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Nov 16th, 2008, 09:40 AM
Vote your favourite top 5 Sveta matchs this year,and then top 5 of least favourite matchs of her.Only condition:thet have to be matchs she played in 2008,you can include singles,doubles,exhos...

My favourite 2008 Sveta matchs:

1) Dubai QF: Sveta def.Mauresmo: 6-1 7-6
2) Indian Wells SF: Sveta def.Sharapova: 6-3 5-7 6-2
3) Miami QF: Sveta def. V.Williams: 6-4 6-4
4) Beijing SF: Sveta def. Zheng: 7-6 7-5
5) Miami SF: Serena def. Sveta: 3-6 7-5 6-3 (I know Sveta ended up losing that battle but she played some of her best tennis of the year in that match.I didn't rank it higher because it's still a defeat and I don't like them).

My least favourite 2008 Sveta matchs:

1) Roland Garros SF: Safina def.Sveta: 3-6 2-6
2) Olympics Beijing 1R: Li def.Sveta:6-7 4-6
3) Australian Open 3rd R: Radwanska def.Sveta: 3-6 4-6
4) Beijing F: Jankovic def.Sveta: 3-6 2-6
5) Kremlin Cup QF: Safina def. Sveta:4-6 5-7 (there are definitely worst defeats this year,but I lived this one on the stadium and I still can remember the bitter taste it left on my mouth :sad:).

I only voted matchs I've watched,I didn't get to see some defeats that I consider very bad for her (vs Cornet,Bondarenko or Wozniacki),that's why they didn't make my list.Hopefully next year there will be less competition of the second category ;)

Nov 16th, 2008, 10:37 AM
I only showed up around Wimbledon time, so this is based on what I saw. I also cannot remember the score or even the opponent in a couple of them :p, just that I liked what I saw:

My favorite 2008 Sveta matches:

1) and 2): The two Fed Cup matches against Spain (sorry, Vero), because these seemed to be when she finally began to play with more confidence and just plain joy, and I know she loves playing for Russia.
3)Tokyo QF: Sveta def. Jankovic (for the "Shot of the Day" and her jumping for joy at the win. Hadn't seen that in forever).
4)Tokyo SF: Sveta def. Srebotnik (responsible for one of the least favorite matches earlier)
5)Any match post-Olympics in which she soundly def. Li

And honorable mention to:

5a) The white dress from the Doha party :p:drool:. Oh my goodness. I'm defeated, very willingly and gladly ;)

The five worst 2008 Sveta matches

1)Olympics, first round, Li def. Sveta 6-7 4-6
2)USO 3R (I think): Srebotnik def. Sveta
3)Wimbledon 4R (I think): Radwanska def. Sveta (only because she had that match under control)
4)Tokyo F: Safina def. Sveta
5)Beijing F: Jankovic def. Sveta 3-6 2-6 (both of these looked more like nerves or a choke on Sveta's part than great tennis on her opponent's part)

With honorable mention to:

5a)The weird Doha shoot in which she is way too serious, and weird photoshopping has made her arm look like it's going to break off. For Pete's sake, she's supposed to have muscles!


Nov 16th, 2008, 10:56 AM
:lol: Anne at some of your comments

I love the 2 matchs vs Spain because I was there cheering for her,but I tried to be objective and she didn't play her best tennis of the year there ;) She played good enough,but her opponents were not top players so this results were to be expected,and still should have defeated Anabel in 2 sets if her mind would have not gone who knows where...

I would also have voted the Wimbledon match vs Radwanska,but there was not enough space in my list :mad: Still in that match she played superb tennis in some parts of it,like second set.

As for the matchs you have not seen,look at the videos of Sveta thread,maybe you can find some from before Wimbledon and download them ;)

and yeah about the Doha photoshop :rolleyes: of course she has muscles,and very nice ones! I don't understand this obsession of WTA to portray them as simple and dull dolls when they are professional sportswomen.

Oh and she defeated me more on those Moscow off court photos :inlove: and when I saw her fantastic and lovely smile in person :hearts: I almost melt at that sight :p

Dec 6th, 2009, 07:26 PM
What about 2009? I'm going to change thread title and we can vote for our favourite (and least favourite) diosa matchs of 2009 ;)

I hope it gets more answers than 2008 :lol: (I know it was a bad year for her)

Dec 6th, 2009, 07:59 PM
Ok,here are my 2009 favourites:

My favourite 2009 Sveta matchs:

1) Roland Garros F: Sveta winning the French Open :hearts: Ok,maybe not even her best match of the tournament but it's my clear favourite for everything it meant and how happy she made me feel that day and the whole following week :lol: It's also the one I've re-watched more times,I never grow tired of it :hearts:

2) Roland Garros QF: Sveta wins Serena in epic match!!! To me this day Sveta won the title as Serena was the biggest hurdle on her way.It has to be he biggest victory of this year :worship:

3) Stuttgart F: Sveta wins that elusive title,dominating world number 1,shutting up a lot of people and making some of her fans cry of joy :inlove:

4) Beijing SF: Sveta defeats Nadia.The first set of that match Sveta played like the diosa she is probably the best tennis of the year.This match is high on my list because it also includes Nadia and I loved their friendly handshake.

5) Beijing F: Sveta defeats Radwanska.Another fantastic exhibition of Sveta's talent and third title of the year :hearts:

The five worst 2009 Sveta matches

1) Madrid 2R: Sveta defeated by Bondarenko :fiery: This one tops my list because I was there and it was painful to see.Nothing was working for Sveta on that day,she left the court pissed and I can't stand Alona so I have enough reasons to dislike that one.I read later she was suffering from allergy in Madrid,so that might explain such poor result :hug:

2) Wimbledon 3R: loses vs Lisicki.Ok,I didn't watch it but that one hurt as it was such a big disappointment.It also came on her birthday,cruel day for her (she also lost her Momosova doubles match later on the day :sad:)

3) US Open 4R: Sveta loses to Wo:zzz:niacki.I still don't get how she did it to lose that one and waste such a good draw but that's part of Sveta's mystery I guess.

