View Full Version : Eastbourne a mess!

Jun 18th, 2009, 04:04 AM
Well all I can say is what I have already uttered....this tournament is proving that once again the WTA is starless at the moment....when you think a certain player has finally got their act together..she "bombs" out in the next game...there is absolutely NO consistency being shown by any of the top ten players let alone the younger contenders....it's just a puzzling mess.... http://forum2.hingis.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/cry.gif I don't think I've ever felt so unexcited about Wimbledon this year and it is my favorite Grand Slam, let's hope the ATP will save the day once more with their quality tennis and promising rivalries!! Boo, to the gals! http://forum2.hingis.org/forums/style_emoticons/default/sad.gif


Jun 18th, 2009, 04:05 AM
ATP has always been better than WTA in terms of quality.

Rarely do the women excite us with classic matches, especially these days.

However, the story lines are generally more exciting with the WTA.

Jun 18th, 2009, 04:20 AM
Well thankfully there's still one star left at Eastbourne... My girl Caro :inlove:

But yeah, it's kind of disturbing how none of the top female players have been able to play well consistently :help:

Jun 18th, 2009, 05:37 AM
yes that#s right, it shows how weak the top players are nowadays, or it is more depth?

Atp is more exciting without any doubts

hope sharapova and kim can change it a little bit (Ana, Elena and Jelena are not able in the moment)

Jun 18th, 2009, 07:57 AM
The first year I went to Eastbourne I saw a raft of stars including Justine, Nicole, Elena, Marion, Nadia, Amelie. And I don't accept that the ATP has always been better. I just think we're going through a sea change on the WTA and ever the optimist I hope it will turn around in the next year or so.