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Feb 20th, 2009, 06:44 AM
Lets get something clear that regradless of weather you love or hate the williams sisters, they have been the centre of woman's tennis for over a decade already.

There is no question that both serena and venus have proven themselves to both be phenomenal athletes and to have talent that supersedes all of the other players.They have also demonstrated longevity which i often think is forgotten by many people on this board.

Yes, justine henin had some great years, and yes at times kim clysters played some great tennis BUT the williams sisters are still at will winning on average atlaest 50% of the grand slams yearly.

Anyone objective regardless of personal feelings towards the sisters, should take their hats off to them and really admire them for what they have brought to the tennis world.I for one cannot even imagine watching tennis without the williams sisters, it would just not generate the hype they bring to a tennis court.

I also truely believe that serena is the greatest tennis player to ever play the game, i also think she possess the best mind in the business.People also forget that if serena was not around venus would be in double digits in grand slams.

In short since wimbledon 2007, the sisters hve won every big tournament played and continue to do so ona regular basis.The other players must be pretty excited they dont play indian wells as without them they have a chance and it is like playing a tier3