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Sep 12th, 2002, 05:57 PM
Interesting article to say the least.


Too much, too young

She's quite good at tennis, but ambitious Alexandra Stevenson wants more. Music, acting, fashion - 'I plan being kind of like Jennifer Lopez'. Alexandra Jacobs reports

Sunday September 8, 2002
The Observer

I'm not just sitting twiddling my thumbs,' says Alexandra Stevenson, the thirty-second-best female tennis player in the world. It's a balmy August afternoon in New Haven, Connecticut, two days before the start of the Pilot Pen tournament - the preferred women's tune-up for the US Open - and Stevenson is eating a turkey burger at the Rainbow Café and describing her many ambitions.
'I have a whole plan,' she says. 'I plan being kind of like Jennifer Lopez: I want to do music and I want to do acting, and then I also love fashion. I want to go to NYU film school, but I want to be an actress - I always said I wanted to go to the Yale School of Drama - so it's kind of a Catch 22. There are so many things I want to do, it's kind of crazy.'

Stevenson's mother, Samantha, a loquacious former journalist, is sitting alongside and interjects that her daughter wouldn't mind a column in Vogue, either. 'We understand Anna Wintour [American Vogue's editor] is a tennis fan,' Mom says. Samantha Stevenson, who now works full-time as her daughter's travelling coach, general manager and public-relations consultant, was clutching a plastic shopping bag containing gifts for Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf's baby: a tiny Yale T-shirt and a copy of the book Make Way for Ducklings. The book's title was apt. That night Mr Agassi (32) would be soundly beaten in the semi-finals of a Washington DC tournament by James Blake, a 23-year-old dreadlocked Harvard dropout with a modelling contract and many corporate endorsements.

Though Agassi may be ending his run at the top of the rankings, his legacy is apparent. When the US Open started two weeks ago, New York City welcomed not so much players as artfully assembled media packages: the indomitable Williams sisters, who collect grand slams but speak of retiring to become fashion designers; Anna Kournikova, she of the Enrique Iglesias videos and pronounced title deficit; and upstarts such as Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish, who look like boy-band extras. Even Pete Sampras's brushed-steel brand is now maintained by the William Morris Agency.

The unofficial MC of the New York extravaganza is that cuddly best-selling author and crossover television personality, John McEnroe. Ms Stevenson's berth in this firmament, however, remains unfixed. Her star has dimmed somewhat since 1999, when she became the first player since McEnroe to make it to the semi-finals as a qualifier - at which point she was outed by a Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel reporter as the illegitimate daughter of basketball star Julius (Dr J) Erving. A brief, intense period of tabloid harassment was followed by a precipitous plummet in the rankings, and while she can now promenade the streets unpestered, it's hard to figure out whether she finds this a relief or a disappointment.

'People yell out, "Venus!" sometimes, and I'm like, "Hello, are you blind?"' says Stevenson, who is 6ft 1in and 11st 2lb. She turned 21 last December but has never had a real boyfriend or a real drink. 'I've tasted champagne, and that tastes nice,' she says.

Alexandra Stevenson was raised on the outskirts of La Jolla, a ritzy suburb of San Diego, and was put through the full ritzy-suburban battery of lessons and programmes: swimming, ballet, ice-skating, tap, jazz, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, softball, violin, piano, madrigals. Samantha Stevenson wanted her daughter to be cultured, regularly taking her to the theatre, which the two both pronounce 'the-ay-ter', with a bit of a flourish. 'I just used to run around the house singing, "Fame! I'm gonna live forever!"' says Alexandra. 'I wanted to be on Broadway.' Because her mother was a sportswriter, she also got to meet the old-time racket men Don Budge, Ellsworth Vines and Bobby Riggs (they all eventually gravitated to Hollywood, in their fashion). Her classic, all-court tennis game, with its one-handed backhand and feline service motion, strongly recalls that of Sampras, and that's because both players were coached in their formative years by Pete Fischer, a pediatrician who later served three years in jail after pleading guilty to child-molestation charges. He is still the Stevensons' main man. 'We don't talk about his "issues",' said Samantha Stevenson referring to the fact that Fischer's parole conditions mean that he cannot leave the state of California until the end of 2004.

Doctor Fischer assesses his protégée in a telephone interview. 'Her biggest asset by far is her power, which she needs to learn how to use and needs to learn to use more,' he says. 'She probably doesn't come to the net as much as she can, even now, in a relatively early stage of becoming a net player.' Asked to handicap the current women's field, he chuckles slightly and says: 'After Serena and Venus, or Venus and Serena? I think it's wide open. They're really playing a level above everybody else. They're athletes who happened to pick tennis as their vehicle, which is what I would like to see Alexandra become. She has the power to match them, and her strokes are prettier. What she doesn't do is move with them and get tough with them. I think it's psychological.'

To shore up Alexandra's mental reserves, the Stevensons have hired Kimball Joyce, a martial-arts consultant for the Mortal Kombat movies they know - half-reverently, half-amusedly - only as 'Sultan'. 'We think he worked with a sheikh,' says Samantha Stevenson. 'He does all the movie stars.' Alexandra has also worked with the fitness expert Gunnar Peterson, whose clientele, to Alexandra's considerable delight, includes Cris Judd, Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband, as well as Angelina Jolie. 'He's so Hollywood, so I of course loved it,' Alexandra says, applying shimmery pink lipgloss with a pinky. 'My Mom's going, "Alexandra, you don't need Hollywood right now - you need tennis!"'

An hour or so after lunch, Ms Stevenson is in little white short-shorts and a red tank top on a practice court across from her small, freckled hitting partner, Andy Stewart, a buddy of men's-tour hopeful Taylor Dent. As the athlete whomps out serve after 110mph serve, her mother - clad in blue clamdiggers, a white shirt and a big sun hat - scoots around, retrieving the occasional ball and stirring scoops of Dura Carb powder into bottles of water, then shaking them up with the practised air of one mixing formula for a baby.

'Her game is a slow-developing game,' Samantha Stevenson says. 'She has to work on keeping her power in. Return of serve - returning is huge these days. They all have two-handed backhands and they all hit the serve to her one-handed backhand... Alexandra, try to stay down! It's only a few more minutes.' Stewart's neck is turning pink in the sun. Mom goes over to dispense a bit of advice, and her daughter responds with mild petulance. There is a smattering of pre-adolescent boy fans in the stands, and one of them is hissing gently for no particular reason. Sssss... sssss...

Ms Stevenson nets a forehand. 'God, don't lose your grip,' she mutters. Samantha Stevenson returns to the sidelines. 'Alexandra's very opinionated,' she says. 'I was saying - it is so hot - I meant to say, "Simulate practice as if it's a match." I said "assimilate" instead of "simulate". She cracked. She said, "Mom, that's really stupid!" So I said, "Whatever!" and she said, "Whatever!"'

Their unorthodox coaching arrangement (not that any coaching arrangement in women's tennis seems entirely orthodox - one is always glimpsing pouty European Lolitas in hotel lobbies with older, fiercely tanned men and thinking: 'OK, why exactly do I feel uncomfortable about these two getting into the elevator together?') means that Stevenson tends not to socialise with the tour rank and file. 'We don't live or die by the tour, but these girls do,' says her mother. 'It's like the movie, A League of Their Own .' 'I think they want everyone... as sheep,' says Alexandra Stevenson. Sometimes a USTA coach comes and offers his input, but this help can be sporadic and listless.

As special preparation for the Open, where Stevenson has lost in the first round for four consecutive years, they have enlisted John Austin, the brother of former champion Tracy Austin, to provide exclusive guidance for as long as she lasts in the tournament. The importance of showbiz is not the only lesson the Stevensons have absorbed from an Andre Agassified tennis culture (years before she signed with Nike, Stevenson devised an on-court pirouetting backhand move she dubbed the 'Air Alex'). They also know that to buffer themselves against this most in-your-face of slams, they need to lock down a loyal entourage. 'It's important when you go into these big tournaments to have someone that you trust and will be on your court and not talking like a peacock, like he's the star,' says Ms Stevenson. 'That's happened in past years. Distracted, or drinking beer with his buddies - that's happened, too. You have to keep your team tight, not let them wander around.'

And Team Stevenson comes at a price. To date this year, Stevenson has collected $181,238 in prize money, most of which, she and her mother say, is spent on taxes and travelling and training fees. Dunlop provide her rackets. Nike supply active wear and shoes, but are not featuring her in any ads at the moment.

Stevenson resents the heavy-breathing media and endorsement attention given to Ashley Harkleroad, a Kournikova lookalike who is ranked 166th in the world but already has a Hollywood agent and prominent displays at Niketown. 'It's all blonde,' she says. 'It's stupid. I think it's a Marilyn Monroe complex of males 40 and up.' Carlos Fleming, a representative of the sports marketing firm IMG who has worked with Ms Stevenson, suggests that the burden of responsibility now falls on his client to keep herself in the public eye. 'It kind of goes in waves, you know,' he says. 'You'll get this first wave where someone says, "This is the next great player" and then maybe a year or so later, you may not hear as much. When they start to win, that's when that next major wave comes.' One senses the telltale vapour of the ubiquitous Nike swoosh creeping even into his speech.

Showered and massaged after practice, Stevenson is now at the wheel of a tournament-provided teal Chrysler PT Cruiser, which she likens to a 'big hearse'. She says she lusts for a silver convertible BMW. She has changed into grey tracksuit trousers, a white wraparound top and Gucci sunglasses. Last summer's hit, the Jennifer Lopez-Ja Rule song I'm Real, is on the CD player. Stevenson sings along, prettily. She is taking voice and dance lessons in the off-season. 'I like this song,' she says. 'I don't like this song,' pipes up Mom from the back seat.

Stevenson's pop-culture diet includes the full complement of women's magazines - she has impressive recall of the names of New York socialites - and the best-selling book The Nanny Diaries. 'I loved it, it was so good - though Mrs X was so mean, I wanted to hit her,' she says. She also liked Steve Martin's book Shopgirl, about a woman behind the glove counter at Neiman-Marcus. Naturally, she and her mother are planning a bestseller of their own. 'Our book is not going to be like those worthless tennis books that are spiteful and tell-all,' says Samantha Stevenson. 'We don't care about them.

The book will be experiences in life, travelling and meeting people, cities and our problems.' The two tell a long story in tandem - something about visiting the Vatican, jumping the queue and tying pashmina scarves around their waists to pass the modesty test at the door. There are little diamond crosses in each of Alexandra Stevenson's ears. She says she's a Christian and believes in God, which is one of the reasons she is fond of Beyoncé Knowles, the spiritual Destiny's Child singer and Austin Powers star. 'She's awesome,' she says. 'She's so big now... I think it will be really cool when I'm really famous and get to call up a designer and say, "Hi, I'm Alexandra Stevenson, can you send me this?" When I was in New York last, my mother called Kate Spade and she gave me 20 per cent off, so that was cool.' 'Thirty per cent off,' says her mother. 'She didn't call Marc Jacobs,' complains Stevenson. 'I did!' 'But she didn't get to talk to him... I think Marc Jacobs might do it for me,' says Stevenson dreamily. 'He wouldn't do it for me now. But if I win the US Open, he might.'

Alexandra Stevenson lost in the first round.

Sep 12th, 2002, 06:12 PM
OMG one more Pathetic article about alexandra and her mother.
omg i think she should,come back to reality!!!!!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Sep 12th, 2002, 06:21 PM

Sep 12th, 2002, 06:27 PM
How is Stevenson, ranked 32 without a title, "quite good at tennis," but Anna K, ranked 38 without a title but with substantial time spent in the Top Ten, a laughingstock?

Perhaps Alex should be breathing a sigh of relief that she isn't a WTA pin-up girl, eh?

Sep 12th, 2002, 06:31 PM
What I find funny is that anyone would confuse her with Venus, they look nothing alike, and play differently to boot. I have a hard time believing her when she says that people shout Venus at her all the time.

Cam'ron Giles
Sep 12th, 2002, 06:42 PM
I think that Alex overplays her friendship with Venus and Serena. I have never seen them togather, never seen her at one of their matches. I did see Venus at one of Alex's match at Wimbledon and poor Venus looked like she was being held hostage.

I like Alex but she really should grow up and have a clue. She sounds like a fucking nine year old...sad....

Sep 12th, 2002, 06:45 PM
That was hilarious! One can always count on Alexandra and Samantha to provide comedy relief for the tour!

the cat
Sep 12th, 2002, 06:57 PM
What is it asbout Hollywood that attracts these world class tennis players?

Free? Ouch! :eek:

The article had it's entertaining moments. But why is Alexandra think about Hollywood so much? It could be a distraction to he tennis.

And Hurley makes a good point about how Alex is lucky not to be a WTA pinup girl. Otherwise she'd be facing similar criticism to what Anna Kournikova regularly faces.

