View Full Version : One time I really wish I could kiss Daniela's thumb better :(

aura of daniela
Sep 2nd, 2002, 06:40 AM
Hi guys,
The title is a bit lighthearted, pity about the incident.
If it is serious, it may proved to be a US Summer season Daniela would love to forget after *cross my fingers* this incident and the Sugiyama one (sorry to bring it up again).
After Marky's injured, this is terrible...........what an open. Over takes this years Aus Open already :(

This is my account of what happened:-

I taped and watched a rain delayed replay of the start of the match up until the rain came.
I had no idea what was happening, and at what stage of the match they were at, I just saw Daniela in her chair holding her thumb with the towel and them they walked off court because of the rain. :eek:

They showed a replay of the incident, and I must say it's a tough one to watch, firstly because that is the first time I've seen Daniela fall awkwardly like that, and secondly, I was just thinking of how much worse a injury could have occured. :angel:

She was up 40-15 and there wasn't even a reason to think that the court was slippery at all.
She got a nice first serve in, Justine stretched for the return, Daniela hesitated on a backhand but didn't come in to net, Justine hit a forehand wide to Daniela's forehand and Daniela ran for it.
She managed to slap the ball back in play, but stumbled and Justine just hit the ball into the open court.
They showed the replay, and what happened what when she ran to get to the ball, her left foot skidded along the baseline and it looked like Daniela kinda hopped out of the fall and fell forward with her thumb caught between the ground and the racquet grip. She sat up and the look on her face was breathless and heart gripping (it was just sad).
She got up to the cheers of the crowd and walked to her seat where she applied some cold water to it. She asked for the trainer and sat there for a bit.
She then with her usual politeness asked if he was coming. It took her a while to get out of the slight dazed she was in, and asked one of the ball kids to get some ice from the fridge.
Slowly, you could tell she was getting a little distressed and had her head in the towel and lifted her head to show that tears were obviously swelling in her eyes. I was just shaking my head. It definitely wasn't the type of thing I wanted to wake up to. The girl I enjoy watching smile was too upset for her own good. :sad:

The thumb seems like such an insignificant thing but when it's on the hand that you hold your racquet with, things change.
When I first saw the fall though, I just thanked god Daniela didn't injured her ankle or knee in the fall, it looked that bad.
It was like when you see someone roll an ankle on the court and they kinda spring up and sort of flip.

The rain delay was a good thing at that stage, but the commentator was saying that as that point was being played, the umpire had stopped play on another court, so you wonder if play was stopped, and nothing had happened, things may be very different tomorrow.
40-15 6-1 1-2 fit, is a 100 times better than 40-30 6-1 1-2 and sore.

I just hope she is alright and is ready to end the match quickly tomorrow.

All my luck is with you Daniela.

Simon V

Sep 2nd, 2002, 07:07 AM
It would be unfortunate if she was hampered in this match with the lead she has. This is one of the more important matches she has ever had, and could even potentially lead to a top 8 seed for the year end championships and for Australian Open.

aura of daniela
Sep 2nd, 2002, 03:04 PM
At the end of the days replay tonight, the host went over the scores of the sets that were complete, and said that Daniela was 50 50 for tomorrow.
Not looking good..........looking devastating actually :sad:.

I'd actually be crying if this happened in Melbourne :o

Simon V

Sep 2nd, 2002, 03:11 PM
I hope Dani is ok, she was playing so well.

Sep 2nd, 2002, 03:16 PM
damn. id like to see her make the quarters...shes one of the few i feel can bang from the baseline with Rena and i hope she can give her a scare or even win :)

Sep 2nd, 2002, 04:06 PM
Justine's coach said she was afraid to lose out there

I hope Daniela is fine but that fall was pretty bad, she should have let go of the racquet