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Billy Moonshine
Sep 10th, 2009, 09:44 AM
There is a lot of complaining about women's professional tennis going on but what are the solutions?

The main complaints are:
1) The tour's greatest player only plays her best at the slams and is not seen as supporting the tour all year round.
2)The number one ranked player is not winning the Majors so how can she be number one?
3) The Major finals that showcase the sport are poorly contested, error-strewn and one of the players is always choking or nervous.
4) The players are hitting too many errors.
5) Players are either ball bashers or pushers
6)Coaches are not coaching their players to play varied styles or come to the net.
7) Top Players are not motivated to perform all year round because they have so much money they don't need to give their best all the time.
8) There is a lack of consistency at the top of the game.
9) There are no rivalries
10) The season is too long and players are getting injured, burning out and leaving the tour.
11) Increasing technological developments, for example with racket head size, contributes to current preferred style of hard hitting, high risk, high error games.
12) Players grunt to distract their opponents.
13) Players abuse injury time-out rules.
14) There is coaching going on from the stands.

These are just some of the complaints I have seen here or on other forums or in the press.

So, what can be done to get the game to an ideal state?
To me, an ideal state would be
1)to have the top two players in the world meeting each other every other week and playing great tennis all year round.
2) the next four or five players being consistent and challenging the top two and each other.
3) the season reduced to nine months. Players need a longer off season to rest and develop their games.
4) a complete overhaul of the slam's schedule ( OZ open moves to mid/late Feb because it is too hot, French to early May so there is a longer gap between it and Wimbledon, Wimbledon and US stay where they are.
5) longer grass season.This might encourage players to develop their net game and their slice.
6)More prizemoney at the bottom of the tour; less at the top. Really, this amount of money is great motivation of course and most players say they never think about the money but maybe there is a link between the lack of consistency at the top and the huge prize money on offer. When prize money was less, the top players were more consistent. On the other hand, maybe the increased prize money also means that more and better athletes play tennis and accounts for the increased depth. But the main problem I think with all the money in the game is it is becoming a business and not a game anymore. Makes me wonder if amateur sport was the ideal state for sport to be played in.
7)Coaches to develop their players to play more varied games. Seriously, the coaches need to help tennis here!
8) Penalties for coaching from the stands and NO on court coaching at all.For example, a supervisor could be watching the match on TV. He sees something that looks like coaching. He investigates it. He either contacts the umpire and alerts him or after the match, the player is fined.

What do you think should be done about any of these complaints?