View Full Version : Change to another surface? How well can you handle with it?

Oct 31st, 2008, 01:45 PM

I'm kinda curious to know how it is for you if you can easy change from one surface to another one and play on same good level or is very difficult?

I'm here in Germany and there you play Outdoors so far on Clay and Indoors on Carpet and the Clay-Season is over now. This week I played after almost two months injury time out (Arthrosis in my hand) again, because I have thought playing is possible again - then on Carpet , of course my injury handicaped me a lot , but I'm always so surprised how different my game is on Carpet.

On Clay I play with very good tactics , many Winners and able to manage the rallies and on Carpet? My Game seems so defensive , but real variety and more to do with getting the ball somehow back. Of course I can also bring them with a lot of power back, but this isn't really consistant then & I cannot place them so well as on Clay. On Clay I play a very powerful forehand and normally it works very well, but on Carpet when I use same power as on Carpet I do so many errors and make errors which would never happen on Clay. Also is on Clay my Backhand-Slice a great weapon and endangers others a lot, but on Carpet it obviously does not really work like that.

In former times I never believed it would make such a difference to play on another surface, but it obviously does. I have played on every surface before and on all it worked also very well. But on Carpet obviously all must work together to get a good result, otherwise it goes fast against me. I'm also a very good server all in all, but it seems to be a much bigger weapon on Clay either. Also my game on net works definitely better on Clay.

All in all I'm just very surprised about this. I also saw it always on the example I had a practise-partner against who I played so many times on Clay and won all matches and most pretty easy, then we also played on Carpet and I had huge problems to win or even lost.

How is it for you? You also have so problems with changing to another surface? I always hoped it would not make such a noticeable difference to play on other surfaces , but it obviously does a lot. I know a lot people who say the same or prefer just Indoors by far.

Since my hand is still not fine, it was maybe the first and last time for this Winter-Season on Carpet till April when Clay starts again, but still. I normally wanted to work this year that the difference between Clay and Indoors isn't so big anymore, but this seems extremly difficult. It would be something different if you play on a surface only once per year or so , but in Winter you play normally Carpet and in summer Clay , so you have to play on both , despite the most play more on Clay (Less expensive and you can play for free when you are in a Club, not all Clubs have Indoor-Courts).

Most people said my game should work very well on Carpet and I also always think it should, but somehow it seems never really possible. From 10x on Carpet I'd say max. 2 remind me a bit on what I really can, the other 8 times I just think it is a shadow from myself.

Nov 22nd, 2008, 01:58 PM
It's hard. Especially on Clay and Grass for me. My game is modelled around Hard court and it's so hard to adapt on grass. For example, I've beaten by friend 6-0 6-0 on a hardcourt and then when I played on grass I beat him 7-6 (7), 6-1... Well it's normally very hard for the first set...and then I get used to it...but yeah grass is defintiely not my surface!

On Hardcourt I'm able to take the ball on the rise, it bounces perfect for my height, and overall I get to be way more in control.

On grass there are so many weird bounces and you just don't know where the ball's gonna go! Sometimes the ball just stays dead - it doesn't bounce at all. So grass for me is more of a hit/miss game really... It's hard to be agressive, I make a lot more errors on grass...so I try to keep the ball in and play defensively.