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Aug 10th, 2009, 06:13 PM

I was not very active the last time because of my busy working schedule. Some fate I'm sharing with our Ros and I want to come back to her later.
I just want to make a clear statment about things are going on in our beloved forum. I think the time is right now.

I always appreciated the fact that our little JJ-forum was growing bigger and bigger. But I was pretty aware that everything always comes with a price. You know when I joined this forum in early 2007 we were pretty small and everything was more like a ghosttown. But it was little and nice and most important, it was well structured.;) We already had our big threads like the cheering one (btw, BIG thx for the founder, our wellknown and beloved ancient member Danilo:)), and we had the picture- and the news thread, too. And every thread was 100% dedicated to the topic. In the early days, if somebody wanted to see pictures or read the newest articles about Jelena he or she just had to enter the corresponding forum, because back then you only found what you were searching for, together with some posts to say thank you and stuff like that, which is 100% ok from my point of view. But over the past two years things developed into the wrong direction. Our threads were flooded with off-topic blablabla and I was not the only one who complained about this and called for more discipline. This was obviously not enough, because nothing changed which is sad and makes me angry. You know this is a free forum, but everyone should respect the threads and if you want to talk off-topic just stay inside the right thread. Nothing more and nothing less, right.;)
Talking about respect.......well, the main trigger to write this post were the things that happened in our pick thread. And to make it very clear, everyone should respect the work Ros had done for this thread and for our whole forum, too. It is a bloody shame that she was more and more confronted with some arguing about the picks. Everyone should be aware that this lady had done so much.....gave so much heartblood....spent so much time......not for her...not for JJ..............FOR YOU ladies and gentlemen.;) I'm not speaking as her advocat, but it makes me really mad to see how her work is not receiving the respect and the appreciation it deserves. Btw, she never asked for it, but right now I'm asking if some folks are too blind to see that this cannot be her priority number one in life. This is not paying her bills and god knows how busy she was and still is with her job. So nobody should take her work for granted, god damn. :oI was very pissed to read about her decision to stop doing it (and not only this I'm afraid....think for yourself what this could mean). And all this because of the fucking arguing about the picks. Like Johnny Mac would say: "You cannot be serious":fiery:

To make it short, I call for more discipline and respect my fellow friends and I hope this time it will find attentive ears. Thank you for your time.

GO JJ:bounce:

Just Do It
Aug 10th, 2009, 07:04 PM
To make it short, I call for more discipline and respect my fellow friends and I hope this time it will find attentive ears. Thank you for your time.