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Sep 2nd, 2002, 03:40 AM
in his "Nick Bolletieri's corner" in the ATP Tour website, Nick does a nice analysis on Xavier Malisse's game and past history with his academy, and even allows himself to comment a little on Malisse and Jennifer's relationship:

"... This takes us to a very important chapter in X's story… his experiences at Saddlebrook. X was always a big hit with the girls with his bleached out hair, boyish good looks and laid back style. It wasn't long before he caught the eye of Jennifer Capriati, who also trained at Saddlebrook. They were an item for quite a few months, as both their rankings took downward spirals, and let's just say from the tennis career point of view, their relationship was taking a toll. It forced a split between Jennifer and her coach, Harold Solomon, before the relationship finally came to an end.

After they broke things off, Jennifer refocused her sites on getting back to the top and was now 110% committed to achieving her goals. That's when she started making real progress and eventually took over #1 in the world. When X saw how the work Jennifer was putting in and the results she was getting, it must have motivated him in a big way. The relationship left him a more mature man who was ready to get to work and train like a pro. X had made the breakthrough from thinking and acting like a kid, to conducting himself more as a professional. It wasn't long before X realized that the best thing he could do for himself would be to return to the Academy where he knew people genuinely wanted the best for him and would do anything to help him reach his potential."

The whole article can be found
here (http://atptour.com/en/newsandscores/news/news/bollettieri_saturday.asp)