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Sep 11th, 2002, 09:29 PM
From Yahoo.com

BERLIN (Reuters) - World number one Serena Williams will be the main attraction of the Leipzig women's tennis tournament starting on September 23, organisers have said.

Serena, who beat sister Venus in the U.S. Open final on Saturday, is lined up to play both singles and doubles on her first appearance in the eastern German city.

Her doubles partner will be fellow American Alexandra Stevenson, who reached the semi-finals at Wimbledon in 1999.

Three other top 10 players, Yugoslavia's Jelena Dokic and Belgians Justine Henin and Kim Clijsters, are in the singles draw for the $585,000 event

:eek: :eek:

Sep 11th, 2002, 10:22 PM
I cant believe this, Serena to play doubles and not with Venus!
what happened to " i only play doubles with Venus".
anyway, this should be interesting!

Cam'ron Giles
Sep 11th, 2002, 10:30 PM

Ted of Teds Tennis
Sep 11th, 2002, 11:49 PM
I think it would be good for all involved if Serena and Venus ever decide they want to play doubles with people other than each other (assuming of course, that it's not at tournament where they might have to face each other!).

BTW: Did I see Serena on the commitment list for both Tokyo *and* Leipzig? That's a lot of travel! :eek:

Sep 12th, 2002, 12:01 AM
Many other players will play both Tokyo and Leipzig, they go from Brazil, till Japan and back till Europe, If they don't wanna fly they can't play tennis, and also I remember last year I saw Iva Majoli in Leipzig the day after she played in Canada

Cybelle Darkholme
Sep 12th, 2002, 12:18 AM
venus better call martina n right now! I think this is great! I mean they have already won a career grandslam together so why not pick other partners. It was so juvenille to say "I only play with my sister."

Sep 12th, 2002, 12:19 AM
Yeah Alex's first title:D :bounce:

Sep 12th, 2002, 12:22 AM
LOL @ Wizkid. Anyway, this does not shock me. Alex/Serena/Venus are all best friends. Obviously Rena is going to want to play doubles with Alex because she doesn't always get the opportunity.

Sep 12th, 2002, 12:29 AM
mboyle I don't think the fact that serena and alex are playing together as a shock but the fact that serena is playing doubles in a tier 2 event I mean when was the last time she played anything other than a grandslam doubles event. she must have so much confidence in herself that she can play doubles and still win in singles.

Dawn Marie
Sep 12th, 2002, 12:35 AM
Whoo Hoo go Serena and go Alex, do your thang.:) This is so great! Serena has loads of confidence, it seems that she wants to work on her net game. Scary as hell cause when she improves her volleys she'll be even more devastating!!

Go Alex learn from Serena and improve in singles.:) Get the title!!:)

Sep 12th, 2002, 01:01 AM
Is there gonna be any TV??? :confused:

Sep 12th, 2002, 02:05 AM
The doubles thing is interesting. I'll believe it when it happens.

Crazy Canuck
Sep 12th, 2002, 05:26 AM
If this happens, it would be a great experience for Alexandra.

Sep 12th, 2002, 06:09 AM
i'm with you shooter.

Mateo Mathieu
Sep 12th, 2002, 07:18 AM
Finally!! :D