4) Australian Open QF: Sveta loses to Serena after blowing a big,confortable lead :sobbing:

5) Dubai R1: Sveta loses to Vesnina.She was clearly lacking confidence at that time of the season and it was ugly to see :tape:

Dec 6th, 2009, 09:03 PM
OK, I'll try also:
1. Sveta beats Serena at RG 76 57 75
Good quality (both played great:worship:), dramatic (oh, those fall:help:),ups and downs, but at the end Sveta was better and have won:D
2. Sveta def. Dinara at Stuttgart 63 64 - great match, solid play, Sveta won a final after 5 loses in a row and def. Dinara after four loses in the row. Dinara has not any diffidence in her eyes in that match, Sveta just was better.
3. Sveta def. Wozniacki in Miami 63 67 61 - she proved that she still can win against good players after not great two previous tournaments.
4. Sveta def. in Roland Garros final - Sveta had so variable game, Dinara had nothing to do.
5. Sveta def. Agi Radwanska in Beijing final 62 64. - solid playing without during the whole match against such kind of opponent - :worship:

Honorable mention: def. Dementieva at QF Stuttgart, def. Jankovic at QF of Rome, def. Radwanska at 4th round of Rolan after slipping second set 1-6 - well, Sveta was so well during clay season;)

Worst loses:sad:
1. to Wozniak in Eastbourne. 0-6 3-6 was so painfull after so great Roland Garros:sad:
2. to Alona in Madrid - single fly in the ointment of clay season.
3. to Vesnina:rolleyes: U.Radwanska :rolleyes: Petkovic:help:
also too pity also about match against Wozniacki. Sveta was so good in the first set, but not used a chanses in other two.

Dec 7th, 2009, 04:31 AM
Top 5:

1) 2009 RG QF against Serena. I was watching the match on my computer because the stupid broadcaster decided to show Cirstea-Stosur instead zz. I remember at times i was too scared to watch certain points because I knew how important this match was. When Sveta failed to serve out the match and it went to the third, i was thinking: Oh no, not Australia again. I was so stunned and pleasantly surprised when she came back, it was one the rare times she came back.
2) 2009 RG F against Safina. Even though it wasn't of the highest quality, she finally gave her fans something big to celebrate.
3) 2009 Rome QF against JJ. I think this was a foreshadow of her RG form.
4) 2009 Doha against LenaD. It's been a long time since she won a match.
5) 2009 Beijing F against Aggy. She suffered many early losses it was great to end the season on a high.

1) 2009 AO QF against Serena: i couldn't speak for days. If she had won, I think she would have won the AO.
2) 2009 USO 4r against Pushnifailski: speechless.
3) 2009 Wim 3r against Lisicki: She had no game plan on that day.
4) 2009 Miami SF against Azarenka: Who knew?
5) 2009 Sydney QF: retired. I was sooooo worried

Dec 7th, 2009, 12:33 PM
my list is the same as vero's list and almost all the same reasons

Dec 7th, 2009, 09:19 PM
thanks for your answers :)

I would have included the Eastbourne disaster too but I never got to see that one,but anyway after her big success in Paris it's understandable she had her head in the clouds for a little longer :hug:

Dec 8th, 2009, 09:30 AM
OK here are my top 5:

1. RG QF vs. Serena - I think it was the best match from Sveta this year.
2. Beijing Final vs. Aga - such a great match from Sveta, Aga didn't have any answer to Sveta's great shots.
3. Stuttgart SF vs. Dementieva - superb match.
4. RG Final vs. Safina - wasn't the best but finally 2nd GS title :)
5. Stuttgart Final vs. Safina - finally winning a title :yeah:

Worst matches:

1. Madrid R2 :help: :help: :help: :help:
2. Eastbourne R2 :help: :help:
3. USO QF :( :help:
4. Dubai R1 :help:
5. AO QF :o

Nov 7th, 2010, 04:24 PM
Ok,time to also vote in that thread for favourite and least favourite matchs of Sveta 2010 version.I'm sure we can find some positive ones to put in first category ;)

So here are mine:

My favourite 2010 Sveta matchs:
1.San Diego Final: Sveta defeats Radwanska.For obvious reasons,not the best she played that week,but the more important one where she had to overcome the choking in the second set to lift the trophy and her emotion after last point was :hearts: to see
2. San Diego SF: Sveta defeats Pennetta with a bagel to finish the match.I think this is the best I've seen her play whole year.
3. USO 3rd round: Sveta gets revenge over Kirilenko.She seemed so determined to win that one,it was good to see.
4. Montreal QF: Sveta defeats Zheng: total domination from Sveta in that match and dominating Sveta is one of the best things to see on a tennis court.
5.Roland Garros 2nd round: not good quality match,but Sveta fought hard to win it,she scared us to death on those match points.Vote it only because how happy I felt after she had won the last point.

Worst matches:
1.Roland Garros 3rd round: because she lost her crown and left the court almost on tears.
2. Madrid 1st round: always sad to see her lose live,but to see her lose the way she did was even worse.Very lethargic Sveta on that day,almost unrecognisable.
3.Wimbledon 3rd round: because of all the bad feelings that match made Sveta feel.
4.Miami 4th round: because she was obviously not fit to compete and this resulted into a bagel and first defeat against Marion.Still proud she made it to the end without retiring.But sad to see her hurt.
5. Dubai: terrible choke against a low-ranked player.Sums up very well her year.