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Sep 7th, 2002, 12:59 AM
..to beat the williams'

1. JCap- Improve that serve
2. Lindsay Davenport- Its all about the confidence, when your 5-3 or 5-2 ahead, you need to close out, not lose the rest of the games
3. Monica Seles- Drop 10 pounds; Improve that serve
4. Amelie Mauresmo- Convert, convert, convert
5. Martina Hingis- Get confidence back, IMPROVE THAT SERVE
6. Jelena Dokic- Dont defeat yourself before walking on court; Imrpove that Serve
7. Justine Henin- Play the big points well
8. Kim Clijsters- Dido
9. Chanda Rubin - Your right there, just improve that serve

The BIG Diffrence is that Serve. None of the above, NONE can pop out a 117 118 120 serve at will. Especially with vee's serve at 126 this tournament, thats a BIG message. Thats why Monica lost 2 and 3 Venus was serving too well. The girls gotta get bigger serves.

Sep 7th, 2002, 01:10 AM
yada yada yada.......like Sunshine Anderson, "I heard it all before".

Sep 7th, 2002, 01:35 AM
Chanda, Amelie, Patty and Kim have given the rest of the tour all the video tape they need about how to at least be competitve with Venus and Serena. Lindsay made a match of it too, so if your baseline power game is big enough, you can still go that route.

Sep 7th, 2002, 01:42 AM
I still maintain that Kim's problem is lack of consistancy and too many unforced errors, but she has been improving.
Amelie is playing really well at the moment...beating Kim, then Jennifer and following it up with a good fight against Venus. I thnk she is the biggest threat to the Williams sisters at the moment.

Sep 7th, 2002, 01:59 AM
Amelie can serve 110 mphs all day. Her problem is upping the first serve %age.

The rest really DO need to get bigger serves (especially Martina). They just cannot afford to be giving so many free points away. More confidence on their serve would also up their confidence over-all.

Sep 7th, 2002, 02:27 AM
I think you can't discount the style of play. That change pace-height-depth-spin-velocity all court game require considerable athleticism, a wide variety of shots, enough pace to hit outright winners, real good conditioning and good volleys. It messes up every power player who faces it, which is why Chanda and Amelie have been the other two players actually winning since the French or so.

THe key is, getting to the net to PLAY FROM THERE, not to end the point.

But every player will NOT adapt to this. Who's REALLY going to try and play Venus or Serena this way?

01 Serena - Will definitiely try adapt to it. But when Serena wins most points so early, she just won't have much match opportunity to practice. I think it'll be years, if ever, before Serena plays at the end consistently.

02 Venus - Once a baseliner, always a baseliner. Has the weapons to overcome the best all courters. But Chanda and Amelie both took sets. None of the baseliners did.

03 Jenni C- Forget it. Has no net instincts at all, and no desire to gain any. Add in what Amelie's done to her to how she played Venus in the semis, and right now, maybe Ameleie's is the 'real' #3.

04 Jelena Dokic - No chance. A born and bred in the bone baseliner.

05 Monica Seles- Too much movement in that game for Monica, but she does volley adequately, and she move foward quickly. But with wo hands and both sides, its just not practical.

06 Kim Clijsters - Yeah. She likes to play that way. Needs a little better jsdgement. She gets caught half-volleying more than most players who move in to play.

07 Justine Henin - No. Justine has great skill all over the court. But if she goes to net to rally, she's going to be passed. As fast as she is, she's just too short to defend the entire net for three or four shots consistently. She moves in to END points, much like Venus does.

08 Martina Hingis- Lacks the shot for the outright winner. HATES being passed. SHe has the shots. Not the mentality. Mom has the mentality. Stay tuned.

10 Lindsay Davenport- The only player in the top fifteen I'd tell to stick to raw power. She can make a match of it just on her groundies. No one else.

10 Amelie Mauresmo

11 Daniela Hantuchova - Has the requisite variety of shots. But goes to the baseline when she losing and stays there. Amelie at OZ 99 was heavy muscled baseline power player. The all court game we see today was nowhere to be found. So Dani has time to learn, if she wants to.

12 Chanda Rubin

13 Silvia Farina-Elia - Old dog. New Tricks. Can't teach.

14 Anastasis Myskina - No kill shot

15 Elena Dementieva - Has shown zero motivation to improve or change the past two years. If she wanted to be better, she'd BE better.

16 Magdalena Maleeva - I don't think the knees are going to hold up.

17 Patty Schnyder

19 Anna Smashnova - No

20 Ai Sugiyama - No

21 Anne Kremer - No

22 Tatiana Panova - No