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Jun 20th, 2009, 01:05 PM
well there is, believe it or not, an entire website that talks about just that:


What will you do with Neck of State if we ever elect a female president?

It is our hope that the United States will someday see a female president. Neck of State is happy to chronicle all presidential neck wear, including, but not limited to, neck ties, bow ties, necklaces, scarves, band collars, chokers, and leis, without regard to the gender of the person wearing them.

What if a nudist was elected?

Sometimes what someone doesn’t wear can be just as telling as what they do wear.

It seems as though President Obama wears a wider variety of ties than George W. Bush wore (mostly just solid red and blue), and maybe even than Bill Clinton wore. Is that true?

Neck of State does not have access to comprehensive neck wear data for presidents before Barack Obama. Anecdotal evidence does suggest that President Obama wears a wider variety of ties, but often ties have subtle patters that are hard to discern from low-resolution photographs.

What about the neck wear of other members of the Obama administration?

Neck of State is devoted to cataloging the neck wear of the Commander-in-Chief, but sometimes his colleagues’ neck wear choices do stick out. If you see a neck tie you think should be posted on Neck of State, please email it to head at this domain dot com.

What tie knots does Obama prefer?

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Newsweek reported that Obama used the four-in-hand knot more often than others, and Neck of State believes that he has continued to favor this knot since taking office. The four in hand is easier to tie than the full- or half- windsor, and thus the most appropriate tie for a President focused on drastic change in Washington now, rather than fussing with his neck wear in the morning.

Where does President Obama purchase his neck ties?

Unfortunately we do not know where the President purchases his ties. Neck of State is committed to providing accurate information about the President’s neck ties, and we will not report information about where he makes his purchases unless it comes from a well-connected, reliable source.

You said that that the President wore a “new” neck tie on [date], but I saw him wearing that tie last year on [previous date]. Did you miss it?

Neck of State only catalogs Presidential neck wear. If you saw then Senator Obama wearing a neck tie before he was sworn into office, then it was, by definition, not Presidential neck wear. Otherwise, if you have evidence that one of our tie identifications is not accurate, please let us know at head at this domain dot com.