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Sep 3rd, 2002, 09:18 PM
Martina Hingis lost rather passively to Monica Seles and during that match McEnroe stated that Just as Tiger Woods took nearly a year to fine tune and retool his game, Hingis should take heed and retool her game to fit in the 21st century style of tennis that is now dominating the tour.


Hingis, her mom, analyst, fans and the media are all in agreement that something positive needs to be done to her game if she is still serious about being competitive on the tour and obtaining more Grand Slam titles.

Marti needs to seriously analyze her game and possibly look at getting another coach to supplement her mom. Let us not forget that she could use some serious resistance work in order to add some additional power to her ground strokes and serves.

And then again, maybe the fire is burning out and Marti now only wants to be the lead groupie to a golfer who has not shown that he is ready to stand up to Tiger and win a major himself.

Sep 3rd, 2002, 09:43 PM
Martina just really REALLY needs to work on her serve. It is a pitiful motion. As Tracy said, she really can control that (the "I am not tall enough" argument has been made BS by Henin). Also, she should try to hit her forehand flatter. She carves the ball instead of hitting through it. Her backhand is fine.

Sep 3rd, 2002, 11:18 PM
The serve is bad and needs improvement, but it's not the reasons Hingis loses. It's the pace and aggression.

She hits nothing but loose balls that the opponent can kill. There are few players around that won't punish that today. Lay off the topspin!

She moves extremeley slow. That's probably related to the injuries and should improve, but it's a key factor to any successful defense. She can't really play aggressive if she can't get to the balls in time.

I think a telling thing was the return of serve today. Seles stood on the baseline on Hingis first and a few feet inside on Hingis second. Hingis stood a few feet behind the baseline on Selese first, and she stood there on the second too. It's damn obvious who's most likely to hit a advantage-giving return if they get to it.

Look at Venus and Serena. They don't wait behind the baseline against anyone. Look at Martina, she does it against anyone, no matter how crappy they serve.

She needs an electrical fence behind the baseline. If she can't hold the line, she'll most likely lose the point anyway, so she shouldn't go behind it ever. (That holds for all players).

Sep 3rd, 2002, 11:21 PM
Hmm..seems there's a lot of tennis experts on this board. What the hell are you guys doing in here?....shouldn't you be out there coaching some kids? ..lol

Sep 4th, 2002, 02:38 AM
Marti's problem is definitely not comng back to soon from her rehab.
The heart is gone from her game and she does not play with any desire anymore.

Sep 4th, 2002, 02:48 AM
TeeRexx, why don't you just f**k off. Seriously. You lap up Marti's downfall's like the cat does milk.

Get on with supporting your own fave players and shut the hell up about the players you so obviously dislike.

Sep 4th, 2002, 02:54 AM
Joey, I am glad that you were inspired by Marti's play today, but from my point of view, she never really seeed to try to take out Monica.

I thought that even at this point in the rankings, Marti had a better game than Rubin, but Chanda shoed a lot of spirit going after VENUS the way that she did in their match.

Sep 4th, 2002, 03:11 AM
I never even saw the match, I was at work, so your cryptic nonsense makes no sense (like it ever does?)...

Why are you so obsessed with Marti anyway? In the last two weeks you have mentioned her more than I!

Sep 4th, 2002, 03:22 AM
Joey - You didn't even see the damned match and you have the nerve to criticize what I said of Marti's game?

The match was so onesided that the station kept breaking away to the beginning of some mens matches.

Marti only really started to play with any real effort on the last match game.

Put down the ale and pay attention to what is going on around you and get your facts straight before before you speak.

Sep 4th, 2002, 03:31 AM
No, no, no, no...

I don't care whether I saw the match or not or whatever... the same old chestnut still remains (no, not the fact you're an ar$e).

Why, oh why oh why oh why do you have to start up threads about Martina though!? I just don't understand, you try and come across all analytical but underneath (well not even underneath, it is so damn obvious), you're just having one of yoru many pop's at Martina and her fans to get your much needed kicks and "respect" from your fellow Williams fans. "Classy" as you lot call it.

Sep 4th, 2002, 03:39 AM
Joey you have some serious issues and may need the help of a professional.
Where are theses 100 threads that I have started this month about Hingis?

You are obviously obsessed and can see no wrong with poor Marti.
Read the reviews on the tennis news web sites and then go to
helpmysorryass.com for professional help with your obsession.


Cybelle Darkholme
Sep 4th, 2002, 03:43 AM
Maybe because this is a tennis board and martina is a tennis player, could that be why he starts up threads about her?

If you don't like what he writes then create you're own thread instead of whining. Geezus so many people whine on this board.

Anyway I thought martina was going to win this match but oh well so much for what I know.

The woman has not fixed her serve in how many years? I think the trend will continue unless getting bumped from the top ten screws her head on again.

dani has your spot martina you better get it back fast.