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Sep 30th, 2009, 07:53 PM
I had a dream about Lucie on Wednesday morning. (Don't worry, Tomáš - it was perfectly innocent.)

I was staying in a hotel, and was rather shocked when this lady appeared in my room just as I had gone to bed, because I knew I had locked the door!

I asked her how she got in, and she showed me this door I hadn't noticed before. There was a secret corridor behind this door!

The secret corridor was quite narrow just outside my room. Then, after a couple of twists and turns, it led down a flight of stairs, at the bottom of which was another door.

I followed the lady through this structure. The door at the bottom of the stairs opened onto a public corridor, but couldn't be seen from the other side, so I felt assured that criminals couldn't use it to access my room.

For this lady was no criminal, but was Lucie! In accordance with Joseph Griffin's dream-theory, I knew this not because I could see her face in the dream (which would mean that she was a symbol for somebody else), but because I could sense her presence.

Lucie suggested that we go to the games-room, because her chess-set was missing a couple of pieces.

So I followed her down a wide corridor, and we soon reached the games-room.

First, we had fun: Lucie challenged me to a game of table-tennis. I gladly accepted, but it was a bit embarrassing, as I couldn't even engage her in a rally, and she beat me 11-0 11-0.

Still, I felt honoured to be thrashed by Lucie at table-tennis. I told her that she was amazing; that she was like no other table-tennis player I'd ever played before. Her shots were like thunderbolts, forcing all of mine to float long.

Lucie didn't drop a point despite falling over between the first game and the second, for the shoes she was wearing had raised heels. She didn't get up immediately, so I went over to see if she was okay. She looked fine - in fact mighty fine! She didn't need my help getting up.

(No doubt Lucie's fall was inspired by the episode of Home and Away I had just seen, in which Nicole - the most attractive current character, who looks a lot like Lucie IMO - tripped over in high heels.)

After the table-tennis, we went over to the chess-set to get the pieces Lucie needed: she told me what they were, and I looked for them. But it was very difficult, because her words for the pieces were different from mine.

At that point, I woke up, which was annoying because I wanted to find out what would have happened next in my little adventure with Lucie. Would I have found the chess-pieces she was looking for? Would I have found out why she had snuck into my room in the middle of the night to get me to look for chess-pieces?

But the only dreams I remember are those I wake up from, so I'm very grateful for that, because this was by far the most intriguing dream that I've had for a couple of years!

Dr. Andrew Broad

Sep 30th, 2009, 08:50 PM
Lucie playing table tennis in heels :lol: :drool:.

her chess-set was missing a couple of pieces.

This is symbolic of something isn't it? I knew it, she's playing without a full set :sobbing:.

Oct 1st, 2009, 12:57 PM
I'm sure the missing chess-pieces were symbolic of something, but unfortunately the dream ended before I had a chance to find out what. Perhaps they symbolise that something is missing from her game and I'm supposed to identify what's missing, or perhaps it's something else that I'm supposed to do for her.

I remember she said one of the pieces she was looking for was tall, so I think it may have been a king, queen, or even bishop. I picked out a king, but she said it wasn't that.

If it was a queen, that might symbolise a major problem with her serve, because playing tennis without a serve is like playing chess without a queen. If it was a bishop, it might symbolise a problem with either her crosscourt shots or her diagonal movement.

Could the fall be telling me something too? I was about to offer her my hand, but she got up unaided the moment I reached out to do so.

Oct 1st, 2009, 03:25 PM
You watch Home and Away? :o :p