View Full Version : How did Lindsay Get such an Easy Draw?

Sep 4th, 2002, 12:11 AM
It's ridiculous how Davenport has been given such an easy route to the semifinals of this tournament with her absurd draw: Dyrberg? Mandula? Bartoli? Bovina? and Farina Elia. Of the five players she has faced thus far, only Farina Elia is a passingly legitimate opponent as the 13th seed. Lindsay's virtual free pass to the semis of the U.S. Open this year is the equivalent of only allowing an opposing pitcher to toss underhand lobs to Barry Bonds in baseball, LOL. How did Lindsay, as the 4th seed, receive such a blatant gift of a draw? By constrast consider that Venus and Serena as the top two seeds are playing such accomplished players as Hantuchova, Rubin, and Seles BEFORE they have a chance at the semifinals. Hell, even Capriati has to play Mauresmo before the semis and she's the third seed. Any thoughts out there on why Davenport gets to cruise while every other contender has to play genuine opponents to get the opportunity to be in the final four?

Sep 4th, 2002, 12:13 AM
Dokic was beaten by Bovina. She was expected to be a more challenging opponent for Lindsay

Sep 4th, 2002, 12:34 AM

Every player has had easy draws in their career. Lindsay's had some hard draw too. The last two years she's had to face Serena in the QFs of the USOpen. That's not such an easy draw.

Sep 4th, 2002, 12:45 AM
Not to mention the year she had to play Dokic in the first round at AO, we all remember that thanks to Damir. LOL.

Seriously, this just happens. I think even if you did the whole draw on some strict ranking order you would still get easy and harder runs due to lower ranked players who are actually very good.

Sep 4th, 2002, 01:06 AM
Informative, Lindsay did not choose that draw. And it would've been harder if Jelena hadn't lost so early. You can't complain about a draw, it's just luck! Besides she's now playing Serena

Sep 4th, 2002, 01:23 AM
umm, pardon me, but there were supposed to be seeds in there. bartoli beat asv ( :sad: ), dokic was beaten by bovina (who put up a little fight today), stevenson was taken out by foretz, panova lost to schiavone as did dementieva. kremer lost to kuznetsova. so, she just got lucky. although, a 3 setter from an unseeded player is not what id exactly call "lucky."

of whom are you a fan that ur bitter that they had a hard draw, hmmmm? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Sep 4th, 2002, 01:33 AM
The draws are fixed I tell you:bounce:

Sep 4th, 2002, 01:36 AM
She had the "number 4 player in the world" in her quarter. Obviously, that player didn't make it this far.

Sep 4th, 2002, 02:42 AM
Obviously Bovina played well and was a legitimate threat to Davenport after beating the number 4 player, and winning 6 of the last 8 games in set1 to beat Lindsay..or whatever the stats were i was half asleep ;)

Sep 4th, 2002, 02:45 AM
Hre draw ended up being easy, it wasn't easy to start out with. It is not lIndsay's fault that all the rest of the seeded players lost before they had to face her. Besides, even if it turned out to be an easy draw, the player has to take advantage of it. My favorites have gotten many easy draws, but have not been able to take advantage of them all, and that is the nature of tennis.

Dawn Marie
Sep 4th, 2002, 03:41 AM
It's called tennis.. sports. The DRAWS ARE FIXED.

Like the election, and BOXING.

all fixed.

Sep 4th, 2002, 06:10 AM
Yes, the draws are fixed and they blackmailed Dokic and the other seeds in there so that they'd lose...:rolleyes:

Williams Rulez
Sep 4th, 2002, 08:15 AM
Oh... it is this thing called luck.

Sep 4th, 2002, 08:23 AM
Originally posted by Informative
By constrast consider that Venus and Serena as the top two seeds are playing such accomplished players as Hantuchova, Rubin, and Seles BEFORE they have a chance at the semifinals.

dokic is ranked higher than these players. it's not lindsay's fault that jelena lost early.
and just stop this "draws are fixed"-rubbish, will ya. :rolleyes:

Sep 4th, 2002, 08:26 AM
that happens. lindsay had to play serena two years in a row in the quarters so it's not that it happenes every year!

Sep 4th, 2002, 10:53 AM
Dokic. Need I say more? :angel:

Sam L
Sep 4th, 2002, 10:57 AM
Lindsay and Jenn usually get easy draws in grand slams. It's nothing new :rolleyes: They just get all the luck.

Sep 4th, 2002, 11:03 AM
Can anyone remeber when French Open 2001 draw came out, everyone was talking about how tough is one of the half of the draw because they have Venus and MAuresmo in it, and they both lose in first round, and suddenly that half become a gift and then half with Jenny, Martina and Serena become the toughest half. No one can predict Amelie and Venus toi lose in first round that year right considering they have a gret clay season that year. Lindsay has her fair share of rough draw and so does everybody.