View Full Version : New schedule of play is soo messed up!!!

Sep 3rd, 2002, 12:46 AM
Why the hell did they schedule Andre to play his fourth round match on Arthur Ashe tonight when a lot of other guys haven't even started on their third round match yet? They are so fuckin' stupid on their scheduling. Also, why the fuck are they giving the advantage to J-Cap to play next when she's only playing a weak Amy Frasier? They should let Monica/Martina play on center court, I think it should have been the match on Arthur Ashe instead of Lindsay/Farina (how boring).

Here's how it should haven been:

Arthur Ashe:
Monica/Martina: kick out Lindsay/Farina
Night Match:
Venus/Rubin: kick out J-Cap/Frasier
Roddick/Correja: kick out Agassi/whoever