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Jul 7th, 2009, 08:44 AM
TOP 200 stats

In red, girls who are under 20

CIBULKOVA Dominika –Czech Republic -20 y.o –former best ranking:13 –NEW:12
RAZZANO Virginie –France -26 y.o –former best ranking:23 –NEW:17
LISICKI Sabine –German -19 y.o –former best ranking:37 –NEW:26
VESNINA Elena –Russia -22 y.o –former best ranking:37 –NEW:34
CZINK Melinda –Hungary -27 y.o –former best ranking:54 –NEW:52
WICKMAYER Yanina –Belgium -19 y.o –former best ranking:56 –NEW:55
HRADECKA Lucie –Czech Republic -24 y.o –former best ranking:57 –NEW:56
GROTH Jarmila –Australia -22 y.o –former best ranking:64 –NEW:57
COIN Julie –France -26 y.o –former best ranking:64 –NEW:62
MORITA Ayumi –Japan -19 y.o –former best ranking:65 –NEW:64
SHVEDOVA Yaroslava –Kazakhstan -21 y.o –former best ranking:70 –NEW:65
BARROIS Kristina –Germany -27 y.o –former best ranking:68 –NEW:67
RADWANSKA Urszula –Poland -18 y.o –former best ranking:71 –NEW:69
OUDIN Melanie –USA -17 y.o –former best ranking:123 –NEW:70
LARCHER DE BRITO Michelle –Portugal -15 y.o –former best ranking :90 –NEW :76
MALEK Tatjana –Germany -21 y.o –former best ranking :81 –NEW :80
HERCOG Polona –Slovenia -18 y.o –former best ranking:113 –NEW:89
VOEGELE Stefanie –Switzerland -19 y.o –former best ranking:99 –NEW:95
SEVASTOVA Anastasija –Latvia -19 y.o –former best ranking:121 –NEW:105
DIATCHENKO Vitalia –Russia -17 y.o –former best ranking:117 –NEW:107
KUCOVA Kristina –Slovakia -19 y.o –former best ranking:147 –NEW:116
SILVA Neuza –Portugal -26 y.o –former best ranking:142 –NEW:134
KULIKOVA Regina –Russia -20 y.o –former best ranking: 153 –NEW:137
KUSTOVA Darya –Belorussia -23 y.o –former best ranking:165 –NEW:153
BRENGLE Madison –USA -19 y.o –former best ranking:188 –NEW:163
BEGU Irina Camelia –Romania -18 y.o –former best ranking:170 –NEW:164
ROGOWSKA Olivia –Australia -18 y.o –former best ranking:198 –NEW:178
HAN Xinyun –China -19 y.o –former best ranking:195 –NEW:189
TETRAULT Valerie –Canada -21 y.o –former best ranking:209 –NEW:195
KLASCHKA Carmen –Germany -22 y.o –former best ranking:171–NEW:169
KUCOVA Zuzana –Slovakia -26 y.o –former best ranking:172 –NEW:171

My comments:

Virginie RAZZANO: New career high for the most in-form French during the last couple of months. Virginie is breaking the Top 20 after reaching the 4th rd at Wimbledon 09 (2nd 4th rd in a row after Roland Garros). After a final at Birmingham which boosted her confidence, she was stopped to tough n°43 Schiavone.

Sabine LISICKI: Is Sabine the next big thing from Germany? However, Sabine is on the good way as she’s breaking the Top 30 before her 20. At Wimbledon, she made her ever best run in a GS as she reached the QF. During her London journey, she ousted 32nd seed/n°30 Chakvetadze, 5th seed/n°5 Kuznetsova and 9th seed/n°10 Wozniacki. She lost in 3 sets to Top seed/n°1 Safina.

Jarmila GROTH: At 19 y.o in 2006, Jarmila was cracking the Top 70. The last 2 years, she was struggling with her confidence, changed her nationality and she’s been playing her ever best tennis since the beginning of the year. She’s now breaking the Top 65 after reaching the 2nd rd at Wimbledon 09 with a good victory over n°48 Safarova before falling to 2nd seed/n°2 and eventual winner Serena Williams.

Yaroslava SHVEDOVA: New career high for Yaroslava. In march, Yaroslava was down at around n°130. Since the spring, she recovered and is now breaking a new career high after reaching the 2nd rd at Wimbledon 09 losing to rising US teen n°124 Oudin.

Melanie OUDIN: What a dream for one of the most promising US teen! In a way, she could remind us Harkleroad. As a qualifier, she made it to the 4th beating 26th seed/n°29 Bammer and above all 6th seed/n°6 Jankovic before resisting well against 11th seed/n°14 Agnieszka Radwanska. With this result, she’s having a dramatic rise in the world ranking. With her new status as n°70, she’ll have to adapt herself on the WTA Tour and say good bye to Challengers.

Michelle LARCHER DE BRITO: As expected her grunting made noise in the pacefull Wimbledon area. However, she’ once again rising in the world ranking reaching the 2nd rd, losing in 2 tie-break to fierce n°43 and eventual Quarter finalist Schiavone.

Polona HERCOG: Week after week, Polona is breaking new record! This week is an important one for Polona as she’s breaking the Top 100. There’s no question that if she keeps playing like that, she’s on the way to become a dangerous rookie on the WTA Tour. In Wimbledon qualies, she made it to the 2nd rd. But last week, she captured her 4th Challenger of the year (out of 8 in her career) at Cueno $100K. As 7th seed, she overpowered all of her opponents without dropping a set and did the same way in final vs 6th seed/n°102 Lepchenko.

Anastasija SEVASTOVA: Anastasija is up more than 15 places this week. 1rst, she succeeded to qualify for the main draw falling to n°73 Kateryna Bondarenko. The week after, she made it to the QF at Cueno $100K beating 3rd seed/n°96 Gallovits en route before losing to 7th seed/n°113 Hercog.

Vitalia DIATCHENKO: New career high for the lovely double handed both sides teen from Russia. She’s up 10 spots after reaching the 2nd rd at Wimbledon qualies falling to n°154 Silva.

Kristina KUCOVA: Huge progression for Kristina too. 1rst, she reached the Wimbledon Main draw as a lucky loser. In the qualies, she ousted 8th seed/n°98 Petkovic before losing to 15th seed/n°124 Oudin. She was the lucky one to get a place in the main draw as lucky loser, where she beat another qualifier n°224 but former n°47 Nakamura. She lost to 17th seed/n°17 Mauresmo.

Regina KULIKOVA: At 20 y.o ranked around n°150, when you’re belonging to Russia, you’re pretty anonymous. However, Regina’s breaking the Top 140 after a nice at Wimbledon 09. She reached the main draw 3rd rd as a qualifier upsetting n°98 Sprem and 27th seed/n°31 Kleybanova. 4th seed/n°4 Dementieva and eventual semi-finalist was too strong and stopped her magic run.

Darya KUSTOVA: New career high for Darya. 1rst, she reached the final rd at Wimbledon qualies ousting 13th seed/n°121 Rodina before losing to 12th seed/n°126 Sevastova. The week after, she made it to the 2nd rd at Cueno $100K falling to 8th seed/n°115 Brianti.

Madison BRENGLE: Nice progression for the young American talent who follows Oudin’s steps. At Wimbledon, she reached the final rd of the qualies falling to 3rd seed/n°101 Malek. Then she took a flight back to her home land to make the SF at Boston $50K losing to Top seed/n°141 and eventual winner Krajicek.

Olivia ROGOWSKA: The Australian promising teen keeps rising. She’s up 20 spots after making to the final round at Wimbledon qualies upsetting 19th seed/n°128 Meusburger. She lost to n°191 Kulikova.

Valerie TETRAULT: Starting the year out of the Top 350, Valerie is breaking the Top 200 despite 2 disappointing results. 1rst, at Waterloo $25K, she made it to the 2nd rd losing to n°795 Will and a QF at Boston $50K falling to n°468 Riske.

FASTER MOVEMENTS IN THE TOP 10, 20, 50, 100, 150 and 200:

Top 10:
No change

TOP 20:
Virginie RAZZANO n°17 (+5): see above

TOP 50:
Sabine LISICKI n°26 (+15) and Francesca SCHIAVONE n°28 (+15):
Sabine: see above.
Francesca, former n°11, has been dropping in the world ranking ranking since 2 years…to finish around n°50 in march. The grass season gave her new hope and after a SF at S’Hertogenbosch, she kept playing with confidence to reach her 3rd QF in GS at Wimbledon. During that fortnight, she ousted 23rd seed/n°21 Wozniak, 12th seed/n°11 Bartoli and 26th seed/n°23 Razzano before losing to 4th seed/n°4 Dementieva. She doesn’t have to much points to defend within the end of the year…maybe she could come back to the Top 20.

TOP 100:
Melanie OUDIN n°70 (+54): see above.

TOP 150:
Aranxta PARRA SATONJA n°149 (+57):
In September 2004 at 21 y.o, Aranxta was at her best climbing at n°52. Her double handed both sides ground strokes were causing damages on the court. In 2003 and 2004, she finished the year in the Top 70. In 2005, she started to decline and fall at n°359 at the end of 2008. Last year, she decided to play double seriously (with a career high in the Top 60). I do believe that it helps her to develop skills to play single. The result is that Aranxta is back to the Top 150 after reaching the 2nd rd as a qualifier at Wimbledon beating n°47 Tanasugarn in the 1rst rd before losing to n°38 Sugiyama.

TOP 200:
Aiko NAKAMURA n°192 (+32):
Another double handed both sides player is on the spotlight this week. Between 2005 and 20073, Aiko finished the year inside the Top 80 with a career high at n°47 in august 2007. Before Wimbledon, Aiko was ranked n°224. She’s back in the Top 200 after qualifying for Wimbledon 09 upsetting in form up coming talent 17th seed/n°113 Hercog. In the main draw 1rst rd, she lost to another double handed both sides teen LL n°143 Kristina Kucova.


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And there's more career-highs this week out of the top 200:bounce:
EX: Kalashnikova, Mueller, Georgatou

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