View Full Version : Greek Players To Retire

Jun 27th, 2009, 07:04 PM
Two Greek NTT players, Konstantinos Economidis and Anna Gerasimou have retired from NTT. Together, they will open up a tennis academy in Thessaloniki, Greece. Economidis was born there and currently resides there. Gerasimou was born in Kavala, a city not too far from Thessaloniki, but moved to Athens for better tennis facilities. She will relocate to Thessaloniki now. Economidis, 31, stated "I am just too old for this game. I can't compete with these guys anymore. I work out more than ever now, but my body just can't move like it used to. I am very excited about opening up the academy in Thessaloniki with Anna". Gerasimou, 21, said "I have lost my motivation. I don't love this game like I used to. Yes, I love it, but I'd rather teach kids tennis this way. I am very stressed out on the NTT. This way will be much more relaxing. I think that in the future I will probably make a comeback to the NTT tour, but for now I need a break. I'm also having a lot of medical problems, as I have athsma. Once again, I may be back in the future, but I'm not promising anyone anything".

Jun 27th, 2009, 07:36 PM