Sep 12th, 2002, 07:02 PM
Yeah, I read the article on Sunday in "The Observer". The pictures were great too :)

Sep 12th, 2002, 07:27 PM
Alex knows venus and serena from the juniors in california and they are all best freinds. i met alex in memphis event and told her to say hi to venus and she said "ok"

Cybelle Darkholme
Sep 12th, 2002, 07:32 PM
Maybe if her mother wouldn't treat her like a nine year old the woman can grow up. Jesus how can she have a boyfriend when her mother probably sleeps in the bed with her, follows her everywhere, and dresses her?


Did samantha teach herself tennis like richard or is she winging it? I swear she is a hindrance and she go home or at least hire a real coach like harold solomon.

Serena Miz Gully
Sep 12th, 2002, 08:25 PM
LOL! She is so triflin!

Sep 12th, 2002, 08:34 PM
Originally posted by YSL
Yeah, I read the article on Sunday in "The Observer". The pictures were great too :)
you're frickin' kidding me?!?! They found the most minging pictures of her I've ever seen . Was NOT a good advertisement. They were huge, especially so early in the morning.

The bit over the pictures were something along the lines of

At 21 she's never had a proper boyfriend nor a proper drink. "I've had a taste of champagne, I liked it a lot"

she sounded like a baby.

Sep 12th, 2002, 09:05 PM
She soooo over the TOP. She needs to stay low, win some important matches and then open her mouth again. Don't hate Ashley because she is capitalising on what is being thrown at her. You had your chance and blew it. Win some more and you might get another chance. I'm so sick of her. I use to be a fan, but after watching the way she treats players at the net who beat her...she is on my shit list. She needs to grow UP. She does everything with her mom...its disgusting. Last year I saw her at a Janet Jackson concert and her mom was their.

Sep 12th, 2002, 09:09 PM
Originally posted by veryborednow

you're frickin' kidding me?!?! They found the most minging pictures of her I've ever seen . Was NOT a good advertisement. They were huge, especially so early in the morning.

The bit over the pictures were something along the lines of

At 21 she's never had a proper boyfriend nor a proper drink. "I've had a taste of champagne, I liked it a lot"

she sounded like a baby.

I meant great as in they went with the whole tongue-in-cheekness of the article, not that they were flattering pictures of her :) Yunno, like how they were on about her own style of clothing ;)

Sep 12th, 2002, 09:16 PM
Her behavior after matches is something that has been putting me off her as well. Whenever she loses, she acts as if she is too good for the person that just beat her. I just wish that she would learn to be more grascious to the person that beat her.

Sep 12th, 2002, 09:44 PM
Also at the Open she refused to shake the ump' hand...blame everyone else for the loss except yourself.

Sep 12th, 2002, 11:01 PM
she's got the ass, but that's about it

Sep 12th, 2002, 11:01 PM
and Stevenson is eating a turkey burger at the Rainbow Café and describing her many ambitions

Well THERE'S her problem!:rolleyes:

Sep 13th, 2002, 12:44 AM
I know I am going to get in trouble for saying this but after reading this article, can you see why Dr. J did what he did?

I love how people complain about Richard Williams and how he treats his daughters. At least Venus and Serena are allowed to live like grown women and have boyfriends.

Sep 13th, 2002, 09:12 AM
well if she means the fact they both have a huge arse..other than that i dont see any other common things between the two! oh alex tries to sing ;)

Sam L
Sep 13th, 2002, 09:25 AM
Originally posted by GogoGirl
'I plan being kind of like Jennifer Lopez'

Ewww, Alex, why? :confused: She's got NO talent, girl... LOL

Sep 13th, 2002, 09:36 AM
Cybelle-Miss the avatar hon:) to answer your question about Samantha.

Like so many tennis parents she planned Alex's tennis career from day one. When Alex was about 2 mother and daughter were feautured in a World Tennis article. It was chilling to hear her go on about how she would turn out a tennis star.

I didn't think anything of that article until Wimbledon in 99. Looking back at that old article I think Samantha may have pulled some strings with her journalism connections to get that article published.

I'll credit Samamntha with this- Alex made it. If mom has inflicted any damage on her at least she can afford the psychiatrist!:)

Sep 13th, 2002, 10:12 AM
Never had a bf, eh?
Didn't say she was still a virgin. Likes to try and pick up guys (firemen) whenever she has the chance.

But what do expect from the offspring of a devious biatch who would seduce a celeberty and have a child in order to extort money and achieve some celeberty status herself.

King Aaron
Sep 13th, 2002, 11:01 AM

King Aaron
Sep 13th, 2002, 11:01 AM
oops.. it's suppose to be LMAO!!

