View Full Version : Another flaw in the ranking regarding Year End Championships...

Sep 13th, 2002, 12:09 AM
another reason that proves that the ranking system sucks is the situation with the year ending championships...
if you don't already know it will be held one week later than last year, so that means, points will expire a week earlier also...

this will primarily effect those who had success last year...
serena williams - 503 will most likely will be safe at number 1..BUT

lindsay davenport will lose 401 points, meaning she most likely will drop out of the top ten and whoever must play her will only get points for def. a top 11-20 player if they beat her...we all know that lindsay is a top four player...

and the other thing that sucks is that next year they will move it again to one week earlier, so it is possible to get double points for the same tournament, so whoever plays this year will only benefit...

Sep 13th, 2002, 12:24 AM
they may vote to drop off the year end championships rankings the week they come on just like they did in 2000 or 2001 when the schedule changed.

Sep 13th, 2002, 01:28 AM
the points will drop the same week they come on

Sep 13th, 2002, 02:47 AM
I'm glad it gets earlier and earlier. The WTA needs an off season! Hopefully this will prevent injuries. It will make the new year more exciting. Anticipating what shape/form a player is in. Did they work hard in the off season or just sit idle and watch the pounds grow? It will make the A.O. more exciting and hard to predict.

Hopefully the points will drop off the same week as others have mentioned.