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Sep 7th, 2002, 12:12 PM
*Welcome to ATP/WTA Big Brother's penultimate and 13th Eviction. After tonight the house will be down to two finalists, with two days remaining. This eviction is the most heart wrenching yet, as we have grown to know and love these housemates intimately over the last three months. One must go, who will it be? *

The Casanova, who brings all women to their needs, Marat….

Bubbling, victory hungry, Martina….

or possibly the nicest girl in the world, Kim….

*After 5 days of voting the poll has now closed. The results are in. After a poll which epitomises the . Everyone is silent. The housemates are anxious, waiting in fear and excitement.*

*I have just been handed the envelope and will put the housemates out of their misery. *



*Martina had braced herself for this, but the realisation that she was to leave the house after so many weeks, shocks her. She covers her mouth and her eyes water; “I’m gone!”

*A voice comes over the house. "This is Big Brother. Martina you have 20 seconds to leave the house...19...18....17...16...15....14"*

*Martina receives a huge hug from Kim, who she had grown ever close to over the past couple of weeks. Kim whispers to her; “I guess I will be seeing you in a couple of days”. Marti smiles through her teary eyes. She then reserves a hug for Marat, “This is it boy, make the most of it” He grabs her suitcase and he and Kim head over to farewell her from the giant door*

*"7....6.....5....4....3...2...The Siren Sounds. Kim and Marat scream goodbyes as Martina leaves the house.*

* Martina is packed into a buggie and heads to the studio. Martina yells from outside the compound; “You two better behave yourselves…” Marat laughs; “Don’t worry Marti, we will!” The two remaining housemates hug*

*Once in the studio, Martina’s jaw drops as she sees the gigantic, tumultuous crowd applauding her. She wipes the tears from her cheeks and her expression turns from apprehensive to her trademark grin. She waves to the crowd. Once brought back to the sofa, Martina is shown the percentages for her eviction *

KIM 33%

*Martina smiles “Looks like my time was really up, huh? I can’t complain, sure I wanted to win, I think you all saw that *laughs*, but those are the breaks ”

*She is then asked the famous big brother questions*

What did you miss most while in the house?
I think I am a person who just loves to be around new experiences, new people. After the first couple of weeks when the novelty wore off, I think I just missed the unpredictability of being a normal life. In there it is pretty much, sleep, survive, talk around the pool…it gets a bit frustrating sometimes.

Who was your fave person in the house?
I’d have to say its between Jenn and Juan Carlos. Jenn was my best friend, we had a lot in common. As for Juan Carlos….well you all know what he was *laughs*

What is your biggest regret from your time in the house?
I don’t like to have regrets, but I did feel very bad about the way I acted a few weeks ago. It was difficult for me, with Jenn and Monica leaving and all. I went a little bit nuts and may have offended some people, I didn’t mean to.

Least favourite person?
I hate these questions…..ummmm….Venus, maybe? Just because I didn’t get to know her like the other housemates.

Laziest Person?
That definitely goes to Marat, although yesterday he finally did some work on the time capsule *laughs*

Funniest Person?
Goran, for sure, I thought that he could be a stand up comedian *laughs*

Person you could most fall in love with?
*laughs* Well these last three questions have been easy *laughs* This one is definitely Juan Carlos *giggles*

*Is shown footage of herself with Juan Carlos, from their first kiss at the truth/dare party, to the early morning sky-gazing at dawn, to their final raunchy late night Jacuzzi*

*smiles* They were great times. I definitely cannot wait to catch up with him now that I am out of the house *audience sighs, Martina smiles*

Person with the most annoying habit?
I think I must have had the most annoying habit, considering i was nominated pretty much every week. *laughs* Now if I could just figure out what it was....

Who will win?
Oh, I just can’t say. I’d say either Kim or Marat *laughs* Well, they are both great people, but I have to go with the girl power! GO KIMMY!!!

*This is goodnight from the Big Brother Complex. The lines will now open for the final eviction, and will be open for two days only. On Monday, the final eviction will take place and the winner of ATP/WTA Big Brother 2002 will be revealed! STAY TUNED - THIS IS DRAMA NOT TO BE MISSED

Sep 7th, 2002, 12:16 PM
yay! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: Martina is OUT!

Sep 7th, 2002, 12:22 PM
oh martina :sad:

Sep 7th, 2002, 01:04 PM
lol :wavey: Marti! :p

Shuji Shuriken
Sep 7th, 2002, 02:02 PM
Hell yeah!!!!!! C'mon!!!!!!