Sep 13th, 2002, 02:47 PM
seeing as Alex and serena are playing doubles together there is definitely a connection between the two of them but i refuse to believe Alex and Venus are that close.

they may have been more friendly as juniors with a lot in common, but her attitude and behaviour is currently so different from Venus.

serena on the other hand is a bit more open and seeing as both are talking about hollywood and acting, has more in common with her, even then i would advise Serena to be careful around her.

IMO, Alex is like a loose wire.

in fact if she is not able to buckle down and get some good results in the next couple of years. i expect her to 'retire' from tennis as a bitter 'almost there/never been' and try (with the help of her mum's journalistic connections) to flog ' memoirs of a tennis star' which will probably involve 'quoting/misquoting' venus on every other line in order to make money.

Sep 13th, 2002, 03:39 PM
Originally posted by Freethinker82
I think that Alex overplays her friendship with Venus and Serena.

She actually mentions the sisters in every single interview. I guess it's the closest she'll ever get to tennis heaven.
and no, alexandra, nobody ever mistook you for venus. don't kid us. :rolleyes:
anyway, everybody who's older than 12 and STILL wants to be jennifer lopez has a fundamental problem. I don't even want to think about how her music would sound like... brrrrrrrrrrrr.... :mad:

Sep 13th, 2002, 03:51 PM
lol @ lizchris - yes, I think if anyone had made the mistake of their lives in conceiving a child with Samantha Stevenson, their reaction would to be run like hell. I saw the article about a week ago, complete with distressingly large pictures of Alexandra, and it was amusing then as well. Like Freethinker said, Alex harps on about her 'friendship' with the Williamses every chance she gets, whilst between them Venus and Serena have mentioned her approximately once. Ever. She still seriously believes she's gonna be a star? And she picks Jennifer Lopez, the vulgar, talentless chancer to end all vulgar, talentless chancers, as her role model? The Stevensons are a two-woman comedy show.

Sep 13th, 2002, 07:37 PM
Wow you guys are vicious. I do kind of feel sorry for Alex though. She has talent, but for some reason, something is keeping her back. (probably her mother, but I don't know much about her family) I think it might do her good to isolate herself from her mother at least for a while.

Maybe one of the old tennis pros can be a mentor for her. Or Richard williams can adopt another daughter;)

elektra 4 u
Sep 13th, 2002, 08:00 PM
I'm sure I saw Alexandra with Oracene Williams watching Venus play at some tournament earlier this year,think it was the Aussie Open.
Anyway Alex is still just a little girl who hasn't grown up yet.Her manners(or lack of them rather) on court explain that and it's all down to her mother holding her hand all the time.wish she'd give alex a break!

Sep 13th, 2002, 10:32 PM
She overestimates her looks...I see bug eyes and a bad overbite...

I know shame on me...

Sep 13th, 2002, 11:43 PM
She is not cute at all. The only reason u would look twice is because of her height. She needs to lose some pounds and stop thinking so much of herself and just play tennis. Plus her momma is UGLY. She is not aging gracefully. They say u should look at a womans momma to get an idea of what she will look like older and if I saw Alex's mom, I would run like hell. Her face is completely wrinkled, even around her lips. she looks like she is in her late 60's. Both her and Alex need an attitude adjustment and Alex needs a coach before time passes her bye.

Sep 14th, 2002, 01:41 AM
Please don't get me started on that fat ass bitch who is only famous because of her ass and the fact that Puffy made her an alleged singer.

the cat
Sep 14th, 2002, 01:47 AM
Rollo, great points about how Samantha has pulled the strings from day one. And Alexandra is her puppet. That World Tennis article is the proof. Her mother is living vicariously through Alex. And that's wrong.

And Tee, your comments are cold! :eek: True, but cold!

Sep 15th, 2002, 02:45 AM
It's like Alex and her mother are living in a fantasy world. They sound so superficial.

Sep 15th, 2002, 03:19 AM
These two women are the most annoying,stupid,dumb,angry at the world,B***....Ok so what Alexandra is a tennis player,they have no right whatsoever to treat people like they do,It makes me sick,they also get away with it.

Sep 15th, 2002, 03:54 AM
I really can't understand the level of animosity towards Alexandra. Her mother, yes. But Alexandra? I read the article and I thought she sounded like a regular girl with interests beyond just tennis.

Personally, I'd much rather have a conversation with Alexandra than more than half of the other players on a tour, who don't seem to have a clue about anything besides tennis.

