View Full Version : It is all about HEART (long)

Jan 30th, 2010, 04:17 PM
In the AO final, looking at the first set and seeing Serena bang off those UE quickly, I was sure Henin would win. Not only that, even though I am a Serena fan, I will quicly say, that Henin bangs more technical winners than Serena. Henin sends lightning strikes across the net.

I am so much a fan, I couldn't bear to watch the rest of the first set. I turned off my TV. I turned the set back on in the middle of the second set to find out that Serena had won the first set. Wow!

Okay, now I am following the latter part of the second set. Henin is sending lasers across the net, at one run she won 14 or 15 straight points.

My wife so the agony I was in watching it, so she told me to turn it off completely and go to sleep. :sad:I did!! I woke up this morning, and the first place I went was here to see who won. The first thread I saw was "Justin did herself proud".. I beamed in on the word "did"..I quickly scanned so more and found out that Serena had indeed won.:drool:

The only way to decribed how Serena wins is to tell about her HEART. IMO, Serena has more HEART than all the other women tennis players put together. I mean, this woman never quits, she fights. I have did the turn off thing lots of times on Serena, cause she be doing UE like crazy only to come back and pull herself together.

One of thos matches with Hingis, she was so far behind and facing multiple match points, but she still willed herself to win.

Serena has the HEART OF A LIONESS..In fact, 100 Lions!!

Congrats to Henin for a super fight.