time at home.

After I won my first tournament in Kuala Lumpur this year I set my goal to try to get in Bali. I wanted so much to be among those 8 players to play the last tournament of the year in such a great place. But already before Kremlin Cup I wasn't getting in... so can you imagine how happy I was, when after my quaterfinal loss I was sitting in the lockeroom, thinking that it was my last match of the year, when one of the Tour Staff girls came in and > said that one of the players got injured, so I got in Bali!!! The next day I was already in the plane to Italy for preparation! My ranking is not good enough yet to set my goals for Doha, so it's such an honour for me to participate in this elite event with other 7 top players in the world!

I came to Bali 4 days before. It was very hot and felt strange to play indoors when outside was +35. During those 4 days of trainings all the players had different activities. I did surfing class, which was fun. It was my first time and I decided to take some lessons after. One of my favorite parts was the draw ceremony. We got beautiful Balinese dresses made specially for us, had the make-up done and I felt proud to be there. The surface was very strange, so it was good to have a few days to prepare. The stands were not big, but they were full of spectators during the matches and it felt great! After the semifinals we had an official dinner. There were even more beautiful outfits for us and the whole thing made me feel very special. I was a bit sad to lose in the finals, but Ana played very well. This week didn't even feel like a tournament, there were just 2 matches per day, so much attention, beautiful resort on the beach, such a relaxing atmosphere... It was nice to combine tennis with off-court activities every day! I think it was one of the best weeks this year, I played well and enjoyed my time so much. The end of the season couldn't be better :)


P.S. I stayed another week in Bali for vacation... I spent a lot of time relaxing on the beach and took some surfing classes. It was awesome!!!

Jul 15th, 2011, 04:55 PM
Friday, July 15, 2011
Hello everyone :)
It's my birthday today and I want to thank all of you for the wonderful messages. I haven't written anything for a long time about why I haven't been on tour, so that's why I'm writing this today.
It's not an easy time for me right now. I've been a bit unlucky with my health. I have Hodgkin's lymphoma, a form of cancer. I've been having treatment in Italy and it has been going well, but it takes lots of patience and I've had to be really strong to go through this. The good news is after I do treatment for a few more months, if I feel well, there's a chance I'll be able to play tennis again. I really miss playing - I miss seeing fans and friends around the world, I miss hitting the ball, I miss everything. Tennis has been my life for the last 15 years.
There are a few reasons I'm undergoing treatment in Italy. First, I have a training base and many close friends here, so it's like home. Second, they have a really great hospital here that specializes in this problem; I've been going there since the problem started, so the doctors know me well. It's the best place for me to be - the surroundings help me stay strong.
I am a strong person. I've shown it before. Obviously this is different than anything I've ever experienced, but after this is over my life will be even better than before. This is the toughest time in my life, and I hope it always stays the toughest time in my life. I'm sure I'll be able to overcome this - it's just a matter of patience and time.
When this is over, everything will be even better than before.
Of course, even though I'm in treatment, I hope I'll have a fun birthday today :) I'm really happy I have the best and most important people with me here today. My family and best friends are all here. They're here all of these days and weeks helping me get through this.
Anyway, I wanted to write to you all because it has been a long time... I won't be on tour for a little while, but I will see you all again soon :)