Sep 15th, 2002, 04:53 AM
Jesus Christ, that article was was f**king hilarious! Alexandra and her gnarly assed momma are tripping, freaky wierd bee-ATCHES! I LOVED it!!!! My favorite parts are the delusions that Alex (read Samantha, can write a column for Vogue cause fellow bug eyed bee-ATCH Anna Wintour is a supposed tennis fan, and the fact that Samantha tries to call up big name designers to cop an embarrassing discount....you know these designers don't have a clue who Alexandra Stevenson is). Those two are a delusional humiliation.


Sep 15th, 2002, 05:23 AM
But Zummi, Alex doesn't have a clue in the world about anything, INCLUDING tennis.

Sep 15th, 2002, 05:51 AM
Well she is not stupid... she wants to be a Jennifer Lopez to have that boyfriend!

Sep 15th, 2002, 06:12 AM
I think Alex "wants" a little too much!

Sep 15th, 2002, 01:20 PM
I love how people complain about Richard Williams and how he treats his daughters. At least Venus and Serena are allowed to live like grown women and have boyfriends

Richard Williams appears to be MUCH smarter than Samantha Stevenson. He allows his daughters to have lives outside of tennis and to decide what they want to do rather than controlling their lives. Venus and Serena are mature and confident. Alex is neither.

If I remember correctly, Alex was born when her mother was nearly 40 years old. Apparently Alex has been the only thing in Samantha's life for the past 21 years. They even slept in the same bed until Alex was 15 or so. At least I think I read that somewhere. Alex needs to breath but her mother refuses to allow her to. They both need some psychotherapy.:rolleyes: The sooner, the better.

That article was very revealing and the writer was laughing at Alex and her mother. I read it twice and it made me very sad.:sad: Alex desperately needs to get some sort of REAL VISION for her future, not just some vague "I want" ramblings. Either she's a tennis player or she's Jennifer Lopez. She can't be both. (Actually, she can't be either since she has no talent in either direction. But that's another thread.)

By the way, really FAMOUS people always get discounts from designers. Famous people rarely pay full price for anything. They are nearly always given 20-30% off.:cool: (That's usually what the employee discount is.) I seriously doubt any designer knows Alex Stevenson but if she whines enough they might agree to a discount just to shut her up.:o She got the Nike contract after personally calling Phil Knight. I doubt she gets any money from them, just the free clothes. If she doesn't start winning she might not even get that. :mad: Nike doesn't need Alex Stevenson. The final four men players at the Open all wore Nike. Who needs Alex Stevenson?

Sep 15th, 2002, 01:37 PM
Richard Williams never gets the credit he deserve on how great his daughters turned out (the give most or all of the credit to Oracene) and itis sad. Meanwhile, the same media don't criticize parents like Samantha Stevenson who smother their children and hinder whatever sucess they can get. I was not aware that Samantha was in her late thrities when she had Alexandra, but that would explain why she chose not to get an abortion. I also think it is sick that Alex apparently slept with ther mother until she was a teenager. Talk about not being able to cut the apron strings!!

If Alex ever wants any sucesss in tennis, she's better get a new coach. And fast! Maybe Richard is available.

Jul 15th, 2012, 11:06 AM
Ten years later. Still priceless :drool:

Jul 15th, 2012, 12:01 PM
I thought the article was from 2012, until they mentioned the ranking :lol:

Jul 15th, 2012, 12:08 PM
I thought the article was from 2012, until they mentioned the ranking :lol:
I thought the same thing at first, I was puzzled that some could take to write an article about Stevenson future.. which is already behind her

Jul 15th, 2012, 12:19 PM
Trust Spiceboy to dig out some Alexandra Stevenson comedy-gold from the TF archives. :oh:

Jul 15th, 2012, 12:22 PM
I thought the article was from 2012, until they mentioned the ranking :lol:

Same here. I'm like WTF? :confused:

Jul 15th, 2012, 12:26 PM
Trust Spiceboy to dig out some Alexandra Stevenson comedy-gold from the TF archives. :oh:


This is my all-time favorite :sobbing:


Jul 15th, 2012, 12:56 PM
If only she had gotten a good psychologist on time...

Jul 15th, 2012, 12:58 PM
Jennifer Lopez type tennis player, right?


Jul 15th, 2012, 01:02 PM
I thought the article was from 2012, until they mentioned the ranking :lol:

Me too ::lol:
For a moment I was like, wait.. do they mean the thirty second highest ranked American player?? :spit: