View Full Version : What has made this US Open crazy?

Sep 13th, 2009, 07:23 PM

ED fan forever
Sep 13th, 2009, 07:27 PM
Melanie Oudin has singel-handedly ruined it for me.
I'm going to write her a strongly worded letter one of these days:tape:
Everything just went wrong at this tournament.
And now Nadal iks on his way out.
Worst. Tournament. Ever.
P.S good luck to Kim in the final;)

Sep 13th, 2009, 07:35 PM
I think the Serena incident, Vera's meltdown and Ana,Elena,Maria, Jelena and co crashing out. :lol:

Sep 13th, 2009, 07:38 PM
All of the above. I would also add:

- Kim Clijsters' improbable comeback, going from unseeded to a Slam final, and a mom to boot!

- Caroline Wozniacki's amazing rise, playing lots of excellent tennis along the way

all culminating in Serena's bat crazy outburst last night! :bowdown:

It's the reason why I watch women's tennis. You just don't get drama like this on the men's side. They look so boring in comparison, especially if they end up with another Nadull-Federer final, 5 hours of moonballing to Federer's backhand. :banghead::zzz: