View Full Version : Venus & Serena dominating tennis! Other players don't stand chance!

Sep 9th, 2002, 01:38 AM
Serena winning three majors in a row of four in a year. Venus getting to three major finals. Serena winning all four matches against Crappy this year(4-0), the one she used to struggle last year with. I must say that I am proud Venus has reached the final, and not playing her best tennis all tourny, she still competed amazingly.
Monica will surely retire, hopefully, because she don't stand a chance. Jennifer also, I mean, she keeps losing to players she shouldn't be, and the ones she should be losing to(Venus and Serena) she doesn't even reach so far.
Granted, Amelie is a great player, but Jennifer used to beat her. She has 1, ONE TITLE THE WHOLE YEAR, that is not impressive, especially not winning it beating a Williams.
Kim, what the hell happened to her?
Justine, struggling with confidence and injury.
Jennifer, ran out of gas, becomes burn-out after winning AO.
Jelena, she can't beat anything that is top 10, yet she is in the top 5 by playing 43908257485 tournies in a year.
Only player that I think is the closest to Williams' is Daniela, she is very hard working, but needs to add weight to that 50 GRAM body of hers.
Martina, Martina who?
Lindsay, needs to lose weight more, needs to get fitter more, and needs to pray a lot, and even then she loses.
Let's get real, Lindsay will be behind in every department of arsenal to the #1 and #2 players.

I just pray the sisters stay healthy, and with that a Williams will win every major in the year next year.
and next, and next, and next................................etc........... ...

Crazy Canuck
Sep 9th, 2002, 01:56 AM
What happened to you leaving the board forever? :o :wavey:

I'm sure you posted about that somewhere already and I just didn't see it :)

I prefer to look at the situation a little more positively. The Williams sisters are both playing tennis so good that we haven't quite seen anything like it... the sort of thing we only have the privilage to see once or twice every generation.

The other players are going to have to get better and better in order to beat them.

They are raising the bar, which in the end will be great for womens tennis.

So as opposed to raving about how no one can beat them and everyone sucks compared to them or whatever, I prefer to look at it that way.

Sep 9th, 2002, 02:10 AM
I love Venus. I kinda like Serena. (i'll like her more after I get over the Open final.) Nonetheless, I seem to recall that both lost matches this year, and not to each other. Certainly Kim Clijsters, Justine Henin, Monica Seles, Patty Schnyder and Chanda Rubin might just want to hang around a bit. And Amelie probably thinks she played Venus tough in the USOpen semis.

Venus and Serena are doing their best to improve women's tennis, by encouraging everyone to play better. And some are answering the call.

It's all good.

Sep 9th, 2002, 02:14 AM
the thread should be re-named: "Serena dominating trennis! Other players (Venus included) don't stand chance!" ;)
makes more sense, but i am not agree at all:cool: