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Sep 6th, 2002, 08:22 PM
Only 3 years after participating in her first event on the WTA Tour, Danish player Eva Dyrberg has decided to immediately retire from professional tennis at the age of 22.

Currently ranked #82 in the world, she lost in the 1st Round of the US Open to Lindsay Davenport.

An academically gifted student, Dyrberg has enrolled at the University of Copenhagen where she is set to study medicine from February 2003. But already this autumn she will begin preparatory classes in chemistry.

Dyrberg reached a career-high ranking of #77 this year and made the Quarterfinals in Antwerp as a qualifier after defeating Anne Kremer in the 2nd Round. In Indian Wells she enjoyed the best win of her short-lived career by taking out Magdalena Maleeva, while she grabbed a set from Venus Williams at Key Biscayne two weeks later.

She has 4 titles to her name on the Challenger circuit, and won the European Junior Championships in 1998.

The same year, she teamed up with Kim Clijsters to win the US Open Girls' Doubles. Dyrberg also took the Wimbledon title in a partnership with Jelena Kostanic, and finished 1998 as the top ranked ITF junior doubles player.

This severe blow to Danish tennis is only softened by Dyrberg's promise that she might make herself available for the national Fed Cup team. She will also play tennis at club level.

Sep 6th, 2002, 08:24 PM
That's weird...

Have a nice life outside tennis Eva :)

Sep 6th, 2002, 08:26 PM

Sep 6th, 2002, 08:26 PM
:sad: :sad: :sad:

Sep 6th, 2002, 08:39 PM
wow... respect

Sep 6th, 2002, 08:47 PM
That's a surprise.....I hope she becomes a good doctor. :)

Sep 6th, 2002, 08:48 PM

Good luck Eva :D

Randy H
Sep 6th, 2002, 08:50 PM
noooooo! :(

i'm so disappointed to hear this, Eva's a good tennis player and can still improve her ranking even further if she continues to work on her game. she made such big strides this year in finally moving up from around the 150 mark to break into the top 100, i wish she would stick around longer and see how far she can go in tennis, still lots of time for education, tennis will only last so long.

sad news for danish tennis as she is the first in a long time to come along and do well in women's singles, and don't see anyone else coming up with top 100 promise either. nice to see that she knows her priorities though, and is so keen on academics, i hope she succeeds in university and will still play fed cup :)

Sep 6th, 2002, 08:53 PM
Bloody impressive to do this :) My new hero.

Good luck!!

Sep 6th, 2002, 08:56 PM
Exactly, Randy. She made huge progress this year, moving from more or less obscurity to get direct Slam access and be a nuisance to several really good players. She almost toppled Myskina in the 1st Round of Wimbledon.

There's no reason why she shouldn't be able to build on the relative success of this season and give it another shot in 2003. One year wouldn't make that much of a difference - even though medical school takes just about forever (I think the average graduation time is almost a decade) - but she would be a lot wiser in regards to her true potential.

Sep 6th, 2002, 09:31 PM
Omg :eek:

Sep 6th, 2002, 09:34 PM
good luck Eva :) hope you made the right decision.

Sep 6th, 2002, 11:17 PM

A lot of respect for this decision! I hope it's the right one :)

I hope she enjoys her new life!

Sep 6th, 2002, 11:30 PM
Good luck Eva

Sep 6th, 2002, 11:57 PM
Thats sad ......but best of luck to her

Sep 7th, 2002, 12:46 AM
that's disappointing :sad:

she worked so hard to reach the top 100 ... and then she decides to retire

Sep 7th, 2002, 12:53 AM
that's disappointing :sad:

she worked so hard to reach the top 100 ... and then she decides to retire

Sep 7th, 2002, 01:21 AM
What is worng with her? Maybe she never really liked tennis? Or is afraid to find out how good she is? But good luck

Brian Stewart
Sep 7th, 2002, 01:33 AM
It's a shame. She could have really given the sport a boost in her country. I hope she's happy with her decision, and has a successful career.

Sep 7th, 2002, 02:48 AM

Sep 7th, 2002, 02:58 AM
Not really that surprising. On the Women's tour, if you aren't in the top 50 then you aren't playing with the House's money.

Sep 7th, 2002, 03:32 AM

Congrats anyway for you career in tennis!

good luck as a doc!!!!

Sep 7th, 2002, 04:03 AM
pretty shocked about this especially since she finally cracked top 100.
but good luck to her :)

Sep 7th, 2002, 04:10 AM
:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

Sep 7th, 2002, 04:11 AM
I just really like Eva... selfish maybe, but I don't want her to retire:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

Sep 7th, 2002, 04:12 AM
She's played excellent tennis this year but its her life

Have a great life Eva:)

Randy H
Sep 7th, 2002, 04:21 AM
:sad: i know what you mean tenn_ace :sad:

Sep 7th, 2002, 05:02 AM
i think she made awise decission. i hope she will enjoy being a student more than being a tennis pro

Sep 7th, 2002, 06:38 AM
From a monetary point of view, Eva's decision was probably good one. Tennis players have careers that last 5 to 10 years. When you subtract out the expenses, how high does a lady have to be ranked to make as much as a physician does in a year? And how many years is a tennis player going to be able to do that - 3, 4? Meanwhile physicians can have 30 careers easily. If Eva didn't think she was going to have 10 years in the top 20, she probably made the right decision.

Sep 7th, 2002, 06:49 AM
Too bad, she was fun to watch and a nice girl. :sad:

But good luck to her...if she's a smartie she'll be needed in the medical field. :)

All the best, Eva! :kiss:

Mateo Mathieu
Sep 7th, 2002, 08:34 AM
:sad: She had a great season this year with cracked into Top 100!!

We will miss you, Eva!! :sad:

King Aaron
Sep 7th, 2002, 10:14 AM
:eek: :eek:

Good luck in your future life Eva!!

Sep 7th, 2002, 10:18 AM
Courageous decision. A pity for Danish tennis.
Good luck to Eva!

Sep 7th, 2002, 10:27 AM
:sad: Eva!!!

No, you're a great player!!!

Too bad you already retire!!!

Sep 7th, 2002, 10:36 AM

Wow, she must have a lot of courage to do this! And a lot of common sense too!

Good luck with your study, Eva!

Sep 7th, 2002, 10:57 AM
Hopefully she only does 1 year of her course and then defers to go back to tennis.

On a monetary factor Eva was earning plenty! She would have been a millionaire quicker staying with her tennis!

Sep 7th, 2002, 11:53 AM
Its sad to hear that shes retiring so young but this is what happenes with most decent brits they stop playing and go to uni in the past 12 months Annabel Blow and Nicola Trinder quit tennis!

Sep 7th, 2002, 03:43 PM
It was a good decision. Why waste time playing sport when you can be at home helping sick people who are really in need of help, and earning more money for it too?

Sep 7th, 2002, 04:00 PM
If she loves tennis with a passion, she'll regret this decision. If tennis made her life unbearable, then she should go back to school and dedicate herself to something she truly loves.

Sep 7th, 2002, 04:24 PM
:eek: surprised especially as she was doing so well, but it's a courageous decision. Hope she has a good career.

Frau Antje
Sep 7th, 2002, 04:47 PM
can't believe that

Sep 7th, 2002, 06:03 PM
:eek: Quite surprise with Eva's decission, but if she's happy then :)

But I don't understand why she quits tennis at 22 when she is able to play WTA events after all these years in the ITF circuit :confused: Now she could make big money just staying in the top 100 (playing and even losing in a GS MD is a lot of money) and start studying at 28 or 29 after a long tennis career with no hurries because all the money earnt.

I just hope she doesn't regret this (she won't, this is my post #1000 ;) )

Sep 7th, 2002, 06:20 PM
Let`s wish her "lykke til" with the studies in Copenhagen.

Sep 7th, 2002, 07:06 PM
Ja lykke til med studierne.

Eva won't play again :sad:

I just search for danish news, and this story is true.

Sep 9th, 2002, 12:25 AM
Oh my Goodness.

Eva had really made some progress this year. It could have easily been a platform to spring into the Top 60 maybe 50 next year.

Oh well each to their won, well done EVa on your success and best of luck in y0ur studies

Sep 9th, 2002, 07:49 AM
:sad: :sad: bad news...