View Full Version : First just let me say that....

Sep 8th, 2002, 07:23 AM
I am extremely disappointed that Venus lost. I really believe she wanted it badly but Serena, apparently, had other ideas.

People aways talk about great strikers of the ball, I think Lindsey is great but I really think that Serena has always been good. Watch how effortlessly she can hit the serve and fore hand, especially when she is not trying to muscle it. Let's see - she has variety, speed, confidence, a fab serve, great back hand, very good fore hand (better than Venus's), terrific angles and a slamming bod! Cripes, who is gonna beat her? :(

I have not seen the match, I was out all night but they had the match on at this place called Jullian's on several tv's, and people were watching. I only really saw them hugging at the net and saw that only two sets had been played.

Venus really has to up her game, especially her serve, she will not be happy being second tier. Still I need to see the match to figure out what went wrong with my queen. Venus is a fighter and I hope she continues to improve, especially her serve.

Fight Venus, Fight!!!