View Full Version : Sydney 1R: V. Dushevina d. E. Starr 6/0 6/1 in 39min!

Jan 12th, 2009, 02:40 AM
It must be one of the shortest 6/0 6/1 matches in history right?

Jan 12th, 2009, 02:42 AM
What on earth was Starr doing in the MD of a tier 2?

And people complain about brits getting WC's :o

Jan 12th, 2009, 02:42 AM
Bepa let her have a game at 6-0 5-0 :o :lol: :hug:

Jan 12th, 2009, 02:43 AM
It was 6-0 6-1.

Starr has nothing in her game to trouble anyone in this draw. She was a last minute WC when they couldn't find any other Aussies as everyone else was committed elsewhere. Perfect draw for anyone here.