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Jan 17th, 2009, 07:56 AM
Got to see a bits and pieces of some matches today - however mainly was there to catch Mirkovic vs. Date match.

Marija didn't seem too nervous but Kimiko started out strongly. There were more Japanses fans out there than Aussies, :lol: boisterous when Kimiko won points, but polite enough when Marija was makng her run. :)

KD whacked a few winners and after the first two games, Marija had won one pt and I thought it was going to be a shellacking. Marija was making a lot of mishits and her movement seemed a bit off. From 3-0 Kimiko made a couple of errors and Marija seemed very relieved and suddenly she was on level terms in the rallies. Marija has a lot of work on the ball, doesn't hit everything that cleanly, but I what I like is that when she gets out of position she is able to defend well with slice or lobs - a couple of defensive shots caused Kimiko to error. She broke back for 4-4 all, with Kimiko butchering a few shots particularly short balls she needed to move up to. MM did well with some corner to corner work and then playing behind Kimiko.

MM dropped serve pretty poorly for 5-4 and then had a llllooooonnnggg game in the 10th on KD serve in which after her say 7th break point (saving a couple of set points) she got it! :bounce:MM may have got the break earlier, but some passive play allowed KD to dictate on these key points.

This where I thought MM would stand up as she looked really pumped... because at times she was dictating the points. KD looked pretty nervous or agitated due to losing the ascendancy. No! She dropped serve pretty passively and despite grabbing a couple of points the next game on KD's serve, the set was over.

That was pretty much the match. MM shoulders slumped and KD jumped to 3-0, 4-1 and then 6-1 by the occasional winner and some dejected play by MM.

Not sure what to make of Marija. Her game is not as 'pretty' as Holland, Rogowska however she certainly has alot of work on the ball which forced KD back a bit. She defends well, doesn't try for an impossible shot when out of position. Her serve is OK, but for a strong girl it needs to be better. She certainly doesn't serve many doubles which is great. Not bad body language out there too. But she doesn't seem to hit the ball cleanly consistently, many hishits, particularly off the backhand and many times she got points from Date's haste in finishing the point off than some great play. Either way great effort from her - how she performs on the tour will be found out soon enough.

For Date fans I was surprised with her high error rate when Marija really started playing better. Date's strength many years ago was her calmness and unerring consistency. She was certainly more emotional and on edge out there and with this haste brought a few errors. She can hit some beautiful flat shots, but her reaction time being less in her older age, many found the net. Kimiko is wonderfully toned and fit and its great to see her out there again. :)

Dubios v Radwanska

Saw a fair bit of the first set. I like the look of Steph. So sporty and up beat. Would probably be capable of slugging a softball or shooting hopes as well as tennis. Nice enough game, keeps low to the ground with her strokes but whenever she tried a bit of variety - drop shots etc.... don't go there girl! :lol: One didn't make the net and another just got the bottom!

Radwanska, started off badly, a few doubles which brought some yelling and a few racquet smacks on the court. She weilds her racquet a bit like Anakin Skywalker with his lightsaber, holds it around just above her head, pauses, and then tries to accelerate the racquet through for some pace. What happens are some nice strokes and then some flying balls WAY out of court. Though she is a determined girl and certainly the more aggressive player. Nice enough serve at times. UR broke back at 2-2 all then it was an arm wrestle. Steph had a lllooonnngg game at 2-3 to hold serve, did so, much to UR disgust with a few more racquet smacks. Left at 3-4 to UR to see Mirkovic but I thought the match was in UR's hands just depending if she could temper her game and emotions. But it looks like she wasn't able to. The match went for ages, even for a straight set match and I could see Stephs glee from court 6 when she got the match point. Well deserved.

Woerle v Lapushcenkova

Bit ugly this match. Saw a bit of the first set and middle of the second and the play had not got much better from the first to the last. Woerle had a marathon yesterday but did not seem to be feeling the effects when I saw her. She has some interesting strokes, some strokes have a fairly short follow through but she kept the ball in often enough to frustrate Lapushcenkova who really lacks control with her strokes. Some nice ones are often followed by some overhitting and a second serve that doesn't have much margin for error. Thought Lapushcenkova could've won if she could just temper her game a bit - bit too many errors at the stages I saw.

Voegele v Scheepers

Not sure how Channi won this. Took a look because Chanelle is certainly a cutie. Steph had control in the first set, using her flat compact strokes and rather good serve to keep Channi on the back foot. Channi looked a bit disinterested out there, Voegele was alot more pumped. Just seeing the scoreboard ticking over and I was shocked that Channi got the win. I noticed when Voegele tried to press, her flat groundies could miss by a good margin, so maybe Channi drew her into error at the end.

Schruff v Panova

Caught a little of this. Julia was nice looking strokes and it doesn't seem that much can go wrong with them. Panova was striking some nice winners, however would follow up with a few errors. Another one for the Germans.

Kutuzova v Puchkova

A few years ago I heard the Ukranian had some wraps and she certainly has some nice strokes. Wonder what was/is holding her back? She seemed to have the better of the rallies against the Russian even though it was tight. Just caught some points here and there but Kutuzova won most of them, so wasn't surprsied she won. However it was tight enough so maybe I was just unlucky not to see Olga's good play.

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