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Sep 8th, 2002, 06:13 PM
The rankings bear heavily on this, but aren't my sole criteria.
Number of tournaments played is a factor too.
Recent results mostly outweigh earlier.

MY - My ranking
RK - WTA ranking
[tr] NUmber of tournaments played in last 12 months

MY RK [tr]
01 01 Serena [11] I'll comment when i forgive her.
02 02 Venus [14] Clearcut #2. Damn that hurts.
03 03 Capriati [16] Still #3.

The three straight losses to Mauresmo cloud the
record. Take out the Venus, Serena, and Amelie
and she's beaten every top player she's faced
except the loss to Henin at Berlin.
And she's beaten her since.
She won a GS. That has to count for something.

Now it gets messy.
I could rank nine players in tie for #4.

04 07 Mauresmo [18]

I don't really like putting Amelie this high.
But she's played brilliantly this summer.
And, if you look at who's behind her, she's
played better than all of them the past few
And I'm only moving her up three spots.

05 09 Davenport [09]

Played Serena tough.
Beat Dokic, Mauresmo and Rubin since
her return.

06 12 Rubin [13]

Two Tier II wins this summer.
Nice job vs Venus
Flavor of the month

07 05 Seles [16]

Don't like dropping her this far.
But her biggest tour wins in 2002 are
Tier III's. I think she's still a top
five Player. She's just not back to
full strength.

08 04 Dokic [28]

Why Dokic ahead of Hantuchova?
Only four more tournaments, but 900
more points. Daniela averages about
100 points a tournament. Give her
four tournaments more points, she's
still waaaaay behind Jelena.

09 08 Clijsters [20]


10 11 Hantuchova [24]

Too high? Probably. Like where
I put Amelie, this is more an
indictment of of the players behind

11 06 Henin [23]

Possessed by demons?
Where's her consistency?
This is probably a spot or two low,
but I couldn't put her in the top 8.

12 10 Hingis [12]

Like Monica, not fully recovered.
Top 8 by end-of-year.
By WB '03, #4?

BTW. Remember how the Williamses were 'part-time players'?
Serena is #1 with only ELEVEN tournaments.
In fact, of the top 12 players, seven of them have fewer
than 17 tournaments.