View Full Version : Patriotic fans, Why do you like certain players?

Mar 17th, 2009, 03:52 PM
This is a very interesting subject which i'm curious about. I think most of you know that there are fans on the board that only/mainly support players from a certain country.(mostly their own country) So i'm interested in why they like the players they support or is it only because they come from the same country?

I find this interesting in such a big individual sport as tennis(which gets A LOT of mediacoverage) and like to know how others think about it. In teamsports it's a very natural accurance but in individualsports where there isn't even part of a 'team'(only fedcup) it should be way less.

Looking at myself i tend to look more at player's games, looks and attitude. Not really caring of which country they come from.(my 5 main faves come from 5 different countries)
I think on this board particulary we have a lot of russian fans and french fans(or russian/french speaking fans that support russian/french players) that are more inclined to supporting their countries players. Why is that? Is that because of your culture?(cultural background)i know looking at history it's been important for russian and french people.

And if you do like 'all' players from a certain country, are there players you like more then others of that same country? What are your priorities when choosing your main faves?

So... discuss :)

ps. maybe i should add this is meant to be a thread with a positive approach towards this subject. Cause people tend to feel awkward or offended talking about patriotism.