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Nov 20th, 2009, 11:37 PM
Keeping the tradition alive :D

Nov 20th, 2009, 11:39 PM
This is what I said last year:

End year in the top-50. Win a GS-maindraw. Beat a top-20 player. Get to 2 semis of WTA-tournaments

End the year in the top-100. Sat injury free. Have a consistent year with some challengers wins and some wins in WTA-tournaments

Work on her level of fitness. End the year Top-175. Stop losing to players outside the top-300. Win some challengers.

:confused: Top-250. Win a challenger. OR concentrate on doubles.

Top-400. Win a 10K

top-400. Win some 10K's or some rounds in 25K's

Sofie Oyen:
Top-400. Win some 10K's or some rounds in 25K's

Top-50 Juniors.

Nov 21st, 2009, 12:31 AM
I want a Belgian at #1 in 2010!

Yanina - depending on the consequences of what's currently happening. If she's able to play for the whole year, hopefully her mental strength and conditioning during the off-season will be enough to help her get close to top 10. Finishing the year in top 15 would be great. I'd like her to upset a few top 10 players and maybe make big finals or win tournaments other than MM ones. If she is to be suspended until April or what, then keeping herself into top 30 would be quite an achievement in itself :shrug:.
Kim - number 1 :p. I don't know if she's enough into her career to achieve this. I hope she will win other big tournaments, defeat all the other top players several times and maybe take another slam!
Kirsten - she's had a great 2009, at least GS wise. I doubt she has the ability to do much better. She's currently around #80 but a few lucky GS draws helped her. I'd be satisfied if she could stay into top 100. Would like her to win WTA MD matches, too (only 1 this year).
Tamaryn - 2009 was horrible. I hope she'll be training a lot this winter, so that she can get into top 200, finally. Make it deep in 25Ks and higher, once she will be able to get a few straight wins.
Davinia - always seeded high in 10Ks in the middle of nowhere, underperforming most of the time. Unfortunately, I think she has peaked already. Would do well to get into top 500 again - but maybe it is asking too much.
Appollonia - she's had a bad year overall. I hope she'll be top 500 at the end of the year, and will make top 400 at some point. But she has to get her game together.
Soetkin - she has hardly played in 2009 - 3 tournaments. I don't know if she's planning to come back. If she does, top 600 if possible.
Gally, Valerie - top 700 as it seems like they actually can win MD matches, even if it's only 10k level.
Sofie - like most lower-ranked Belgians, her form has been pretty terrible. And she's been unable to take a set off decent opponents. I could be hoping for some kind of breakthrough and a top 500 finish or higher, but top 600 as a goal seems more realistic.
Debbrich - hardly played this year as well. Top 500 if she comes back.
An-Sophie - I have more hopes in this girl than Sofie. She's proved she can play. Provided that she doesn't slump hard, I'm hoping for top 500.
...and Justine! - number 1 + RG + another slam? I might be dreaming :lol:. Depending on how the early stages of her comeback go on, a big RG result, maybe a 5th win, would be perfect. Same goals as Kim. She might only be back now, I think she'll be more serious than her countrywoman as she doesn't have a child to look after.

Nov 21st, 2009, 04:58 AM
Yanina (if not suspended/short suspension):
Stay in the top 20, win a Premier level tournament, and reach the third round or better at every slam

Yanina (if suspended):
End 2010 with a ranking

Win another grand slam and qualify for Doha.

Win a grand slam and go to Doha.

Reach R2 or better at each grand slam, reach the quarters of a WTA tournament, win a challenger, end 2010 in the top 60!

Get back on track, win a few challengers/futures, qualify for a grand slam and end 2010 in the top 200!

Fed Cup:
Get promoted to World Group I.

I don't really know much about the other Belgians :sad:

Nov 22nd, 2009, 02:47 AM
Kim - Win another GS and finish top 3.

Yanina - All depends on if and when the ban is lifter.

Kirsten - Top 70. More consistency in wta events. 2 x QF WTA event. Win a $50K or $100K. 2nd round at GSs.

Justine - Win a GS. Top 3.

Ann-Sophie. Top 500 wta. Top 10 juniors. Play all junior slams. Win $10K.

Tamaryn - Hmmm no idea. Win some matches??:confused:

Elke Lemmens - Top 700 wta ranking. Play 2 or 3 of the junior slams - top 60 in juniors. I think her future is in doubles where she has proven herself with good results but I still have hope for isngles in particular if she can beef up a bit.

Justine De Sutter - Top 200 juniors.

Not sure about the others.

Nov 23rd, 2009, 01:35 AM
When do we know the resolutions of Nina's case? She will be suspended the whole 2010 or only a part of it.

Flipper: End 2010 season into TOP 50, reach a semifinal in a WTA Event and win a $100,000 Itf event.

Kim and Henin: Fight to be the number 1

Nov 24th, 2009, 11:53 AM
-If ban gets suspended and she is able to compete a full season: Get close to top 10 (probably around march - april), reach the 4th round in a grand slam at least twice. Win at least one more tournament. End the year in the top 20.
-If she can't play Australia because of the ban, but it's lifted later on in the season: Try to make a 4th round in a GS, and finish top 35. Maybe still win a tournament.

Win at least one more slam this year, and at least one more "Tier I".
Go to Doha and finish 2010 in the top 5.

This is the most difficult, but seeing as she was one of the top players.
Win at least one more slam and one more tournament besides that.
Go to Doha.

Finish inside top 80 again.
Win a high Challenger (100K)
Reach at least one more R3 at a grand slam.

Get your act together and win some matches!
Start playing lower Challengers and work your way up
Get in top 200 be the end of the year.

The rest is to difficult to say.

Nov 24th, 2009, 06:07 PM
Yanina: I'm going to presume the ban will be lifted. Reach the QF of a GS. Finish the year top-16. Win two tournaments.

Kim: Win a GS. Finish the year in the top-5. Win 3 tournaments

Justine: Win Wimbledon. Finish the year in the top-5. Win 3 tournaments

Kirsten: Finish the year in the top-80. Reach some QF's in WTA-tournaments. Reach R3 in a GS, R2 in another. Win 1 high ranked challenger. Don't lose to players outside the top-125.

Tammy: Play challengers and try to win a 25K. End the year in the top-200. Don't lose against players ranked outside the top-250.

All the rest: try reaching the top-500 and go far in 10K's.

Dec 5th, 2009, 12:18 AM
Justine De Sutter - Top 200 juniors.

Thinking I'll change this to top 100 juniors. She's 376 now.

Dec 15th, 2010, 05:35 PM