View Full Version : Posting priviliges

Sep 22nd, 2009, 12:47 AM
There has been a change to user titles and posting priviliges for users.

Posters that join up to this site will have a user title of Junior Member until they have at least 100 posts in this forum.

Posters with more than 100 posts will have user title of Senior Member.

The previous user title of Member for posters with 30 - 100 posts has been removed.

Premium members retain their ability to alter their user titles as they see fit.

New posters to this site from today - 22nd September 2009 - will no longer be able to post threads on any part of the forum until they have been members for at least one week and made at least 100 posts.

New premium members will be exempt from this and therefore able to post threads from the start of their premium membership.

This change has been made after suggestions from posters on this board as an attempt to reduce spamming of the forum with threads from new posters.

Thank you for your attention.